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From Programmer to Bartender – My Experience and Reflections

Let’s start with a little background. I worked as a programmer in an Internet company, and then after I experienced layoffs, I had a period of “organizing myself” because I was wavering between my ideal and the reality, during which I wrote the article “Organize Yourself When You Don’t Have a Job: Look Ahead, Don’t […]

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Published on January 12, 2024 , last updated on April 10, 2024

NIO ES6 Hand-on Experience

As a Tesla and a Zeeker car owner, I switched to NIO ES6 (2023) in June, 2023, and I wanted to drive it for a while longer so that I could express the pros and cons clearly. So after 150 days and 9,000 kilometers of driving experience, I finally thought it was time to share […]

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Published on January 3, 2024 , last updated on April 10, 2024

How will ChatGPT Affect Programming

Technology is an endless river, and how will ChatGPT affect programming? In the light of ChatGPT, my already diminishing programming skills are melting away. That’s probably a good thing; just as we stopped parsing pinyin to read Chinese characters when we were kids, why chase a seemingly necessary skill that is likely to fade away? […]

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Published on January 2, 2024 , last updated on April 10, 2024

Xiaomi Mi 14 Pro Hands-on Experience

Ever since I got my hands on the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, I’ve developed a sort of magical bond with Xiaomi. On the one hand, I’m not a “Mi fan” or a highly loyal Xiaomi user, nor do I have a particular favorite or preference for the brand; on the other hand, I’m always on the […]

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Published on January 1, 2024 , last updated on April 10, 2024

Osx Uninstaller 2024 Released, and Other App Releases and Updates

Osx Uninstaller 2024 Released: The best Mac app uninstaller with a fresh & sleek interface and best-in-class app removal capability Platform: macOS Keywords: app uninstaller, leftover cleaner Osx Uninstaller 2024 has just been released with a new and modern interface, improved app removal engine and app removal workflow. Our editors have been using this little […]

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Published on January 1, 2024 , last updated on May 15, 2024

Total Uninstaller 2024 Review: Is The Editor’s Picked Windows Uninstaller Better

Total Uninstaller is awarded as the best Windows uninstaller by our VilmaTech editors over the years. The latest version Total Uninstaller 2024 has just arrived with rebuilt app removal core, optimized leftover cleaner and newly-added tools, winning with the best removal capability, ease of use, and price. In this post, we’ll be reviewing and testing […]

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Published on January 1, 2024 , last updated on April 11, 2024

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