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Remove NSA Virus Demanding $300 (Android Lock Virus Tips)

NSA virus is a PRISM Android scam to collect non-existent ransom for infringement of national laws by MoneyPak payment method. Hence, NSA Android virus is also called MoneyPak virus. It is a virus with advanced computer and Android tech to be capable of hijacking web camera, detecting IP address and displaying the date when law-breaking activity is detected.


Though attaching figures of police and some official badges, among which there is one from Mandiant Security Agency, NSA sealed screen message cannot deny its real property as a virus since no official department would collect fines by suddenly locking up a computer or a Android phone.

What can NSA Virus Harm Computer?

Aside from blocking computer from being used by PC users, NSA virus is capable of imposing additional harms to a machine, which is seldom known by people. NSA virus runs based on Trojan programs that are made to bind themselves to system services, leading to troubles like disabled Safe Mode and unresponsive keyboard. That’s why some PC users cannot log into some forms of Safe Mode and gain no progress by pressing Ctrl, Alt and Del key combination together. A Trojan is commonly known to copy itself at a rapid speed, meaning more build-in services are anticipated to be out of operation if NSA virus keeps alive on a computer. The worst thing should be the capability to open up a backdoor which is a favorable way for virus to start their intrusive infiltration.

One should bear in mind that infiltration of ransomware like NSA virus aims at not only ruining target system to threaten victims to submit large amount of money, but also fetching personal information stored in system programs. To open up a backdoor and transfer collected information, NSA virus only need to modify registry entries and make full use of ports that we seldom use. Actually, according to TCP/IP protocol, each computer has 65,535 terminals. In other word, a lot of information can be exchanged through the backdoor. To crown it all, the loose terminals give chances for deadly virus to attack the target computer, which is the reason why victims encounter residual damages after they have successfully removed NSA virus. Whether it is for the sake of computer health or information security, one should hurry up to remove NSA virus. Self-help guides are offered hereinafter. Be noted that some expert computer skills are needed to avoid any slight deviation from the following steps, ensuring no unexpected dysfunctions happen. If you need any instant help, you are welcome to consult VilmaTech online experts here.

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Self-help Guide to Remove NSA Virus

Case A – “Safe Mode with Networking” is not disabled by NSA virus yet.
Step1. Access Safe Mode with Networking.

Windows 8

  • Press Alt,Ctrl and delete key together at NSA virus sealed screen.


  • Please hold shift key and click on power button together to select Restart.
  • Highlight Troubleshoot option with arrow keys and hit Enter key.
  • Go into Advanced options.

win8 safe mode2

  • Hit Restart button again.
  • Please hit F5 to get into safe mode with networking.

Windows 7/XP/Vista

  • Keep tapping on “F8 key” as the computer is booting up but before Windows launches.


  • Highlight “Safe Mode with Networking” option on “Windows Advanced Options Menu” screen.
  • Press Enter key.


Step2. Disable startup items of NSA virus.

Windows 8

  • Type ‘Task’ on Charms bar on Start screen.
  • Find and tick items related to NSA virus.
  • Press ‘Disable’ option to remove NSA virus.

win8 startup

Windows 7/XP/Vista

  • Launch Search/ Run box from Start menu.
  • Type ‘msconfig’ and hit Enter key.
  • Find and tick related items.
  • Press ‘Disable All’ option to remove NSA virus.


Step3.Enter database and modify registry keys there.

Windows 8

  • Type ‘regedit’ in Search charm.


  • Hit Enter key.
  • Press and hold Ctrl+F to search for Winlogon.
  • Locate key labeled Shell in the right pane.
  • Right click on it and replace it with ‘explorer.exe’ to ensure the following steps move smoothly.

Windows 7/XP/Vista

  • Press Win key start menu and R key together and put in ‘regedit’.
  • Press and hold Ctrl+F to search for Winlogon when a new window pops up.
  • Locate key labeled Shell in the right pane.
  • Right click on it and replace it with ‘explorer.exe’ to ensure the following steps move smoothly.

change to explorer

In case you are confused to which “Winlogon” to locate because you have found too many versions of it or you cannot find any, you are welcome to get instant help by live chatting with online experts here.

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Step4. Show hidden files to remove items of NSA virus under C: windows.

Windows 8

  • Open Windows Explorer by clicking on Windows Explorer application from Start Screen.

windows explorer

  • Hit View tab to tick ‘File name extensions’ and ‘Hidden items’ options.
  • Navigate to Roaming folder and Temp folder respectively in C Disk to remove files with abnormal name.

win8 hidden file

Windows 7/XP/Vista

  • Open ‘Control Panel’ from Start menu and search for ‘Folder Options’.
  • Under View tab to tick ‘Show hidden files and folders and non-tick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’ and then click ‘OK’.
  • Navigate to Roaming folder and Temp folder respectively in Drive C to remove files with abnormal name.


Case B – “Safe Mode with Networking” is disabled.

One can also create new user account from cmd lines and remove NSA virus there. However, such method can consume much energy and time. To NSA virus quickly, one can use system CD/DVD to help repair the infected computer.

Windows XP

  • Insert Windows XP CD into the drive (if Autoplay kicks in, exit out of it).
  • Hold Win key and R key together to bring up a box.
  • Copy and paste ‘sfc /scannow’ within the text box and hit Enter key.
  • Windows File Protection Service scans all protected files and verifies integrity, replacing any files with which it finds a problem.
  • Be patient and allow this process to proceed completely.
  • Restart your computer once this process is completed.

Windows 7

  • Put Windows 7 CD in your optical drive.
  • Restart to boot from the DVD.
  • On the “Install Windows” screen, make the appropriate selections for language, time, and keyboard, and then click “Next”.
  • On the next screen, click “Repair Your Computer”.
  • In “System Recovery Options”, select which operating system you want to restore if any are listed, and click “Next”.
  • The “System Recovery Options” screen shows up and select “Startup Repair”.

repair windows 7


Windows Vista

  • Insert Windows Vista DVD and restart the computer with the DVD in.
  • Press any key to boot from CD or DVD’ is displayed in black background.
  • Press any key to start the booting process.
  • A new screen will appear saying ‘Windows is loading files’.
  • Another small progress bar appears after several minutes.
  • Select your language and keyboard language and click Next button when you are given options.
  • Click on the Repair Your Computer option at the bottom left of install screen.
  • Once the ‘Vista installation’ is located, highlight it and then click the Next button.
  • You will see the picture below:

repair windows vista

  • Click on Startup Repair and let the wizard finish.
  • It is perfectly normal that the computer restarts after it finishes the process.


Windows 8

  • Type ‘Advanced’ on Start screen..
  • Click Settings category.
  • Select Advanced startup options.
  • General PC Settings screen appears.
  • Scroll down to the bottom to select Advanced startup.
  • Press on Restart now.
  • Select Troubleshoot.
  • Select Advanced options.
  • Click on Automatic Repair.
  • Log in the User Account you wish to repair.
  • Automatic repair will now start.
  • After a while, your computer will automatically restart; please leave it to complete all the process.

repair windows 8

Kind Reminder:

Never forget to restart computer after complete all the removal steps given above. So far, manual method is highly recommended when it comes to ransomware like NSA virus. Many people are prone to employ security utilities to help get rid of Android virus. But when the whole computer or Android system is frozen up, it is impossible to run a scan unless another desktop is functional in certain mode. According to report by victims on popular computer forums, it has been known that NSA Android malware manages to come back after reboot even though anti-virus programs did remove some malicious items. NSA virus is Trojan geared. Thus it is enabled to bind itself to system services and implement harmful deeds with a fraudulent image of system service running in background; copy itself to multiple sections and make them interplay with each other, so that the deleted item will reproduce when another programs is launched by users. Extremely elusive NSA becomes, it is difficult to be removed by programs. Therefore, we have to change settings and delete vicious items by hand. With sufficient computer knowledge, one can easily tell the fraudulent ones from genuine ones. Should one be computer illiterate, one can also remove NSA Android virus with ease under the guidance of VilmaTech online support if one clicks here to start a live chat.

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