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Correct Understanding of

remove hijacker is not a virus as what most people think and most computer-help site describe though it keeps being default homepage without being removed with conventional method. Technically, is a traffic exchanging site; in other word, it is created to intercept traffic. Apparently, serves to promote sales for some network operators with accumulating traffic. In the age of network marketing, traffic is one of the most important indicators of popularity, credibility and more sales. However, obtains traffic through irregular channels to compete unscrupulously, which does impose troubles to targets and potential dangers to computer health and information security as well. It is advisable to get a full picture of from the following paragraphs and find efficient way to remove it finally. Any questions and appeal for professional help will be answered if you start a live chat window here to contact VilmaTech Online Support.

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Additional techniques have been vested to Once hijacker gets on a machine, BHO technique would load’s startup item to system configuration so as to guarantee that Windows loader would activate it to perform at each Windows start and place its .dll file containing trovigo’s file information to running process as well as local disk without being examined since such technique is designed as a plugin for web browsers to provide added functionality. With this technique, manages to stay on a target browser and replace default homepage without permission.

Besides, JS technique is also employed by the browser hijacker, which enables to control search results by manipulating JavaScript of the target browser and adjust the results to your preference by analyzing browsing history. As a consequence, most of the search results are directing to its partners. This is deceit rather than optimize search engine to improve rankings. Troubles

With the two techniques introduced in the preceding paragraph, may cause some displeased scenario on targets’ browser and machine:

  1. prevents the change of default homepage.
  2. offers search result but most of them are not that close to search queries.
  3. It takes longer to display a web page.
  4. Additional web applications are installed without authorization. displays the same interface as, which gets more certainty on the definition that it is a traffic exchanging site which copies content from other sites to obtain traffic for other products produced by the same author. That’s why additional web applications would be brought in without knowledge to occupy limited computer resource. Potential Dangers

People should notice the potential dangers to keep using as default search engine. It is a freeware and it needs fun to keep running. It is easy to detect random ads popping up on its page. To get more traffic in a short time, cooperating with advertising platform is the best choice. That’s why people who have would be directed to commercial sites frequently. As a matter of fact, ads and commercial sites are generally loosely programmed. Thus bug can be found and exploited by infections. In the event that a bug on a commercial site to which a browser is directed by is exploited by infection, the target machine will be soon affected. JS technique will be used to collect log-in credentials and BHO technique will be utilized to load down malicious codes. Error message like twunk_32.exe may be incurred due to random modifications and CPU will be consumed extremely to make a zombie machine.

Therefore, as what security adviser suggests, should be removed as soon as possible. Manual removal way would guarantee a complete removal when there’s no additional item being introduced in by the browser hijacker. Follow the instruction to help yourself. On the occurrence of unexpected situation and you are not able to deal with, it is recommended to contact VilmaTech Online Support and get specialized technical help just in time.

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Remove Hijacker from IE/Firefox/Chrome/Opera/Safari

Step One – Remove’s extension from browser settings.


  1. Access IE’s Tools menu and go to its ‘Manage add-ons’.
  2. Browse to ‘Toolbars and Extensions’ so as to remove anything related to
    remove from IE


  1. Unfold Mozilla Firefox to choose Tools.
  2. Then select Options to remove from ‘Add-ons’ and ‘Plugins’ respectively.
    remove from firefox


  1. Click on the spanner icon and choose “Tools” option.
  2. Go to ‘Extensions’ to find
  3. Use dustbin button to remove
    trash from Google chrome extension


  1. Click on Opera menu and select Extensions to continue.
  2. Choose Manage Extensions to find
  3. Use “Uninstall” button to uninstall’s extension.
    remove from Opera


  1. Click open ‘Safari’ menu to select ‘Preferences’.
  2. Hit ‘extensions’ tab to locate
  3. Press Uninstall button to remove it.
  4. Back to ‘Safari’ menu and place your mouse on ‘Help’.
  5. Choose ‘Installed Plug’ in the sidebar
  6. Find and remove
    remove from Safari

Step Two – Replace with other reputable search engine to be default homepage.


  1. Access IE’s Tools menu again for ‘Search Providers’.
  2. Replace with other reputable search engines or homepage.
    set IE homepage to replace


  1. Access Options again to select General tab.
  2. Type the desired address to replace
  3. Click “Use Current Pages” to finish this session.
    set firefox homepage to replace


  1. Click on the spanner icon again to choose “Settings”.
  2. Go to Search section on the right pane and click dropdown menu to select desired search engine.
  3. will be replaced then.
    replace with other search engine


  1. Access Opera’s menu again to choose “settings” this time.
  2. Go to “Preference” and hit General tab.
  3. Locate “Home page” and set your desired search engine to replace
    change firefox homepage to replace


  1. Access ‘Preferences’ option again to hit “General” tab.
  2. Select desired search engine for “Default search engine” and replace
    set Safari homepage to replace FAQ

Why anti-virus program won’t remove is a traffic exchanging site rather than virus. Though it hijacks browsers and causes high CPU usage to irritate wide rang of PC users, it benefits from JS and BHO techniques that have been employed in Windows development rather than typical virulent method by replicating itself to affect drivers and other pivotal computer components. Therefore, no’s information and corresponding removal method is recorded in virus reservoir and anti-virus program will not help remove it. It is not because is a fatal virus that it manages to resist automatic removal by reputable security utility.
How did I get is capable of getting onto a target machine by itself and other third-party programs. With JS technique, is able to take advantage of vulnerability on script to commence infiltration. Adopting BHO technique, the browser hijacker can then place itself totally into a target system. In other word, getting indicates a vulnerable machine.

As a traffic exchanging site, manages to attract some freeware/shareware to be its carrier. would sneak in without knowledge when PC users downloading and installing those softwares carelessly. can also be brought in by other web applications such as EXEchecker (read more)created by the same author. Therefore, VilmaTech Online Support would like to suggest using carefulness when installing programs and following good PC practice to keep the machine powerful enough to ward off potential dangers such as those from

If you have any more questions about or if you encounter difficulty when removing it, it is recommended to start a live chat here for answer and to seek security assistance for quick solution. Be noted that the above instruction is exclusively for rather than any incidental issues.

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