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vivo X Fold3 Pro Hand-on Experience

If there are some people in the world who will be less interested in folding screen phones, I think a lot of them will be folding screen phone users: heavy body, parameter castration, experience reduction. It’s cool to be able to fold your phone, but the price you have to pay is usually too much to bear. However, this may not include vertical folding phone users, because they are usually less sensitive to performance, and more in pursuit of the ultimate thin and light portable, so you will also find that today’s manufacturers in the roll of vertical folding cell phone products, as if in the creation of a new fashion items, trendy accessories, “cell phone” is reduced to one of the still important function only. But again, this is not my cup of tea at all. In short, the folding screen phone was a big hit when it came out, and I’ve been shaking my head ever since. I was the one shaking my head pretty hard.
But the new vivo X Fold3 series was like a shot in the arm that went straight to my head. Instead of the usual cover-ups, ramblings and careful euphemisms that I had heard when I first learned about it, my friends at vivo read out loud and clear what it was all about – thin, light and as light as the iPhone 15 Pro Max, with the same weight as the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and the same amount of weight as the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Pro Max weight, 8Gen3, image is not weak straight plate, Apple eco-friendly.

For an Apple Bucket user with an iPhone 15 Pro Max, it’s like saying, “Vivo has developed a phone for people like you that doesn’t add to the burden, is painless to switch between, and even takes into account the fact that you might feel like you’re going out with two phones, so it’s in a folded form that allows it to fulfill some additional scenarios.
–Of course I’m impressed! So I couldn’t wait to get a vivo X Fold3 Pro before its official release, and after playing with it for a long time, I’m writing this article in the hope that it will provide some references for those who are disappointed with folding screen phones but still interested in them. This article is not a paid business article, without guidance and do not have to follow the brand marketing requirements, so you can rest assured that you can read; but at the same time is not a professional digital people in-depth review article, do not emphasize the parameters will not want to and other products and other products to win or lose even more have no intention of pointing out to the industry, hope to be more tolerant.

Back to the ‘thin and light’ era
In terms of straight cell phones, manufacturers now rarely emphasize how light and thin their products are, especially their flagship models – although the technology is still advancing, the gap is getting smaller and smaller, and everyone is trying to cram as much performance as possible into as small a device as possible, but also to take into account the screen’s “big enough to be good”. Especially in the domestic manufacturers, most of the straight plate phone has the design and material texture difference, but in the hand are actually very similar.
But the folding screen phone is different, or it is repeating the story of several years ago when the straight plate phone chased after the strong and light, and also raised the difficulty by several levels. This has created two more extreme expectations of folding screen phones from manufacturers to consumers:

  • Sacrifice thin and light to pursue performance;
  • Sacrifice performance in pursuit of lightness.

Anyway, there is always a sacrifice, but also because the folding screen phone requires higher technology and parts costs, can not be made too cheap, so the performance of the king has gradually become the mainstream, the thin and light is slowly shifted to the feature as a vertical folding cell phone, the two are clearly distinguishable. But also limited by the physical shackles of folding, the so-called performance most of the time can only be around the high quality of the inner screen or precision hinge to tell the story, the parameters as far as possible not to mention – strictly speaking is not the folding screen phone’s performance must be inferior to the straight plate cell phone, just if we follow the time and even the natural year as a reference, “strong performance” of the Folding screen phones are usually a bit late to the party. So the tacit agreement for a long time has been to talk less about performance and bring up weight when releasing folding screen phones.

The fact that Vivo dared to launch the Vivo X Fold3 series not long after the start of the year with the slogan “so light, but also so strong” not only makes it clear at a glance the characteristics of the product, but also shows that it already has enough stamina or accumulation to clear up the criticisms of folding screen cell phones over the years.
From the standpoint of consumers, we can finally get a mature product that meets the process of the times on the one hand, and on the other hand, we can also look forward to vivo, because it blows the trumpet of a new era, and only with both ability and courage can we dare to be the first.

Reasons to take an extra cell phone out of the house
But as a grain of sand, I’m not as macro as that – for me it’s just that I finally have a reason to take an extra cell phone with me on the go. I’m ashamed to say that because of my job I don’t lack all kinds of android phones, and I do play with them a lot, but I really don’t need to carry an extra cell phone on my back. After all, the pants pockets and satchels of boys are so small that I have to be very careful when carrying an extra pack of tissues.

Not being able to take it out with me means I can’t be an android user – there’s no way I’m going to be able to leave or go out without my iPhone, at least not in the future that I can imagine.

It’s not so much the iPhone as a phone, but the quality of third-party apps, especially the homegrown financial and service tools, is such that the experience they provide on iOS and android is a leap between two eras, in my opinion. Not to mention the fact that the iPhone bridges the gap between my entertainment and my work, from my Mac to other services like Apple TV.
However, the large screen of the folding phone when unfolded can give me a great experience that the iPhone lacks when reading, watching videos, swiping social media, and even when I need to work in a multi-threaded mobile office, especially with a larger battery, faster charging speed, and stronger signal, the iPhone is now a bit of a “feature phone” if you use it at the same time.

So the vivo X Fold3 Pro, which is only 15g heavier than the iPhone 15 Pro Max I’m using (and 2g lighter in the standard version), neutralizes these contradictions, and as a point of reference, has an internal screen that unfolds to more than 8 inches, which puts it right up there with the tiny iPad mini.
In terms of thickness, the folded vivo X Fold3 Pro is 3mm thicker than the iPhone 15 Pro Max, but because the former has a more raised lens module, there’s not much of a difference in grip. It’s also worth noting that the vivo X Fold3 Pro’s screen width is 4.15mm narrower than the iPhone 15 Pro Max, so it’s a bit more comfortable for me to hold in one hand, especially with the included case.

A grain of sand in an era is insignificant, but a grain of sand in an era can become a mountain when it falls on an individual.
“Willing to be piggybacked” is an understatement, but it’s also amazing. whether unfolded as a small tablet, or folded up and put in your pocket, the Vivo X Fold3 Pro is finally just a simple “cell phone”, and no longer has to be a burden because of its dual identity. iPhone users are no longer entangled, and the burden of non-iPhone or dual-phone party users is also smaller.
But while it’s important to be “so light,” it’s not so much about the skin as it is about the power.

The Vivo X Fold3 Pro is a mid-range phone, such as the performance performance.

In fact, objectively speaking, the performance of the phone is extremely overpowered nowadays, especially for people like me who don’t play many handheld games, I think maybe even the first generation Snapdragon 8 can meet most of my needs. But there’s more to performance than just the gaming experience, so even though I don’t have a proto-god to use for frame rate measurements, there were things that impressed me about the 8Gen3 vivo X Fold3 Pro.

One of the first things I noticed was the speed of Lightroom’s exporting, which had been annoyingly slow on my 8Gen2 phone, but the vivo X Fold3 Pro’s exporting speeds were almost on par with the iPhone in my hands, and I was done in a matter of seconds.

In addition, from WPS to open large documents to the application startup, switching speed, and even the photo interval, the vivo X Fold3 Pro experience is on par with the iPhone. While the chip is responsible for this, the constant iteration of OriginOS has to be mentioned as well, and the convergence of the two has led to Vivo’s self-proclaimed “Blue Apple” this time around.
That’s what I like about Vivo’s long-standing “stereotypes” – it’s not a shame to recognize the excellence of others, and it’s even better to try to catch up. iOS has the natural advantage of being fully self-researched from the hardware to the software, and so it presents an experience that is hard for most competitors to match, and the only ones that can compete with it are Google’s Pixel series; but Vivo doesn’t go as far as individual vendors do, so it’s not like it’s a big deal. vivo will not use the “art of language” to stomp on its rivals as individual manufacturers do, and has always been decent and hardworking. It’s not rare.

The chip upgrade in addition to performance, energy consumption reduction and battery life improvement is also an important manifestation, which is another dimension of the ‘sound volume’.
Thanks to the 4nm process SoC and up to 5700mAh (5500 mAh for the standard version) of the industry’s first semi-solid battery technology of the new generation of Blue Ocean battery life system, I use the vivo X Fold3 Pro in the same intensity of daily life is about 1.5 times more than the iPhone, and even more advanced 100W high-speed charging support, it is worth noting that the It’s worth mentioning that the vivo X Fold3 Pro has the rare ability to include wireless charging on a folding screen phone, and supports up to 50W of power, which is a worthy upgrade for a salute.

So the vivo X Fold3 Pro is finally no longer a trade-off between folding and phone performance; its solid performance and parameters show that it’s a mainstream, state-of-the-art flagship phone with more expandability that can be used in scenarios that are traditionally limited to straight phones. If you’re still an Apple eco-user like me, the latter is not just a simple phrase, it’s a poem and a song.

“Connectivity” is one of the most exciting features of the Apple ecosystem, especially when you’re using a Mac, and now the vivo X Fold3 Pro finally joins the “Apple Bucket”. The easiest way to do this is when the vivo X Fold3 Pro is on the same Wi-Fi as your Mac, you can quickly transfer photos or documents in a variety of formats in both directions, and the vivo X Fold3 Pro also has in-camera support for opening Apple-specific formats such as Pages and Keynote.

For the more advanced, you can call out the vivo X Fold3 Pro’s phone interface and use the keyboard and mouse to operate various apps, and it’s worth noting that the interface automatically adapts to different screen sizes as the phone is folded or unfolded, and the response is extremely smooth.
The ultimate form is the remote control of a Mac, which can be controlled remotely from the phone after simple pairing (Windows is also available), and can be woken up in different networks or when the Mac is asleep, and when the phone is half-expanded, the other half of the screen can be used as a trackpad, which is also very smooth and fast in the real test. It’s not an uncommon need, but it could be a lifesaver in case of uncontrollable emergencies.

In this regard, you can also further refer to the experience video related to my Pie, which was just launched shortly after:
But more importantly, I think this shows that Vivo has really put a lot of thought into the development of the Eco Synergy feature, not just going through the motions of synchronizing photos or calendars and memos, but anticipating as many emergencies as possible and providing solutions, which is very respectable.

It’s also an all-around flagship
Thin and light, the latest and greatest in performance and Apple (and also Windows) eco-convergence are what I consider to be the key references in making the decision to buy the vivo X Fold3 Pro, and what is often referred to as the ‘selling points’. If you happen to be struck by these features, then feel free to go for it. The bottom line is that even if you look at the vivo X Fold3 Pro from a wider perspective, it’s a top performer that has no trouble breaking bread with many of its competitors.

First of all, the image, if you want to say that last year in the cell phone image circle memorable products, vivo X100 Pro must be in the first. Compared with from the shadow tone, stylized and other aspects of pleasing personal aesthetics, it is more difficult in the imaging, color and other presentations is even more killing.
It’s a shame that the Vivo X Fold3 Pro doesn’t have a one-inch main camera due to the thickness limitations of folding screen phones that are difficult to regulate, but other than that, its imaging performance is no less impressive than that of even straight-screen phones.

I’m a photography enthusiast, so I won’t advocate or expect the performance of cell phone photography. “Optics” is a physical structure measured step by step, a lofty mountain that can withstand the wind and cold, and as close as possible to look into the distance, but it is never a shortcut that can be leapt. Therefore, a “small” cell phone can never replace or even surpass a “big” camera, which is a basic law.

But it’s because of this stubbornness that I like Vivo’s imaging logic. In my opinion, its imaging performance seeks to maximize the “texture” of the phone shooting, rather than trying to touch the “porcelain” of the camera in different types of photography. Therefore, its experience is centered on “casual” mobile photography scenarios: illuminating the beauty of daily life, clearly outlining the fleeting sunset, and recording occasional encounters with flowers, plants, and animals; it doesn’t intentionally think about documenting the streets, capturing nature, or even climbing to the sky and looking at the moon.

I have expectations because there is a lack of satisfaction between the moment and the promise, so I have little expectation of the image performance of the vivo phone. As long as it utilizes the latest hardware and remains true to its character, the imaging capabilities of a Vivo phone are what I consider to be the most trustworthy, because it does its job.

I’ll never give up a camera because of a breakthrough in a phone’s imaging capabilities, but when I want to shoot on my phone, the Vivo, which is listed as an imaging flagship, is the one that’s going to do it best – and look out for the fabled mega-cup, by the way.

Next is AI, which has become another important metric for smartphones these days, alongside looks and imaging. I can’t go into a full review and comparison of the vivo X Fold3 Pro’s performance in AI, but I can only say that vivo has embraced the development of AI, and the vivo X Fold3 Pro has all of the AI features and scenarios that can be utilized in a smartphone at the moment.

Because of the use of Snapdragon 8Gen3, which fully embraces AI, I look forward to the future AI experience of the vivo X Fold3 Pro, which will be perfected by continuous upgrades to the AI implementation that is still in its infancy.

In conclusion

I like to define brands by anthropomorphizing and labeling them, such as Apple, which is knowledgeable and prudent; Xiaomi, which is fashionable and brave; Samsung, which is refined and steady; which is down-to-earth and self-disciplined; and vivo, which is clean and considerate. At the same time, as a user and a partner, I also feel decent and respectful.

It’s not enough for a product to be emotional, but it’s a good product if it can take care of both the emotional value and the experience of using it. vivo is like that, and so is the vivo X Fold3 Pro. I don’t really want to tell the story of this product from a ‘how strong’ perspective, because there’s always a latecomer, and it won’t be long before it’s reduced to a not-so-strong product.

But what about dependability? No one is going to rotate all current or future products forever and consistently, and I’m sure the Vivo X Fold3 Pro will be one of the least regrettable choices you’ll ever make over a limited usage cycle.

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