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How to Access Snapchat in China in 2020?

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms with nearly 200 million daily active users. Millions of people use Snapchat every day to share photos and videos with their friends and family. Some people want to use Snapchat in China but sadly the App is blocked by the Chinese Government. Why can’t Snapchat […]

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Published on July 24, 2019 , last updated on February 19, 2020

How to Unblock SoundCloud in China?

SoundCloud is a music and podcast streaming platform based in Berlin with more than 175 million monthly listener. As one of the top streaming music services, it allows every user to listen to or create sounds and share them everywhere. The service is a lot like YouTube, but with audio instead of videos. It is a great place […]

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Published on November 2, 2018 , last updated on September 6, 2019

How Can I Access Blocked Social Media in China?

China is a country that has the largest and most sophisticated online censorship operation in the world. Whether you’ve been to China or not, you probably may have heard of the Great Firewall of China (as known as GFW), which is a censorship and surveillance project intending to block information and data which is considered […]

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Published on October 23, 2018 , last updated on November 9, 2018

How to Watch YouTube Videos Not Available in Your Country?

Don’t know how to Watch YouTube Videos Not Available in Your Country? Most of you may have experienced a situation that when traveling outside of your country and want to watch some funny videos, there is a message telling you that you can’t watch the video. For example, you can watch video on Youtube with […]

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Published on October 18, 2018 , last updated on July 19, 2019

How to Unblock & Access Twitch in China?

Twitch, the major game streaming site, has been no longer accessible in China since September 20th and its app has been removed from Apple’s local App Store as well. After that Twitch confirmed to Vice that they are no longer providing their services in China but they didn’t explain why. A large number of Chinese esports fans […]

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Published on October 17, 2018 , last updated on November 2, 2018

What is TunnelBear?

Founded in 2011, TunnelBear is a Canada-based VPN provider that provides you with a secure and private connection to a less restricted Internet. Its VPN servers spread throughout 20 other countries around the world, including servers in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. TunnelBear VPN is fully compatible on all leading internet enabled devices […]

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Published on September 26, 2018

What is Perimeter 81?

Trusted by over 1 million consumers and businesses worldwide, Perimeter 81 (Previously SaferVPN for Business) is one of the best VPNs for Business that provides secure, private and uncensored Internet access to anyone, anywhere. The VPN offers an advanced cloud VPN for SMBs that helps you manage your team and keep your work safe. At […]

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Published on September 12, 2018

How to Use Google Search in China Mainland?

Google Search is an easy-to-use search tool. You can get what you want to know by using Google Search. Google Search, commonly referred to as Google Web Search or simply Google, is a web search engine developed by Google. It is the most-used search engine on the World Wide Web, handling more than three billion […]

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Published on August 9, 2018 , last updated on October 11, 2018

How to Access Spotify in China in 2020?

Is Spotify still available in mainland China? If not, do you know how to access Spotify in China? I just come to China and find that Spotify Music app doesn’t work at all. I have my iPhone connected to WiFi, but I still can’t access Spotify Music in China. I now stay in a hotel […]

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Published on July 19, 2018 , last updated on February 19, 2020

How to Access Viber Messenger in China in 2020?

Is Viber Messenger available in China? If not, how to get access to Viber messenger? If you’re planning a vacation in China, you must know that many services you use daily are not available there due to the internet censorship in China. Viber Messenger is one of the services that has been blocked by the […]

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Published on July 4, 2018 , last updated on February 19, 2020

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