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Tech News: Fairphone, Beeper, and Other News

Fairphone Launches ANC Headphones with Replaceable Batteries

The Dutch tech company that launched the Fairphone series of models launched Fairbuds headphones on April 9. Fairbuds supports active noise cancellation, IP54 level dust and water resistance, and like Fairbuds, the company’s earlier cell phone and headset, Fairbuds is as modular as possible in terms of the design of components, with the silicone cover of the headphones, the battery and the charging case, and other components can be manually serviced and replaced by users. The Fairbuds are priced at €149 and are available in black and white.

Beeper Acquired by Automattic
On April 9, Automattic, the company that owns, Tumblr, and more, announced that it had closed last week on its acquisition of Beeper, which had previously attempted to reverse-engineer an iMessage service for Android (Beeper Mini). Beeper CEO Eric Migicovsky also announced that Beeper’s all-in-one instant messaging integration app has been removed from the invitation system, and that the app is now in public beta, with Beeper exploring a paid subscription service similar to Discord Nitro under a free-to-use model; in addition, Beeper will no longer be based on a server-cloud bridging approach to messaging. Beeper will no longer send and receive messages based on server-cloud bridging in the future.

Kingsoft Office Launches WPS 365
On April 9, Kingsoft Office launched the WPS 365 platform, which includes WPS Office, WPS AI Enterprise Edition and WPS Collaboration. WPS 365 is designed to unify the three major capabilities of documents, AI, and collaboration, and it supports one-click switching of local documents to online collaboration, and it can also be closed to restore the collaboration to the local documents after the completion of the collaboration; the latest version of WPS Office has built-in artificial intelligence application WPS AI, which is equipped with the capability of large language modeling. The latest version of WPS Office built-in artificial intelligence application WPS AI, divided into AI Hub (Intelligent Base), AI Docs (Intelligent Document Library), Copilot Pro (Enterprise Intelligence Assistant) three parts, in which the AI Hub integrates the domestic mainstream large model of the AI capabilities, such as MiniMax, Wisdom Spectrum AI, Wenxin Yiyin, Shangtang Rizhixin, Tongyi Thousands of Questions, etc., can provide users with such as expansion, Abbreviation, summarization, formula generation, etc.

Tencent Document Announces New Storage Space Quota Policy
Tencent Documents released a notice on April 8, announcing that since April 10, 2024, all user-created, uploaded, and modified documents will take up the user’s personal storage space quota, which is currently 1GB for free users, and online documents that take up the space include, but are not limited to, documents, forms, slideshows, collection sheets, smart documents, smart forms, brain maps, flowcharts, and whiteboards, etc. If users don’t have enough space, they will need to purchase a membership service. If users do not have enough space, they need to purchase a membership service, which currently offers 30GB of storage and 100GB of storage for super members.

Google Launches New Version of Device Finder
Google announced on April 9 the launch of the Find My Device network for Android devices. Similar to Apple’s Find My Device network, the Find My Device network utilizes a large number of devices running Android 9 or higher to track lost Android phones and report their location to owners via special hardware or Bluetooth signals. Starting in May, the Find My Device network will also be compatible with Bluetooth trackers from third-party manufacturers, allowing users to place the tracker on a relevant object and locate it through the network. The network is currently available in the U.S. and Canada, and will be extended to Android devices worldwide.

Other News

Previous news, Apple because of the optimization of the crease and the hinge design scheme did not meet previous expectations, resulting in internal suspension of the folding iPhone development work, and plans to fold the iPhone before the iPad product line to test the water. Recently, according to an analysis by the Economic Times, Apple is currently accelerating the development of its own folding device, and may launch its first folding device this year or next year.

NetEase CEO Ding Lei and Blizzard’s new CEO Johanna Faries recently met for consultation on Blizzard’s national service, and another source said that the cooperation is in fact between NetEase and Microsoft, as Blizzard has been acquired by Microsoft, so Blizzard’s cooperation is just a part of it. After NetEase confirmed the news about the return of Blizzard’s national service, saying that the relevant matters will be officially announced on April 10, and that the cooperation is currently handled by NetEase’s Thunder and Fire Business Group, which has a high density of guarantees.

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