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Remove, Another Isearch Variant Hijacks Features

Some typical phenomena are hereby listed down by VilmaTech Online Support to help PC users realize as early as possible that the computer is harassed by a new isearch variant –

  1. Homepage is replaced by without knowledge and permission.
  2. Every new tab is opened to be hijacked by safefinder page.
  3. Default search engine may be changed to isearch.safefinder or other unknown program.
  4. CPU usage becomes unstable when using the browser that has
  5. Additional web application might be installed without authorization.
  6. Search results offered are less related to the search queries.

Honestly speaking, it is hard for many PC users to recognize as a browser hijacker until it constantly hijacks intended web site and causes irritating surfing experience such as being faced up with pop-ups like . By coming in as a search engine, safefinder manages to make sense of appearing on every new tab and its URL emerging on address of every search result when it is actually trying to intercept traffic and monitoring online whereabouts as well as behaviors.

People should get to know its harmful deeds that are well covered by its normal look. To safeguard your information security and computer health, it is recommended to finish this article and finally get an efficient way to help yourself. If you have any confusion or question, please feel free to get answers by starting a live chat window.

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Is Risky? is risky. Let’s have a look at the reasons why. Safefinder search is created to intercept traffic and redirect it to its partners’ sites so as to help promote sales. Though it is not technically a virus, it does harm to any browser that is redirected. In the age of networked marketing, more and more companies swam into the network. As starters without ample resources and competitively programmed sites, browser hijacker like becomes their fastest tool to get more potential clients and win more sales. As a result, it takes longer for the browser to load page due to the implanted ads or the browser may crash due to plenty of CPU is required to deal with loosely programmed site so as to finally load the page for surfers. Besides, there’s a big chance to find bug on loosely programmed site; once being attacked by any infections that detect it, more virus will stay and rage.

Apart from mechanical problems, information security should also draw your attention. With BHO technique and JS technique, safefincder search manages to take advantage of loophole in JavaScript for infiltration as well as permanent stay on a target machine. With JS technique, the browser hijacker becomes capable of tracking the sites that the victim prefers. Such information collection will help its partners to decide which sites to post advertisement and assist in estimating the chance of penetration and revenue if it puts its launch code on most-visited sites.

The worst scenario can be expected as soon as infections concealed in the Internet attack the bug on the loosely programmed sites to which a browser is connected. JS technique will be utilized maliciously to collect log-in credentials and BHO technique will be used to load down virulent items/ components without being examined. Whereupon, dllhost.exe will be triggered to highly consumed CPU and lead to a zombie machine. Should Be Removed

When finish this article, we get to know that is risky. Therefore it is advisable to remove safefinder search as soon as possible. The less the problem caused by, the better the time is to execute its removal. Otherwise, additional baleful items would consolidate its settlement and complex removal procedures.

Be noted that complete removal is highly recommended. More attention should be paid to .exe, .dll and .dat file since such file contain kernel information of certain program. Thus their reservations may very well cause error message over time and trigger tangled computer issues when installing/uninstalling certain programs.

Below is the instruction exclusively applicable to removal offered by VilmaTech Online Support. It is impossible to provide steps to help remove incidental issues since they are random. Should you run into any unexpected issues and you are not able to overcome, please feel free to live chat with senior technician who will offer exclusive help according to your concrete situation after analysis.

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Manual Way – Remove from Windows and Mac OS X

One – replace search engine and remove’s extension from browser settings.

Internet Explorer

  1. Access IE’s Tools menu for “Manage add-ons” to remove
    remove from IE
  2. Next browse to ‘Toolbars and Extensions’ so as to remove
  3. Finally navigate to ‘Search Providers’ and replace with other reputable search engine.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Access Mozilla’s Tools menu for Options.
  2. Select ‘Add-ons’ to remove
    remove from firefox
  3. Then go to ‘plugins’ panel to remove
  4. Finally select the desired search engine from the dropdown menu in the Search bar and click the arrow next to the search engine icon.

Google Chrome

  1. Access Chrome’s “Tools” menu for ‘Extensions’ to remove
  2. Then click on the spanner icon in the upper right corner for “Settings”.
  3. Locate Search section on the right pane and click dropdown menu to select desired search engine.
    replace with other search engine


  1. Spread Opera’s menu for Extensions.
  2. Go to Manage Extensions and remove
  3. Spread Opera’s menu again for “settings”.
  4. Next select “Preference” and tap its General tab.
  5. Locate “Home page” and set your desired search engine.
    change homepage on Opera


  1. Unfold ‘Safari’ menu to select ‘Preferences’.
  2. Access ‘extensions’ tab and remove
  3. Next access “General” tab and select desired search engine for “Default search engine”.

Two – end’s service and stop it from automatically running.

Windows 8

  1. Click open Windows Explorer which can be found on Start screen.
  2. Select Administrative tools to search for Services icon.
  3. Bring up “Services” window and remove/disable the service named
    end services


  1. Hold Win key and R key at once, which will pop up a Run box.
  2. Type “services.msc” and hit Enter key, which will prompt to you the services window.
  3. Remove/disable the service named

Mac OS X

  1. Click Finder launchpad icon to select “Services”, which will give away options.
    finder launchpad
  2. Select “Services Preferences” then and tap “Services” on the left pane.
  3. Search for on the right and non-tick the box next to it for extermination.
    remove from Mac's service


Additional Knowledge Supplement definition
Unlike redirector, is a browser hijacker that created to help promote sales by directing traffic to its partners rather than constantly redirect PC users to its web page; whose clients are primarily starters in the networked marketing world who want to promote sales badly. By intercepting traffic, the author behind thus manages to earn easy money within a short period of time. It is clear that is technically a promotional tool rather than a virus.

Ways worms in
There are other dissemination routines for apart from the aforesaid. can also be brought in by its affiliates or other web applications like toolbars and pop-ups. It should come to your knowledge that web applications are not standalone. Other types of applications will be created together so as to help each other with penetration. Therefore, one should be careful when installing a web application and alerted when certain web application is installed without knowledge.

People should also start to notice the incidental options when downloading and installing a third-party program onto a computer. With more traffic, becomes able to convince that bundling with it will benefit third-party program with high exposure. can’t be eradicated by anti-virus programs
As what has been said clearly in “ definition” section that is not a virus. Thus anti-virus programs are not able to find its removal method from virus reservoir. What’s more, automatic removal method removes only suspicious and vicious items. As a consequence,’s files contained in its installation package manage to stay on a target machine, which would lead to error message or other cumbersome mechanical issues overtime due to incompatibility.

Here’s the detailed information and help instruction about that VilmaTech Online Support offers. In the event that additional problems occur to block complete removal, you are welcome to seek specialized technical help by starting a live chat window.

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