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  1. takes charge of offering search results without permission.
  2. replaces default search engine and homepage forcibly.
  3. would display some malicious but luring advertisements.
  4. CPU jumps up and down when doing search and it would stay high when accessing advertising sites provided by


Is Dangerous?

What does seem to be simple and confined to browsers, there are some hidden dangers that should be notified. The advertisement on its interface manifests that is a freeware that needs fund to keep running. By posting ads with its arbitrary character, manages to obtain funds, which indicates that more pop up ads can be expected before long. Some may pop-up, pop-in or pop-under and some may underline in-text message with hyperlinks directing to ads.

There are hundreds of thousands of browser hijackers nowadays, among them Babylon (read more) and conduit are the most notorious. is merely a new version to execute the same deeds. It is thus believed that the hijacker possesses loose programming and language; bugs can be found anytime, which give infections big chance to worm into the computer harassed by

Once being exploited, its JS technology will be utilized to help collect log-in credentials, making it possible to spread other virulent code in the name of the victim’s without knowledge; or even worse, empty out bank card without authorization. It is always recommended by VilmaTech Online Support that any potential safety hazard should be eliminated as soon as possible. Live chat with senior technician if any specialized technical help is wanted.

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Manual Removal Steps to Remove Hijacker

What all anti-virus programs base on to kill infections is malicious attribute code. They are man-made and not that smart enough to tell if the explorer.exe (system running process) being modified by is guilty or not. Besides, there’s no malicious attribute code injected in as it doesn’t takes typical way to affect a system. All wants is no more than traffic. Therefore, removing with automatic method by security utilities is unworkable. Below are the manual removal steps to follow up that could help with a complete removal. It should be widely advised that specialized computer knowledge is required to complete the procedures correctly and integrallty so that no vicious piece generated by or no incidental items would be left to help with its survival.

Step1. remove’s extension from browser settings and change default homepage.

Internet Explorer

  • Click on Tools or the gear icon to select ‘Manage add-ons’.
  • Please find and remove’s extension correspondingly in ‘Toolbars and Extensions’ and ‘Search Providers’ respectively.
    remove's extension from IE
  • Select the desired search engine as your default homepage in ‘Search Providers’ and press “Set as Default” button.
    restore IE homepage from

Mozilla Firefox

  • Hit Tools menu for ‘Add-ons’.
  • Please find and remove’s extension correspondingly in ‘‘plugins’ and ‘Extensions’ respectively.
    remove's extension from Firefox
  • Hit Tools menu again to select ‘Options’ on the bottom of the list and go to General tab.
  • Type your favorite homepage URL in ‘Home Page’ and press “Use Current Pages”.
    restore Firefox homepage from

Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome menu or hit on the spanner icon to select “Tools”.
  • Please find and remove’s extension in ‘Extensions’.
    remove's extension from Chrome
  • Hit on the spanner icon again to choose “Settings”.
  • Locate Search section on the right pane and click drop-down menu to select desired search engine.
    restore Chrome homepage from


  • Spread Opera menu and choose ‘Extensions’.
  • Please find and remove’s extension in “Manage Extensions”.
    remove's extension from Opera
  • Spread Opera’s menu again for “settings”.
  • Go to “Preference” and tap its General tab.
  • Locate “Home page” and set your desired search engine.
    restore Opera homepage from


  • Unfold Safari Menu and go to Preferences.
  • Please find and remove’s extension under extensions tab.
    remove's extension from Safari
  • Then tap “General” tab and select desired search engine for “Default search engine”.
    restore Safari homepage from

Step2. close out browser and access Database to remove the items associated with


  • Use Win+R key combination to enable “Run” box.
    use win+r to remove
  • Put “regedit” in the pop-up box and press on Enter button to continue.
  • Click on “My Computer”/”Computer” on the upper left before using Ctrl+F key combination to bring up search bar.
  • Type “” in the search bar and hit Enter key.
  • Remove all the entry keys of the found items.
  • Keep using F3 functional key to keep looking for the remnants of in Registry Editor.

Tip: For Mac OS X users, there isn’t a Registry Editor in the Mac like in Windows to change settings. However, one could remove from “/Users/YourUserName/Library/Preferences”, /Safari/ Preferences/extensions/, /Safari/Help/Installed Plug/Ins & list, /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ and ~/Library (in home folder)/Internet Plug-Ins/.
Step3. Manage start up items to speed up starting up and disable’s malicious start up items by using in-built utility.

Windows 7/XP/Vista

  • Use Win+R key combination to enable “Run” box.
  • Type ‘MSCONFIG’ and hit Enter key to navigate to its Startup tab.
  • Please find and remove’s startup item by pressing ‘Disable all’ button.
    remove's startup from windows

Windows 8

  • Access Task Manager by typing ‘Task’ in Search Charm bar and browse to its Startup tab.
  • Please find and remove’s startup item by pressing ‘Disable’ button.
    remove's startup from win8

Mac OS X

  • Hit Apple icon and choose ‘System Preference’.
  • Choose the user account hijacked by under ‘Users & Groups’.
  • Tick the vicious items generated by hijacker in the right pane.
  • Hit on minus icon to complete the startup removal session.
    remove's startup from Mac


How Enters A Machine

“How enters a machine” has not yet been widely known by PC users, which brings to crazy spread of the browser hijacker. As a web application, there’s a big chance for to be brought in by other web applications such as toolbar, extension and adware as nowadays web applications are in relation network to promote sales online. Therefore, attention should be drawn to drive-by download when installing a third-party program.

Though is no more than a browser hijacker serving as a traffic exchanging site to intercept traffic, it manages to worm into a machine through vulnerability among installed programs or in the target system. With BHO technology, preloads its information, Applet and executable files into browser setting and next takes control of ActiveX and JavaScript to manipulate searching. This implies that the target machine is so vulnerable to be hijacked by can also be taken advantage by virus, especially the Trojan Horse like Win64:Bot-A (read more) that aims to collect log-in credentials and other confidential information. In sum, do not throw your ignorance to hijacking problem even when it stays silent and keeps running just like a normal search engine. Triggers Mechanical Problems

With more infections coming onto the target machine controlled by, more exotic files, folders, documents and data will be settled as well to occupy limited space and modify build-in settings, thus the below mechanical problems can be anticipated:

  1. Error message keeps telling that something is missing or corrupt.
  2. Some programs might automatically shut down themselves due to incompatibility or conflict.
  3. The overall PC performance may be decreased to arouse freezes.
  4. Browser might crash as plenty of CPU is streaming out to deal with imaging or the display of some loosely programmed web sites.



The above steps are designed exclusively to rather than other incidental infections or problems. One should avoid deviation and mistake to finish the instruction without triggering more problems and should be well equipped with computer knowledge when rectifying Database so that no permanent damages would appear over time. No matter how expert you are, it is advisable to backup registry beforehand, just in case. Since few people know how to back up registry in Windows 8, here’s the video to show clearly.

Backup Registry in Windows 8 will not go away when everything malicious items seem to be removed thoroughly? More problems emerge to surface and hinder the removal procedures? In the event that you are overwhelmed or you don’t know much about computer programming, please do feel free to contact VilmaTech Online Support and get quick fix to retrieve a healthy machine.

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