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shdocvw.dll – Information and Knowledge of shdocvw.dll

Brief Introduction of shdocvw.dll

The shdocvw.dll is one of portable executable files on windows operating system and its format is just the same as for Windows EXE file that is able to contain code, data, and resources, in any combination. The DLL file’s name shdocvw stands for Microsoft Shell Doc Object and Control Library which is a vital part of the Windows operating system to ensure the overall computer performance. The feature of such DLL files is that it can be taken advantage of by multiple applications at the same time. Oppositely, it is possible that multiple applications just use the same one DLL file at once. In that way, you now and then receive an error message indicating an error in shdocvw.dll when you are logging in your computer or launching a program.

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Symptoms of the shdocvw.dll Error

“Windows error loading”
“Can not load files. Reinstalling this application may fix this error.”
“This application failed to start because shdocvw.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”
“The file has caused an error”
“Registration: Failed for file C:\WINDOWS\System32\”
“Cannot find \Windows\System32\”

Causes of the shdocvw.dll Error

For one – file compatibility issue.
Suppose that you successively installed/reinstalled one same program and then correspondingly saved in two different local folders(C: \a1 folder then C: \a2 folder), while Windows only would implement the program located at C: \a1 folder. And you can’t find the implementation files on C: \al folder for you have installed again. Doing like this, it possibly your system that encounters the trouble with missing files. Later after this, a dll error would pop-up every time when the windows launched.

For two – shdocvw.dll files is infected or the virus like Trojan virus/ Fake program can’t be completely removed
An error in shdocvw.dll message can be generally caused by a virus or other malware infections on your computer as they are able to damage any dll file on the computer. Furthermore, there would be some leftovers including registry entries left on system after automatically removing virus by anti-virus program.

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For three – some shdocvw.dll error messages will happen when the file is mis-deleted from your system.

For four- huge amount of invalid/useless/unwanted registry entries and junk files
Actually, registry issues are the main cause of shdocvw.dll errors as when the system fail to read the related registry entries, the error message will appear.

How to Troubleshoot shdocvw.dll Error

First one- end startup process.
1. Click start button-> click Run ( type run in search box for Widnows7/Vista)->type in msconfig-> click ok

2. In System Configuration Utility window click on Startup tab-> locate the item named as shdocvw.dll-> uncheck it-> click ok to apply the changes-> totally reboot computer-> then the dll error won’t pop-up.
Second one – Delete the key values associated with shdocvw.dll.

1. Open Run window as well-> type regedit in it-> click ok

2. In Registry Editor window, you need open this path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Ru to find the error key value and delete them.

3. Click on Edit-> Find->type shdocvw.dll in search box->delete the found items.

For three – use System Restore to recover recent system changes.
1. Log on to Windows as an administrator.
2. Click Start button-> go to All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore.

3. Select the option of ‘Restore my computer to an earlier time’ in the pop up system restore window. Click Next.

4. Select a restore point which you believe is error-free in the window and click “Next” again.

5. Click OK in the pop up system restore message.
Click Next to confirm the restore action and allow the tool to restore the previous Windows XP configuration.
Reboot your computer and logon as administrator.
A message will pop up at this moment informing you the restore has successfully completed, click OK to finish the whole process.
Now test the error to see if it works out as expected.


So far, if you have exactly followed the steps above, you would be likely to fix the shdocvw.dll error. Usually, the error is absolutely safe and no need to remove it from its original location. However, since this file is crucially essential to many Windows features & programs, it is quite easy to be exploited and become the target of threat like Trojan virus, malware, and other fake programs. If you always receive error message that contains shdocvw.dll in it, it is highly recommended you troubleshoot it.

Note: For many computer users with limited computer knowledge, it is not recommended to perform registry cleaning manually by using registry editor as it is too complicated and dangerous. Any miss deleting of registry keys and system files will bring great trouble to Windows PC. If you have a question or need any helps about the steps above, VilmaTech online support will have real-time chat with you and give you some professional suggestion.

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Additional Knowledge of shdocvw.dll

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