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Uninstall IObit Malware Fighter – How to Uninstall IObit Malware Fighter

Obit Malware Fighter is an advanced malware & spyware removal utility that detects, removes the deepest infections, and protects your PC from various potential spyware, adware, Trojans, keyloggers, bots, worms, and hijackers. It is an enhanced real-time protection with a very fast and efficient way. And it itself has uninstaller when you install the anti-virus […]

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Published on August 22, 2013 , last updated on October 30, 2013

My Safe PC 2014 – Remove My Safe PC 2014 Virus with Ease

My Safe PC 2014 is new version of rogue security spyware which is the direct successor and upgrade of PC Defender 360 fake anti-virus program. And they all in general scheme similar trick to scare PC users whose computers have been infected with the designed fake virus and threaten these victims to pay for clearing […]

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Published on August 21, 2013 , last updated on October 30, 2013 Virus – Remove Browser Hijacker

What Is Virus? virus should be categorized as web browser hijacker which is able to infect all main web browsers used today especially the Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. Sometimes we call the as browser redirect virus. Browser hijacker also named hijackware is a type of malware which will maliciously modify […]

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Published on August 21, 2013 , last updated on October 30, 2013 Hijack – Remove Hijack Completely

Hijack virus like is commonly designed to attack PCs for illegal profits especially to make tricks to cheat target PCs’ users money. It is an ongoing battle—Hijack virus/ scam virus/ Trojan virus large and small try their everything to track PC users’ Web browsing habits by cookies, history and temporary files that are able […]

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Published on August 20, 2013 , last updated on October 30, 2013

Uninstall Glary Utilities – How to Uninstall Glary Utilities Manually?

It is a specifically complicated work to uninstall Glary Utilities though its install process is quite easy for many computer users. Here we have to admit that Glary Utilities is one of the most system programs that contain system tools and utilities to fix, speed up and maintain PCs. One Click A Day For PC […]

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Published on August 19, 2013 , last updated on October 30, 2013

System Doctor Virus – Remove System Doctor 2014 Virus Completely

System Doctor 2014 is a malicious antivirus program which designed to deceive Windows users into paying money if they want to remove the nonexistent infections displayed by this rogue PC security software. System Doctor 2014 is absolutely a scam so Windows users should not keep it on the PC and ignore any fake notifications that […]

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Published on August 19, 2013 , last updated on October 30, 2013

Internet Security Virus – How to Remove Internet Security 2013 Virus

Internet Security Pro is not a real kind of PC security software but actually is commonly supposed to be virus which attempts to attack Windows PC. Internet Security is published by cyber criminals and they claim that the program is designed to protect PC from virus infections however, it is designed to cheat money from […]

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Published on August 18, 2013 , last updated on October 30, 2013

shdocvw.dll – Information and Knowledge of shdocvw.dll

Brief Introduction of shdocvw.dll The shdocvw.dll is one of portable executable files on windows operating system and its format is just the same as for Windows EXE file that is able to contain code, data, and resources, in any combination. The DLL file’s name shdocvw stands for Microsoft Shell Doc Object and Control Library which […]

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Published on August 16, 2013 , last updated on October 30, 2013

Adware.DomaIQ – Remove Adware.DomaIQ with Easy Steps

DomaIQ is a kind of nasty adware program which automatically renders advertisements in order to generate revenue for its author. Once the Adware.DomaIQ has been installed on Windows PC, it would track users browsing habits and sends them pop-ups advertisement. Beside of delivering pops ads, Adware.DomaIQ also will install malicious toolbar on PC user’s web […]

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Published on August 16, 2013 , last updated on October 30, 2013 Redirect – How to Remove Completely redirect is a hijack virus which contains the power to silently attach to a mainly set Internet browser without hint. As compared with other sorts of viruses just like Trojan virus or other else ransomware, the hijack virus is a detrimental program that is definitely created to distort user’s Internet browser thereby making it […]

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Published on August 15, 2013 , last updated on October 30, 2013
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