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Remove DoughGo Adware Thoroughly, Remove Nonstop Pop-ups from Your PC

DoughGo was a purposive adware which often installed on the targeted browser without user’s permission and awareness. Once it successfully stationed on the computer, it would suddenly have the ability to modify the system settings without authorization just in order to get prepared for its evil plan. As long as the system settings has been altered and the security protection has been weakened imperceptibly, DoughGo adware would get the opportunity to practice further action. As the browser and the computer were almost captured by the adware, users would receive plenty of pop-up ads and sponsored links all the time, constantly promoting various products or services for them.

All the DoughGo pop-ups were definitely not beneficial recommendations, and actually, those were just cunning traps set up by deceptive cybercriminals who wanted to defraud the innocent users and make profits. DoughGo adware just came as the accomplice for those immoral criminals, specializing in releasing fraud ads and deals, with the main intention to draw the innocent users to make deals on those specified sites and get defrauded. Not just the pop-ups could cause the users with huge losses, DoughGo could add even more trouble to the computer and the users. Since the adware installed in the computer and hid in the system background, baleful cybercriminals would take advantage of it as a spyware, secretly collecting all the personal information of the targeted user and sending to the criminals with remotely server. Once the private information was revealed, users would be in serious danger.

DoughGo adware could bring lots of safety hazards that the users might not noticed at all, and as time goes on, the computer would be ended in terrible consequences. Just since the system settings have been modified maliciously, all kinds of security threats could easily attack the compromised system without difficulty. With all the unwanted malware continually infiltrating into the system, the computer performance would be decelerated soon and the terrible system failure would start to happen frequently and the computer become dysfunctional. In that case, the computer would become the main targeted for hackers and cybercriminals. They could break into the vulnerable system and get whatever they wanted, such as stealing or deleting confidential files of the users to cause them enormous losses. So, users should remove DoughGo adware without hesitation.

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How to Remove DoughGo Adware from the Computer

1. Disable DoughGo adware from the browser

1) Launch the browser.
2) Disable the DoughGo adware and other related add-ons from the browser Extensions list.

Internet Explorer

Click on Tools then choose Manage Add-ons from the list-> search for DoughGo adware and all the unwanted items from the Toolbars and Extensions section-> right-click on each of them then click on Disable from the list.

Mozilla Firefox

Click on the Firefox button-> click on Add-ons from the menu-> find out DoughGo adware and the related extensions from the list-> click on Remove button.

Google Chrome

Open Chrome menu-> locate Tools-> click on Extensions-> select the DoughGo adware and the additional items then disable them.

3) Restart the browser.

2. Remove the DoughGo adware and other additional programs from the computer

1) Open the Control Panel from the Start menu.

2) In the displayed window, click on the Uninstall a Program link to open the Programs and Features.

3) Find out DoughGo adware from the programs list then click on the Uninstall.

4) Follow the uninstall wizard till it finished.
5) Remove other related programs as mentioned above.

3. Delete the registry entries of DoughGo adware from the system

1) Use the key combination Windows+R to open the Run Command box.
2) In the pop-up box, input “regedit” in the search bar then click on OK button to open the system Registry Editor.

3) Extend the Registry Editor branches to find out the related entries of DoughGo adware, then remove them carefully.

*To be on safe side, users would better back up the registry file in advance.
4) Delete the remaining files of DoughGo adware from the computer.
5) Reboot the computer at once to let the removal take effect.


DoughGo adwareinfection was kind of common on the Internet, there are still plenty of similar malware wandering around, waiting for the innocent users and targeted computer to be infected with. Even so, it is still necessary to draw users’ great attention on it. As most of the malware and virus could always invade into the computer in a variety of improper ways, users should be vigilant and prepared about it. Cunning virus usually takes advantage of those careless users who are lacking of precaution consciousness, coaxing them to click on some trap links or open spam mail so that the planned virus could install into the targeted system naturally, helping evil cybercriminals achieve their purpose.

In order to protect the computer from being victimized by tricky virus or malware, users should take some measures to stop the virus spread. Such as never download unknown software from random websites, especially for those freeware from share station, which might be carried with tons of malware or virus, once the innocent users downloaded this kind of bundled software and install it into the system without scruples, the computer would be suffering with all the serious damages. Users have to pay enough attention on the computer performance so that to detect any exception in time and take remedial measures about it. More than that, users still need to resist suspicious or strange pop-ups showing on the computer or the browser, just in case to click on some trap link inadvertently and end in terrible consequences.

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