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How to Remove Maktub Ransomware and Restore Encrypted Files?

Maktub Locker Ransomware Description A new malicious ransomware is rolling out called Maktub Locker Ransomware that will performs warnings with high ransom price and seemingly good-look artwork. It is a new version of crypto-ransomware family referring to the so called Maktub Locker, which may harm your computer with incredible damage. The update tends to blackmail […]

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Published on March 25, 2016

How to Remove Pop-up Ads, Malware Removal

What Is Pop-up Ads pop-up is categorized as the sort of malicious adware that is able to compromise web settings for malicious benefit-making. Once Internet users become infectious with such virus, the infectious machine would have to suffer from a series of troublesome. In this case, the pop-up ads will display […]

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Published on March 14, 2016

How to Remove Gunpoder Virus from Android Phone or Tablet?

Gunpoder Virus Introduction Gunpoder virus is regarded as a malicious malware that focus on hitting the headlines to sneak on users’ android phone or tablets. It can self install on the device without any consent through those drive-by downloads and seemingly useful dodgy pop-ups. Drive by downloads refers to those free apps, games, share apps, […]

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Published on March 4, 2016

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