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95% Off The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course Coupon

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Get Advanced with Kotlin Programming Language, Become An Expert in Building Games, and Apps for Android O

The course titled, “The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course” teaches one how to develop android apps using Kotlin. This course is much sought after because many courses are dedicated to Java for the procedure of android app development, but there are very few courses that are dedicated to Android development using Kotlin.

This course makes sure that the users can start building apps even if they do not have any experience in coding. This course is in much demand as when one is coding, and few doubts arise; they can visit Stack Overflow to have a look at the discussion. As Kotlin is relatively new, there are hardly few discussions that are available on the website. Thus, there are no great resources for learning Kotlin. The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course is for the learning of Kotlin from basics to advance. Anyone who’re interested in making Android apps and games can take this course.

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a language designed especially for android app development. Just like Swift for iOS app development which is relatively new, Kotlin is also, relatively new. Kotlin does not need any special. Many programming languages can run on the Virtual Machine. Kotlin runs very efficiently on the virtual machine. Just like how Java is the language for native app development for Android, Kotlin is also one.

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What are the salient features of the course?

The Salient Features of the complete Android Kotlin developer course are given below

  • 5 of learning video lectures that can be accessed using any good electronic device like smartphone or computer.
  • 3 articles and 16 Supplementary Reading Materials that can be downloaded.
  • Lifetime Access and that denotes that one need not pay again in case there is any upgradation in the course. One can make use of the entire course content by paying for once.
  • Can be viewed even on TV indicates that one can watch the video lectures as and how they wish at their own pace.

How Does One Benefit from This Complete Kotlin Development Course?

There are umpteen benefits that one can derive from this course. Few of them are listed below:

  • Appraisal friendly

Those who are associated with companies that develop apps for android and have been working with technologies like Java can take up this course that teaches the language which is never going to lose its worth for at least another 7 years to come. Thus, by the upgradation of knowledge one can apply for appraisals in the firms.

  • An added advantage for students

The Students from any background of graduation are taking up technology-related courses to bag some of the top paying jobs in the industry. Kotlin is one of the technologies that are being paid a handsome salary. The students when they add these certifications to their resume, they have the edge over the others during the interview process.

  • A boon for the tech lovers

Kotlin is a language that never fails to amuse the tech lovers with its features. This language is a great boon for those who have been waiting for the right tools that they can execute their ideas perfectly as they wished to.

  • Makes App look great

The Android apps are the ones which are not that security stiff for uploading in a play store like that of the I-phone apps. Thus, one has the freedom to make the app as they wanted it to. With Java, the developers were not able to provide a great design as it was possible with Swift. Not just design, when considering the security features, even Java is secured but at the cost of restriction on so many functionalities. But, Kotlin makes sure that there is no compromise on any feature yet provides great security.

Why Kotlin and what is Special About Kotlin?

There needs to be an alternative to the language that is being used traditionally to develop the applications. One cannot rely on Java all the time. Thus, Kotlin is needed.

Kotlin does not need any special IDE. It runs effectively on Android Studio itself.  One can use the Kotlin Plug in to convert the Java Source file into Kotlin Source file. Any code that is written in Java, for example, the functions that are present in the libraries of Java, the classes that are used in Java can be used for Kotlin too. Kotlin is thus, interoperable. The code of Kotlin can co-exist with the code of Java. One need not use any special function to run the Kotlin code.

Why Should You learn Kotlin?

There are many factors to why one should learn to use Kotlin.

  • Commercial use

Many languages are used in the same manner as it has been taught. But Kotlin is one language that one need not make any special adaptations.

  • Very Less or No risk

One need not fear of using a new language all of a sudden into a code for trial. Kotlin will never interfere with the code written in another language.

  • Readable syntax

Kotlin makes code writing seem so effortless. One can easily understand the code. There are not much confusion or ambiguity in the code. Not every programming language can provide this feature. But Kotlin does. This is a great feature as it helps the beginners to learn a programming language with much ease and also the process of debugging is simplified.

  • Null Pointer Exception

Kotlin is very good at handling errors. Especially, the errors like null pointer exception can be handled with ease by Kotlin. The android app developers suffered a lot using only Java as it gave rise to a lot of run-time exceptions which were drastically reduced in Kotlin.

  • Used by top companies

Kotlin is being used by the top companies like Pinterest, Uber in many areas of their services, as their apps.

  • Concise Code

The code written in Kotlin is compiled with the help of JVM. The JVM after the compilation shows that the code has been reduced to very less number of lines. This provides great help to the front-end developers. When the back-end code is short and concise, then one can make sure that the User Interface of the app is top notch.

  • Presence of tools

There are certain sophisticated tools in Kotlin that one can use of to convert the codes written in Java to Kotlin. These tools not just do the process of conversion but also make sure that they simplify the otherwise time-consuming processes.

  • Features that are not present in Java

We know that when Java is compared with some of the other widely used languages, one can see that there are a lot of features missing in Java. With the help of Kotlin, this problem can be solved as the code of Kotlin can be present alongside the code of Java. By this feature, one can make sure that the app has all the features.

  • Helped the developers produce better products

We know that Java owing to the security factor does not allow too many operations to be performed. By using Kotlin, that problem is solved as developers were struggling a lot with how to provide the best user experience with Java imposing such strict regulations. Thus, Kotlin helped the developers produce better products.

What are The Topics Covered in This Kotlin Course?

The following are covered in The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course.

  • Learning to build real-world apps

This course teaches one to build an android app for mobile phones entirely using Kotlin. When speaking about apps, it’s not that simple kind of apps that are usually taught in courses. By taking up this particular course, one can learn to build real-world apps like Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Calendar, Alarm Clock, Media Players, Finding the sunrise time, Weather app, etc.,

  • A language that poses a tough competition to C#

For a long time since there are only very few languages that are very suitable for developing gaming applications like C#. These days, there is no market for simple games. The games like Pokémon go and the rest which makes use of the recent, out-of-the-world technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality only have the craze. It is the fact that C# was used to develop those games. But, Kotlin has broken that myth. It has proven to be as good as C# for gaming apps. In fact, better than C#. In this course, one learns to make gaming apps like PokemonGo that made the world go crazy.

  • Learn to handle the system in correlation with the app

For the languages that are used to make real-world apps, there should be a good interface between the system operations on the server side and the app operations on the user side. One can learn how to access the PHP web services using this course, on the server side. One can also have an idea of the front end by getting to know of how a good design attracts a lot of users and makes the operation easy for both the user as well as the server for collecting the data, processing and producing results out of that data.

  • Learning some of the niche terms

Certain technologies are unique to Kotlin. One can learn about them a lot by taking up this course. There are few operations which reduce the number of lines of code in a program which is not done easily by other languages. One can also learn about Reverse Engineering, design layout, shaping menu, using Firebase from Google, using system services, collections, getting access to the hardware components, camera, etc.,

  • Basic Programming Fundamentals

To perform the activities that have been mentioned above, one needs to know some of the basic terminologies that are used in a language. Some basic concepts like Program Control, Data Structures, Database concepts, Classes, Decision-making statements are also taught as a part of this course.

What are the pre-requisites for the Kotlin developer course?

As already mentioned, one need not be a star coder to take up this course. Not even the knowledge of Java is needed to take up this course. The interest towards learning is more than enough. One needs to possess a good electronic device to access the video lectures and to download the resources.

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Tips: Refer to a simple video guide on how to use The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course coupon to have a low price at only $9.99.


By reading all the points mentioned above, one can say that Kotlin is one-of-a-kind language. And that this particular course offers such a language at the best possible price which the other online learning portals would not be able to offer. The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course covers everything from the basics to the advanced, like the programming concepts to app development. Not many courses cover all these as a single package and give you the confidence to create an app using a top-notch technology despite having zero ideas about coding. These reasons are more than enough for one to take up this course and benefit much.

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