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Dashlane Promo Code: Get Extra 25% Off Discount Coupon 2018

Published on August 10, 2018

Do you know one can save on your purchase from Dashlane by applying with Dashlane promo code or coupon code? You can get an extra 25% off Dashlane promo code, coupon code or discount code for your password security now! This Promo Code is an exclusive and just for limited-time offer. Dashlane is a world class password manager and offers the best-in-class password managing service. It is now providing an extra 25% off Promo Code to help users save up to 50%. Take your 25% off Dashlane coupon code to enjoy complete protection for all your passwords. And you have no need to remember all password anymore! Never miss this extra 25% off Dashlane Promo Code! Get Dashlane password manager Now!

What’s Dashlane?

Dashlane is a famous password manager service with high-reputation, used by millions of users all around the world. Password storage and generating is a little painful for people. According to the findings by Dashlane, the average American Internet user has 150 online accounts that require a password–in theory, that means you would need to memorize 150 unique, complex passwords for maximum account security. As it is predicted, this number would be going up in a skyrocket speed in 5 years. Dashlane provides the effective solution to password issue. Password managers like Dashlane help users create, use, and store passwords for all of their online accounts. It eliminates the hassle of not only memorizing passwords, but accessing them as well. Dashlane password manager allows you to access your passwords on multiple devices, will automatically log into online accounts, and will fill out account registration forms with ease. Al your password of different account will be stored and managed by Dashlane securely. No one can access all your passwords for different accounts as Dashlane uses the strongest encryption AES-256-bit. It is impossible for people even the fast computer savvy to decrypt and break into your Dashlane vault. Dashlane also can create strong and unique passwords for you.

Dashlane Plans and Pricing Overview

Dashlane provides 3 different plans and packages to meet different requirement from different users: FREE, Premium, Business

1. Dashlane Free Plan: No Charge never

2. Dashlane Premium Plan: USD 3.33 per month, billed annually

  • 1-Year Deal Billed USD 39.99/Year
  • 3-Year Deal Billed USD 99.99/3 Years (Save 17%)
  • 5-Year Deal Billed USD 149.99/5 Years (Save 25% Best Value!)

3. Dashlane Business Plan: USD 4.00 per user/month, billed annually

Can Dashlane Collect or Share My Personal Information?

No, Dashlane will not collect or share your personal data. Your personal data is private and should not be accessible to anyone, not even Dashlane. Here is what that means. If sync is enabled on your account, only your encrypted data is transmitted to Dashlane to allow syncing. The synced encrypted data that Dashlane has cannot be directly linked back to any user and is never shared. If you disable sync, your encrypted data is only stored on your device, and the data that was previously synced to Dashlane’s servers is destroyed.

Every bit of personal data you enter and store in Dashlane is completely unreadable to us, because it is encrypted with AES-256, and the encryption key is derived from your Master Password which is completely unknown to Dashlane. Here you can read more details about the Privacy Policy of Dashlane as following:

Registration Information: When you create a Dashlane account, we ask you to provide an email address that will be used as your login. In addition when you create a Dashlane account we ask you to select a “Master Password”. That Master Password is the basis for the encryption key used in protecting your Encrypted Sensitive Information (see below). This Master Password is not known to Dashlane and is not stored in any digital form unless you explicitly ask to do so. When you enable specific services, we may collect additional information that you knowingly provide.

Encrypted Sensitive Information: In order to use the password manager and secure digital wallet you will enter certain information into the App, including highly sensitive information like names, addresses, phone numbers, identity information, credit card information, passwords, receipts for online transactions and secure notes (“Encrypted Sensitive Information”). The Encrypted Sensitive Information is encrypted locally on your device using strong encryption and none of it is viewable to Dashlane in unencrypted form. If you choose to synchronize your Encrypted Sensitive Information with more than one device (each an “Authorized Device” and the Service, the “Sync Function”), the Services are designed to transmit and store the Encrypted Sensitive Information through the Dashlane cloud using strong encryption and in a manner that Dashlane will not be able to read.

Billing information: When you pay for certain services (for example, Premium Services) we will collect all information necessary to complete the transaction, including your name and billing address. Other billing information necessary to complete the transaction, like your credit card information, is collected by our payment processor, but is not made available to Dashlane.

Anonymous Usage Information: As described in more detail in the section headed Information Collected Via Technology, during your use of our Services, we automatically collect certain information and technical data about the use of our Services. This information is anonymized and we cannot link this anonymized usage information with a person.

How Does Dashlane 30 Days of Free Premium Work?

Dashlane provides 30 days of free premium to manage passwords on your favorite device, free for life. You can enjoy the benefit of excellent features of 30-day Premium with your Dashlane Free account. these include:

  • Password sync across devices to help you get set up
  • Password backup in case you change or lose a device
  • Unlimited password and data storage monitoring services and breach alerts
  • Change passwords instantly
  • Generate and save strong, unique passwords
  • Includes 30 days of free Premium

What Happens After 30 Days?

After 30 days, continue to enjoy Dashlane Free on your favorite device
If you have Dashlane Free on multiple devices, your passwords and other previously synced items will remain on each device
Changes and updates to items after 30 days will be stored locally on any Dashlane Free device

How Does The 30-Day Money-back Guarantee Work?

Dashlane provides 30-days money-back guarantee for its Premium plan. in order to make customers satisfy completely with Dashlane Premum account, Dashlane offers a 30-day Money-back Guarantee on Dashlane premium. If, for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can ask Dashlane support to refund your Premium subscription within 30 days of purchase. But please note that a Premium subscription cannot be refunded if it was purchased or renewed more than 30 days ago.

What Can You Benefit from Dashlane Premium Plan?

Dashlane Premium Plan is the best choice for individual use. You can enjoy all the security and identity protection features included in Dashlane Free plan, but also can get the added convenience of unlimited device sync, automatic backup and more excellent features and advantages.

  • Dashlane on unlimited devices: Access to your strong passwords, anywhere, even where Dashlane isn’t installed. Your account syncs instantly after you make any changes or additions.
  • Automatic backup and recovery: Losing a device is painful enough. Automatically back up your passwords, and recover your backup by simply logging into Dashlane on a new device.
  • Access Passwords Remotely: Log in to your Dashlane account from our website for access to all of your passwords, even if Dashlane is not installed on the device.
  • Unlimited Secure Sharing: Grant shared access to an unlimited number of items. Changes are synced to everyone you share with, and all their devices, automatically.
  • Skip the Line as a Dashlane VIP: Need help or have a question? With Dashlane Premium, you get access to a priority queue by contacting support directly via email. No forms, no long waits.
  • Universal Two-Factor (U2F) Authentication: A simple way to add an extra layer of security and convenience to your passwords. Dashlane Premium allows you to log in to Dashlane using a U2F YubiKey without the hassle of opening an Authenticator app.

Can Dashlane Protect All My passwords and Personal Data against Hackers?

Yes, Dashlane has a strong performance and excellent technologies to protect all your personal information, data and all passwords completely from hackers. No one has the ability to break into Dashlane vault and steal your sensitive passwords as well as other data. Dashlane adopts the best-in-class AES-256 encryption to safeguard all your data and passwords. Dashlane also uses Two Factor Authentication standard to add an extra layer of security. So, it is completely secure to use Dashlane to protect all your information and passwords.

  • 256-bit encryption

256-bit encryption is a data/file encryption technique that uses a 256-bit key to encrypt and decrypt data or files. It is one of the most secure encryption methods and used in most modern encryption algorithms, protocols and technologies including AES and SSL. 256-bit encryption is referring to the length of the encryption key used to encrypt a data stream or file. Let’s say hypothetically all the super computers in the world (the ultimate brute force attack) decided to group up and tasked themselves to decrypt your AES-256 key so they could access your data.

  • Two Factor Authentication Standard

Two Factor Authentication, also known as 2FA, two step verification or TFA (as an acronym), is an extra layer of security that is known as “multi factor authentication” that requires not only a password and username but also something that only, and only, that user has on them, i.e. a piece of information only they should know or have immediately to hand – such as a physical token.
Using a username and password together with a piece of information that only the user knows makes it harder for potential intruders to gain access and steal that person’s personal data or identity. Using a Two Factor Authentication process can help to lower the number of cases of identity theft on the Internet, as well as phishing via email, because the criminal would need more than just the users name and password details.

What Makes Dashlane Excellent and Standout?

Dashlane is used by millions of users globally due to its excellent features. Dashlane is a robust password manager to protect all your various IDs, credit cards and other payment methods, receipts, and notes. It comes with an auto-fill feature for online forms to which you can add different addresses, phone numbers, and other personal information you’re tired of typing repeatedly. Features like password manager, form autofill, digital wallet, password generator, password charger and security alerts. As the best password manager, Dashlane does more now than just offer an encrypted, searchable database and an interface to search with. They include things like form auto-fill, multi-device syncing, auto-password changes, and notifications when a site you have an account with gets hacked.

1. Password Manager

A password manager assists in generating and retrieving complex passwords, potentially storing such passwords in an encrypted database or calculating them on demand. Dashlane offers unlimited password storage and more on any device. The password manager of Dashlane securely store and manage all of your passwords, payments, IDs, secure notes and more on any device. You can enjoy hassle-free password management with password generator and password changer tools. Password manager of Dashlane works perfectly as it keeps track of all your passwords, whether you use them once a day or once a year. Or you can have them ready when you need them and instantly types for you. With Dashlane’s password manager, you will never forget another password. You can add or import passwords or save them as you browse the web. But once you get all these passwords in Dashlane, you will not lose track of them again. You just need to generate and remember one “master” password to unlock and access any information stored in Dashlane databases.

2. Password Changer™

Password Changer™ is a free feature in Dashlane. It does the heavy-lifting of replacing old passwords with strong new ones, and secures them in Dashlane where they’re remembered and typed for you. Dashlane’s Password Changer changes your Security Score in an instant. No one wants to spend time updating passwords by hand. Password Changer takes your Dashlane Security Score from 0 to 100 in mere seconds. With Dashlane, you can change one or dozens of passwords in a single click. You also can save to Dashlane and type for you on any website.

3. Form Autofill

Dashlane fills every field on every form, perfectly. In just a few clicks, watch autofill instantly populating any and all fields: names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, any payment types stored in your Secure Digital Wallet, and more. form autofill feature of Dashlane helps save your time. Plus, autofill works seamlessly with our Password Generator to make new account creation on any website simple, fast, and safe. Dashlane mixes and matches your info when filling forms. It Adds multiple names, addresses, and more to your Dashlane account and choose from them when filling forms. No need to create different profiles or accounts. Dashlane allow you to go mobile with autofill on your smartphone. You can use autofill on your smartphone through our Chrome and Safari extensions, or simply use the Dashlane mobile app’s own secure browser. In addition, Dashlane fills passwords and logs you automatically into a growing number of supported iOS apps.

4. Digital Wallet

Dashlane’s digital wallet is your instant gratification. Digital wallet helps fast checkout on any website from anywhere. And only you have access your payment details. The purchase tracking and digital wallet features make it easy to make online purchases even at retailers you don’t have accounts with, and search all of your online orders in one place, while secure note and document sharing gives you a place to store passwords that can’t be automatically filled in. Dashlane also gives you the option to store your passwords locally only in an encrypted vault (where only you have the master key), or to sync them to your devices and access them on the web. Dashlane offers unlimited storage of payment types. It securely stores credit and debit cards, bank accounts, Paypal info, and more in Dashlane’s digital wallet. What’s more, Dashlane has advanced patented security architecture which can keep your payment information secure completely.

5. Instant Security Alerts

Instant security alerts feature will immediately give you Instant alerts if one of your accounts are compromised or at risk. Then you can Stay informed and in control with alerts on all your devices. Dashlane offers constant security monitoring. Its Monitoring starts the moment you securely store your first password. The more passwords you store in our password manager, the safer you are. In the event of a breach, see the account that is directly affected, plus other passwords that are impacted. Then, use Dashlane’s Password Changer to protect your compromised accounts.

6. Password Generator

A password generator feature usually works to automatically generates a password based on guidelines that you set to create strong and unpredictable passwords for each of your accounts. Password generator of Dashlane adjusts guideline to fit different sites’ unique password requirements, generates strong passwords using secure technology with built-in randomness. The password generator of Dashlane can integrated into password manager to create, manage and easily use all of your strong passwords. Dashlane password generator can generate strong password for you. What’s a strong password anyway?

  • Long: The longer a password, the more secure it is. A strong password should be at least 12 characters long.
  • Random: Strong passwords use a combination of letters, numbers, cases, and symbols to form an unpredictable string of characters that doesn’t resemble words or names.
  • Unique: A strong password should be unique to each account to reduce vulnerability in the event of a hack.

Top 5 Best Password Managers Worldwide

Features Support Platforms Offers Price (USD) Official WebSite
Two-Factor Authentication, Fill Web Forms, Multiple Form-Filling Identities, Actionable Password Strength Report, Browser Menu Of Logins, Application Passwords, Secure Sharing, Digital Legacy Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome OS, watchOS Offers Free Version $3.33/Month Best Deals
Two-Factor Authentication, Fill Web Forms, Multiple Form-Filling Identities, Actionable Password Strength Report, Browser Menu Of Logins, Application Passwords, Secure Sharing, Digital Legacy iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook Offers Free Version $1.67/Month View Deals
Two-Factor Authentication, Fill Web Forms, Multiple Form-Filling Identities, Actionable Password Strength Report, Browser Menu Of Logins, Application Passwords, Secure Sharing, Digital Legacy Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome OS, Windows Phone, watchOS Offers Free Version $2.00/Month View Deals
Two-Factor Authentication, Fill Web Forms, Multiple Form-Filling Identities, Actionable Password Strength Report, Browser Menu Of Logins, Application Passwords, Secure Sharing, Digital Legacy iOS, Android, Safari (Mac), Chrome and Firefox (Mac and Windows) Offers Trial Version $1.21/Month View Deals
Two-Factor Authentication, Fill Web Forms, Multiple Form-Filling Identities, Actionable Password Strength Report, Browser Menu Of Logins, Application Passwords, Secure Sharing, Digital Legacy Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome OS, Windows Phone, Kindle, BlackBerry Offers Free Version $0.85/Month View Deals

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Video Guide On How to Get Dashlane Dashlane Promo Code to Enjoy Extra Discount Coupon


Dashlane is designed to help users to create strong passwords, manage all passwords for different accounts online. And Dashlane has been the world leading password manager in the industry and trusted by millions of customers from different places in different countries. Dashlane offers packages for individual use and business use in different cost. In order to make customer to trust and test all features of Dashlane’s password manager, password generator, password changer, instant security alert and other features, Dashlane provides free trial for users. The group sharing of Dashlane is the ultimate in ease, privacy, and control. You can securely share passwords with individuals or groups for ease onboarding and total privacy control. If you are a leader or CEO, you can manage employee permissions from the Admin Console, and rest assured all data is end-to-end encrypted. With Dashlane, it can create and update unbreakable passwords with its password generator and password changer. The auto fill feature can automatically populate passwords, addresses, and other data with greater accuracy. You can sync Dashlane across Windows, Mac, iOS, and android devices or web app. Dashlane is an easy-to-use tool and offers friendly support. Get Dashlane Promo Code to grab big savings on your order now!

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