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90% Off Entity Framework in Depth: The Complete Guide Coupon

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The course titled, Entity Framework in Depth: The Complete Guide is truly a complete guide to the entity framework. There are a plenty of reasons why the entity framework is one of the important components of.NET. The .NET is used by a lot of companies to work on many real-time projects. Since the product is from Microsoft, it has a huge demand all over due to the wide usage of Microsoft based software and operating systems all over the world. So, learning a framework that is going to support some real time projects is definitely worth your time.

Why Entity Framework Over The Other Framework?

The question is when there are so many frameworks that are available, why one should specifically go for entity framework. It is very easy to work on entity framework when compared to the other framework. The framework is indeed the best for beginners of the .NET domain. The user-friendly feature of this framework makes it much sought after.

Some basic overview of this Entity Framework course

It is a much-known fact that .NET are one of the widely used technologies in today’s projects. If you need to upgrade yourself in the .NET domain, then you must definitely take up this course. The Entity framework acts as the interface between the application and the database. It acts as a library that stores the much-needed instructions that act as the link between the database and the code.

The entity framework should be learned by the beginners as it does not require one to type in a large number of code lines. The major portion of the code consists of instructions to fetch the data from the database. When that particular task is reduced, it becomes much easier to actually finish the work.

The entity framework is an open source ORM framework designed exclusively for .NET applications. If you want to master this skill, don’t miss out on learning the Entity Framework in Depth: The Complete Guide course on Udemy. Furthermore, you can use the Udemy coupon code to have a low price at only $9.99.

What are the various features of the Entity framework?

These are the various features of the entity framework.

  • Cross Platform

The Entity framework works well on any platforms like Windows, Linux etc.,

  • Modeling

This is one of the exciting features of this framework. Models can be created out of different data types and they can be used over and over again to save a lot of space.

  • Simple Query

When the other frameworks have the process of querying as its important task, this particular task’s time is saved here by simplifying the process of querying.

  • Tracks Changes

There are a lot of chances where people are liable to make mistakes. So, if by chance a query gets deleted, then you would be required to track the changes for which the framework needs to save the changes made.

  • Caching, Transactions, and Migrations

The processes of caching, transactions and migrations are taken care of to provide greater accessibility to the database activities.

Is Entity Framework Better Than the ADO.NET Framework?

The entity framework is much slower than the ADO.NET framework as the interface needs to fetch the data from the database.

Performance is faster in ADO.NET when compared to Entity framework.

Parts of an Entity data model

The parts of an Entity data model are

Conceptual Model contains only the concepts and their relationships. They are devoid of the database structure.

Mapping provides the link between the conceptual model and storage model.

Storage Model acts as the storehouse of all the databases that teaches on how the data is stored in these tables.

By what means the Entity Framework differs from LINQ to SQL.

These are the ways by which the entity framework differs from LINQ to SQL.

The LINQ to SQL supports only SQL Database whereas the Entity Framework supports SQL, MySQL and many other types of databases.

The Entity framework allows one to many, many to many, one to one and other types of mapping between the relational databases and the entity class whereas the LINQ to SQL supports only one to one mapping.

The Entity framework is best for complex problems whereas the LNQ to SQL is not fit for complex problems.

What are The Topics Covered in This Best-Selling Entity Framework Course?

These are the list of topics that are covered in this Entity Framework in Depth: The Complete Guide course.

The 79 lectures are divided into 10 sections that run for about 6.5 hours.


This is the first section that speaks about why you should take up this course and the instructor gives a brief introduction about himself.

Getting Started

This is the second section that speaks of the two main workflow models of this framework. Why the workflows are needed in a framework is also discussed here. One can choose the Code First Workflow model or the Database First Workflow model.

Building a model using Database First Workflow 

The model building using the database first workflow is covered in this section.

The process of model creation from the databases is the main theme of the workflow model. The classes are created using this model. A database will be created using SQL.

The process of usage of EDMX designer is also covered in this section. This helps one to work with large datasets. Various activities like Zooming in and Zooming out of the model, exporting the diagrams as images, collapsing and expanding all types of entities, renaming of the various entities and their members can be performed using this EDMX designer.

How the XML used in the EDMX designer acts as the source for modeling is also learned here.

The various changes that can be brought about in the database like adding a new table, modifying an existing table and deleting a new table are learned here.

The process of importing stored procedures and using them in the model is also learned here.

The functions can also be imported into your model to get rid of the not so good functions which you are using.

The enum type of functions can also be imported here.

Building a model using Code First Workflow

This type of model is the best preferred when it comes to building projects that require too many functionalities. So, you can prefer this if you do not want too many classes in your code and want to make the best optimal use of your code.

This workflow also helps you to enable migrations in your application.

This migration feature helps you to add, delete or modify the classes.

Overriding Code First Conventions

This section covers the following topics.

Fluent API and Data Annotations are the two methods by which the code first conventions can be overwritten.

How the data annotations help in overriding the code first conventions.

The effect of data annotations on the database

The basics of API like column types, the order of columns, null columns, length of strings and primary keys are learned here.

Querying data using LINQ

This section covers the aspects of how one should query data using LINQ. The LINQ syntax and the extension methods can be used to derive the data.

Loading Related Objects

This section teaches one of what lazy loading is.

Updating data

This section teaches you of how to update data. Adding, removing and updating objects can be learned from this section. The process of adding key properties is needed to update data.

Using Entity Framework in your applications

The process of implementing the repository is learned here. The method to structure the applications and WPF applications are also covered.

Who is the intended audience?

The course can be taken by those who are already into entity framework and by those who are willing to know about the main things about this framework.

  • The ones who are planning to level up their career in the entity framework should take up this course as it covers some of the most important concepts that help a lot in the longer run.
  • For those who are not aware of the basics of the entity, the framework can also take up this course as it is presented to meet the demands of a beginner too.
  • Those who are already familiar working with the database models and typing queries.

What are the pre-requisites of this development course?

Since the course is based on on.NET, the .NET is actually built using C#. So, a knowledge of C# would be widely appreciated. There are a lot of benefits you can derive from learning C#. It is a language that is used for a wide range of applications. So, if you learn this particular language, then you can apply for jobs that demand the knowledge of this language too. So, it is never like C# will be learned just for .NET alone. You can actually learn C# and use it for any other requirement too.

What are The Salient Features of This Entity Framework in Depth Course?

These are the salient features of this course

  • Excellent course materials

The course materials both in the video format as well as in the print version are useful for preparing. These course materials are prepared with utmost care. They are designed keeping in mind the knowledge and the expertise of the candidate.

  • Learn anytime and anywhere

There is no time constraint for this course. You can take this course anytime once you buy the course. There is no restriction on time to access these course lectures. This facilitates anytime and everywhere learning. The course materials can also be downloaded and can be accessed for immediate reference. The course can be accessed even on TV. This makes it extremely easy for the professionals who work for long hours and yet wish to learn. The great graphic design used for the video lectures makes it very interactive.

  • Money back guarantee

If you are not happy with the outcome of the course, then you can get a 100% money back guarantee. This is provided with full confidence because the course has received a widespread positive response from a lot of people.

  • Certificate of completion

The certificate of completion is provided at the completion of this course. This is provided only if you had completed all the required assignments and listened to all the video lectures dutifully. This certificate of completion will serve as a proof for those students who are appearing for job interviews.

  • Excellent teaching methodology

The excellent teaching methodology that has been used by the instructor reaches anyone. The lectures are free from any sort of ambiguity. This keeps everyone glued to the lecture videos. If the candidate has any doubts, then he can clarify with the instructor. The instructor is very much patient enough to answer all the queries of the candidates. The number of doubts asked the more the candidate is able to comprehend from the video lectures. And a highly enthusiastic instructor instills the confidence in the candidates.

Why Should You Take up The Complete Entity Framework Course?

There are rapid developments that are happening in the domain of.NET. It is a mandated thing to keep yourself updated with the latest framework and the latest updates. So, this course would serve as that source which serves as the foundation to grasp the nuances of those updates quickly.

It is also a total value for money. It is hard to find courses this course that offer this good quality of video lectures at much fewer prices. So, those who wish to get the best content and wish to spend less should definitely take up this course.

There are a lot of positive reviews for this course. There is a global audience for this course which proves the mettle of the course. If you are totally perplexed about entity framework, then you should take up this Entity Framework in Depth: The Complete Guide course.

If you are a professional and you want to appear for appraisals and upgrade your skills, this course proves to be very helpful.

These are some of the reasons why you should take up this course.

In the rapidly changing tech space, the constant up gradation of your skills is a must. And it is a point to be noted that there are not many proper resources available. To fulfill that demand, this course is designed and is designed and priced to reach everyone. There is a multitude of benefits in this 6.5 hours course.

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