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Remove Windows Pro Defence Kit, Help Uninstall Defence Kit Rogueware

Windows Pro Defence Kit: Abstract

Windows Pro Defence Kit is a dodgy rogue anti-virus program which has the abilities to destruct targeted entire PC system very badly. Typically, this sort of computer infection has been epidemic in cyber world for frequently being used by hijackers to fraud money and steal confidential data from innocent Internet users. Windows Pro Defence Kit also refers to the so-called rogue anti-spyware application, which is a perilous infection designed in away that after getting added onto one computer pose a myriad of security warnings on screen. These security threats warnings read your computer has a lot of fatal problems such as worms, Trojan virus, Malware or Ransomware, which can be in form of pop-ups. As you experienced, the Windows Pro Defence Kit rogue anti-spyware self run a bogus scanner once installed on your computer. And then it would inform potential malware threats have been detected.

In reality, Windows Pro Defence Kit just is a fake program that uses the disguise of a legitimate anti-virus program. And all warnings say your computer has a lot of malware threats are non-existent. Windows Pro Defence Kit rogue anti-virus program fabricated those fake alerts aims at convincing targeted computer users into believing their computers are infected and coaxing them into purchasing the full version of the Windows Pro Defence Kit fake program. The main goal for scammers producing such Windows Pro Defence Kit fake anti-spyware is to trick money from innocent Internet users. Actually, although inexperienced victimized users followed the tips reflected on the Windows Pro Defence Kit fake program page and paid to hijackers for malware virtual removal, the victimized machine is still infected. What is worse, the Windows Pro Defence Kit virus would brush away all money and victimized users have no abilities to get them come back.

Windows Pro Defence Kit rogue anti-spyware still can open backdoor by making the infected system vulnerable. It can tamper with the default infected system entries and system files, even entice in more malware such as malicious browser hijacker without any consent. Windows Pro Defence Kit rogue anti-spyware will reboot deeply inside victimized machine and perform abundance wicked activities such as exploiting system vulnerabilities to make system totally failure and let hijackers access to compromised machine for stealing confidential data. Once the Internet browsers taken over by hijackers, they will fast collect sensitive information such as log-in credentials, online transaction data, banking data and more with ease. And done with that, the Windows Pro Defence Kit virus makers can acquire more malicious profits by participating in illegal online commercial activities. Virus Windows Defence Master similar to the Windows Pro Defence Kit rogue anti-spyware.

Windows Pro Defence Kit rogue anti-spyware should be removed as quick as possible in case of further damage. If you are not confident of removing such virus in person, you can ask for professional help by Live Chat with VilmaTech 24/7 Online Experts now.

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Fake Scanning and Symptoms of Windows Pro Defence Kit

The motive behind the Windows Pro Defence Kit fake anti-virus program is to make the targeted victims put trusts into that their computers are in high-risk of danger. And then Windows Pro Defence Kit will further threaten victimized users by displaying a myriad of fake security threats “Warning! Your computer is at risk! Scan results that potential threats found.” So that, the Windows Pro Defence Kit recommends victimized users must pay the full version of the software to reduce your uneasiness about infected PC. As a result in informing users with such fake security alerts you would have to purchase for the full version of the software and hijackers would acquire money without any disturbs. Simultaneously, the Windows Pro Defence Kit fake anti-virus program still can entice in other malware to further damage the infected system. Refer to the warning screenshot of the Windows Pro Defence Kit rogue anti-spyware.

Potential malware detected. It is recommended to activate the protection and perform a thorough system scan to remove the malware.

Software without a digital signature detected. Your system files are at risk. We strongly advise you to activate your protection.

How Windows Pro Defence Kit Infected System

Windows Pro Defence Kit rogue anti-spyware can infiltrated on the target computer by packaging with drive-by download, typically bundled with unwanted malware, spyware or Trojan virus. The fake virus gets added onto the computer just while users are downloading freeware, shareware, or following spam emails. The reason is hijackers usually propagate a computer infection by hiding virus within those third-party programs. Besides that, you can refer to the below possible ways for hijackers sending Windows Pro Defence Kit fake virus to one targeted computer:

  • Plug in external infectious devices such as USB flash drive, DVD and more.
  • Download potentially unwanted web plugins, toolbars and add-ons.
  • Follow spam emails, junk email attachments or sponsored links/ pop-ups.
  • Unsuspectingly surf some compromised sites.
  • Computer is in high-risk of vulnerability and no in real time guard tool.
  • Visit pornographic web pages.
  • Peer-to-peer networks and programs.

Tips: To completely remove the Windows Pro Defence Kit Rogue completely, you can contact with VilmaTech 24/7 Online Experts now.

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Steps to Remove Defence Kit Rogue AntiSpyware Completely

Open Safe Mode with Networking

A: If you are on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista, you may follow the below tips to get the infected system booted in safe mode with networking first.

  • Power off the infected machine – Shut down.
  • Locate at the F8 key on the keyboard.
  • Reboot computer and always hit F8 key before Windows launches on.
  • Windows Advanced Options then will reveal out if you hit correctly.
  • Choose Safe Mode with Networking by pressing arrow keys..
  • Press Enter key and access to the Desktop.

B: If you are on Window 8, you need follow this step to get safe mode with networking.

  • Reach the desktop on Windows 8 first.
  • Press Ctrl+ Alt+ Del combination key.
  • Switch User page pops-up, type “Shift” key and choose “Shut down” button.
  • Choose Restart option. Choose Troubleshoot option from next pop-up page.
  • Choose ‘Advanced Options’ and choose Startup setting.
  • Press F5/5 key and choose Safe Mode with Networking.

Uninstall Fake Program from Control Panel


  • Locate at the Start button and choose Control Panel option.
  • If on Windows 8, move the mouse cursor to the location of applications.
  • And then right click anywhere around the applications.
  • Get All Apps icon and click on it.
  • Locate at the Applications Menu.
  • Search Control Panel and open it there.

  • Locate at the Control Panel.
  • Choose Uninstall a Program (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista)

  • Choose Add/Remove Programs (Windows XP)

Scroll down and select malicious program called Windows Pro Defence Kit Rogueware.
And then choose Uninstall or remove button.
Confirm by clicking Remove or Uninstall again.
Follow the pop-up window to get the fake virus removed.

Delete Rogue Antispyware Files and Entries

The key to completely remove the Windows Pro Defence Kit fake program from the infected computer, you must remove all its components including virus files and registry entries. Now you need show hidden files.
A: Show hidden files on Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP

  • Open Start button and open Control Panel.
  • Open Appearance and Personalization link.
  • Double click on Files and Folder Option.
  • Click on the Show hidden files and folders option.
  • Select the “View” tab. “Show hidden files, folders and drives.”
  • Uncheck “Hide protected operating system files. Click OK.

B: For Windows 8, Locate at the Metro.

  • Right click anyway where around the applications.
  • Click “All Apps” Double click on Windows Explorer.
  • Choose File Explorer, click View tab.
  • Check “File name extensions” and “Hidden items” options.
  • Press Ok to apply changes.

C: And then you just need remove all its virus files. In case of any mistakenly deletion, you’d better backup files first.

D: Now you need go to the local disks and search the files of the Windows Pro Defence Kit fake program.

E: After that, go to the Registry Editor and remove all virus entries.

  • Press Windows + R.
  • Type regedit in Run box and press Ok.
  • Reach the Registry Editor.
  • File-> Find the Windows Pro Defence Kit entries.
  • Remove all detected virus entries.

F: Check Windows Firewall. You can follow below tips to restore the Windows Firewall.

  • Click the Start button and choose Control Panel again.

  • From the pop-up window, choose (System and Security)
  • Click on and open the System and Security.
  • Now you can see the Restore defaults link, click on it.

  • Choose the restore the defaults firewall settings.
  • Choose the Restore Defaults button now.
  • Confirm and you need click Yes to continue.
  • Windows Firewall then will be restored to the default values.
  • At last, reboot infectious computer.


Windows Pro Defence Kit rogue antispyware is rigorous rogueware threat configured by cyber hackers to execute some destructive thing on the computer system and trick money for malicious profit-making. Once it get infiltrated on the targeted system, acquires automatically launched every time with system starts, undertakes a series of bogus security threats warning to frighten victimized Internet users. Additionally, the Windows Pro Defence Kit is well known as Fakevimes, belongs family of the Windows Advanced Security Center rogue antispyware. They display perform fake alerts in order for luring especially those inexperienced users into purchasing. And done by this way, the hijackers can underground collect confidential information with ease. Moreover, there can be nothing perilous more than a Windows Pro Defence Kit rogueware attack on your PC. Therefore, you must remove the Windows Pro Defence Kit rogueware from infected system as quick as possible to avert from any incredible loss. For such virus removal, if you still need more help, you can live chat with VilmaTech 24/7 Online Experts

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