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95% Off The Complete Android Oreo Developer Course – Build 23 Apps! Coupon

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The Complete Android Oreo Developer Course – Build 23 Apps! course from Udemy best-selling mentors Rob Percival and Nick Walter provides high-quality instruction combined with real-world app development experience through applied projects. You will gain a deep understanding of Android O app development using Java and Kotlin. This course will also teach you the cutting-edge skills and techniques to build real Android apps, just like Uber clone, WhatsApp clone, Snapchat clone, Instagram clone, and more. Looking to learn the course at a low price? Click on “Take This Course Now For 95% Off!” to enroll in the course for up to 95% today.

Introduction to The Android Oreo Developer Course

Android app development is all around us, in a myriad of programming languages, both in Java and Kotlin, yet it always helps developers apply for a high-paid job in a software company. The Complete Android Oreo Developer Course – Build 23 Apps! course exposes students to the fundamental skills required to expert in the Android O app development, including everything you need to know to build real apps as an Android developer. This course is completed in a collaboration with Rob Percival and Nick Walter, the Udemy best-selling and well renowned mentors. The goal is to equip learners with a set of Android O development skills and techniques for building high-performance Android apps in the filed of mobile apps development field.

The core skill set will equip every student for becoming a professional app developer. Is it the real tome to boost up your Android O development skills? Don’t miss out on learning The Complete Android Oreo Developer Course – Build 23 Apps! course at Udemy.

What you need to take the Android Oreo course:

The Complete Android Oreo Developer Course – Build 23 Apps! course only requires a PC with a stable Internet connection, perfect for anyone who are interested in diving into the Android O development, no prior knowledge required.

Who this Android Oreo course is for:

Programmers, intermediate developers, students, or complete beginners who want to learn to code. The Complete Android Oreo Developer Course – Build 23 Apps! course will teach you how to master Android O development using Java programming language and Kotlin. So, if you are interested in knowing more about the modern android app development, the course is aright place to get started.

After completing this Android Oreo course, you’ll:

  • Be able to develop any expected Android app with ease
  • Be able to sell your apps to Google Play
  • Be able to win an offer from a software company
  • Be ale to make more money as an Android developer
  • Be able to take freelance work from anywhere in the world
  • Be qualified in working as a professional app developer

About the Android Oreo course content:

The Complete Android Oreo Developer Course – Build 23 Apps! course comes with 37.5 hours of on-demand video, 119 articles, and 272 lectures in total. This will assume learners a strong willingness to make the out out of the course. Next, let see what each lecture will teach you.
android o

  • 4 lectures will tell you what the course covers
  • 19 lectures expose to Android Studio. In this part, you will learn all things about Android Studio
  • 18 lectures help you go deep into Java programming language
  • 19 lectures introduce to layout, fading animations, game connect, video, audio, audio volume, grid layouts, app basic phrases, and more
  • 28 lectures focus on the knowledge of the advanced Android features.
  • 17 lectures introduce to everything you need to know about maps and geolocation
  • 19 lectures introduce how to clone Instagram app
  • 15 lectures will give you a boot camp of Kotlin programming
  • 9 lectures introduce to the Bluetooth app
  • 11 lectures will give you a super Mario run clone
  • 13 lectures give you extras regarding on adaptive icons, fonts, autofill, autocomplete, version control, daydream and more.
  • 17 lectures will provide you with a mini course of Android Wear
  • 9 lectures teach how to clone Twitter
  • 5 lectures teach how to clone ARCore app
  • 2 lectures introduce to the ways to submit your app to Google Play
  • 3 lectures on how to set up a marketing website
  • 9 lectures will teach how to clone Snapchat
  • 2 lectures will tell you where you go from here
  • 12 lectures are all about Uber clone
  • 7 lectures are WhatsApp clone
  • 15 lectures are all about the Flappy Bird clone

Why you should learn this Android Oreo course:

  • This course is created by best coding instructor, who has over 1,307,133 students on Udemy
  • This is a hands-on course right for both beginners and experts
  • This course has been updated with the latest version of Android 8.0 Oreo
  • This course is the most comprehensive and extensive Android course online
  • This course will help you learn how to create Android apps without any hassles
  • This course is risk free, 30-day money back guaranteed
  • This course will let you have the sense of accomplishment when you build amazing Android apps
  • This course helps you be able to build any Android app you like
  • This course also tell you how to make money by selling your apps
  • This course also provide you with 24/7 project support through forums
  • This course will give you $500 worth of resources, including templates, images and audios.
  • This course has 8 languages, including English, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, and Thai. This allows more people around the world to start a try.

More About Android Oreo

In this The Complete Android Oreo Developer Course – Build 23 Apps! course, you will have a depth learning of the Android Oreo program. Are you reading this article on your Android phone? Is the Smartphone you are using right now is an android phone or iOS operating system based phone? Which operating system is installed in your gadget? You never thought about any of these factors while purchasing a new Smartphone. In this fast-paced digitalized world, everyone is using a Smartphone but the twist is we don’t know about its features such as processor, RAM, and storage. We all are only concerned about the quality of the camera, its display and the normal working of Smartphone.

The smartphone comprises various types of small but robust technical devices which are not known by everyone. People who are interested to know the whole technicalities behind Smartphone are the one who may know these terms and devices. While using one of such electronic gadget, we are not familiar with its properties.

All About Android?

To master building Android apps, you’d better know Android system thoroughly. In The Complete Android Oreo Developer Course – Build 23 Apps! course, you will learn to understand how to build Android apps better. Android, an operating system is a software package that handles the hardware and software of the system. Android is an operating system used as the biggest platform for smart devices. It was launched a decade back and had come way long for providing us with some of the best features in electronic gadgets. The traditional mobile phone has changed into the Smartphone due to use of this operating system.

Evolution of the android operating system has gone through many functional, hypothetical changes with innovation in a basic change of visual properties for any smartphone. Every new version of android contains functionalities better than the last version. Android Oreo is one of the recent versions of this operating system.

What is Android Oreo?

In The Complete Android Oreo Developer Course – Build 23 Apps! course, you will deeply learn about Android Oreo with ease. Android Oreo is an operating system with some of the smartest, fastest and robust features. In the world of the operating system, Google has unveiled the eighth Android Oreo to the masses, the 15th version and eighth major release of the Android operating system.

It has been named after a major snack, with some new fabulous characteristics for its users. With some of the awesome features, it has maintained few updates and various new attribute to attract the users. It is more powerful and easy to use operating system than the previous updated versions available in the market.

The Android collaborative project aims to manufacture an affluent substantial product that can enhance the mobile experience for its users.

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What’s There in Android Oreo?

Several tremendous features are embedded in this version of Android; this release comes in pursuit of access to everyone. The fluid occurrence makes android lustier with tons of new attributes. Ease of use and accessible for everyone traits makes it attention seeker. The visual impact somewhat remains the same but its traits mark it as a superb version Android Operating system. To learn more about Android Oreo, don’t miss out on the Complete Android Oreo Developer Course – Build 23 Apps! course at Udemy.

  • Notification dot and channels: This will let you know when you have a notification to be read from that application which can be easily read by long-pressing on the app itself. These dots will also be colour coded based and even the media controls in the notification shade.
  • Autosomal text view: The view of text can be auto-sized; the autosize text view can be used to automatically fill any amount of text in Text View.
  • Adaptable fonts and icons: A new set of XML fonts are available in this version of Android. The distinct device models can display various types of shapes. You can long-press on icons to see the notification specifically.
  • Changes in the settings menu: Google did particularly well at making the setting less intimidating by providing a revised description of all tools present in settings.
  • User interface: Some of the changes in the user interface are equipped well with slight changes in fonts and designs in lock screen as well as notifications.
  • The picture-in-picture mode: The biggest and most noticeable change we have experienced is a picture in picture. This puts whatever video you’re watching into a little window which you can move around the screen. It is a niche multitasking feature available on Android Oreo.
  • Installation of unknown apps: Android Oreo has revamped the installation of unknown apks by providing individual applications permission to download the apks file.
  • Upgradation in WebView: The enabled feature of multiprocessor WebView will let the app to handle distinct crashes along with errors in default mode.
  • The wide spectrum of apps: The wide colour facility of apps has been provided will let the imaging of apps to take advantage of various colour available.
  • An array of usual performance improvements: There are tons of things which are available but you can’t, it has fixed many errors of performance from Nougat version.
  • Optimized background tasks: Google has optimized the background task operates; we will have less freedom to operate in the background.
  • Stability: Now it will consume less battery by limiting the running of useless apps in the background will turn up towards stability for the devices.

Why Should You Use Android Oreo?

  • It is an improved operating system.
  • More storage with better functions is available.
  • Better apps and fonts
  • Runs on a device with 512 RAM or more than that.
  • Better customized notification panel.
  • It can limit background function
  • It can run picture-in-picture.
  • It has better battery life.
  • Autofill APIs will give access to password managers and application.
  • Better connectivity.
  • A lot of frameworks provides a lot of fun.

Time to take The Complete Android Oreo Developer Course – Build 23 Apps! course on Udemy? If you’re planning to buy a new Smartphone then go for the phone with Android Oreo operating system. It will surely enhance the experience of using an android phone. It is one of the major Update for android users. The performance improvements with other features will amaze you. If you are a technology lover you can gain a good experience while using this operating system. Although, Oreo is an enhanced version of Android Nougat. But it contains a few useful traits as its quality. This update was for accessing new user and can be used easily by anyone. With some cool attributes, it will nurture good technology. Google will surely come with some more versions of the Android operating system in the future to create an impact on its users.

At Last

The Complete Android Oreo Developer Course – Build 23 Apps! course explores several usages of the Android Oreo development technology, including topics such as apps clones, Java and Kotlin programming, building real apps, and more. When you complete the course you will have a richer understanding of the Android O app development and acquire all the skills and techniques needed to become a professional Android developer. So, are you ready to enroll in The Complete Android Oreo Developer Course – Build 23 Apps! course today? Take advantage of a verified Udemy coupon to help you generate BIG savings up to 95% off. Don’t forget to use the best Udemy coupon to save much more money than ever could.

Tips: Refer to an easy video guide on how to redeem the 95% off The Complete Android Oreo Developer Course – Build 23 Apps! coupon as followed.

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