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Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch Review

If you are looking to learn Ethical hacking from the start, then the Udemy course Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch will be a perfect option for you. With this course from Udemy students will be able to become an expert in ethical hacking and will be able to hack different computer systems and save data from black hat hackers and secure them.

Generally, ethical hacking learned by the students so that they are able to save the data from the hackers. This Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch Udemy course is very much popular amongst students and till date, about 116,285 students have enrolled in the course. The course was created by Zaid Sabih and the last time it was updated was in the month of June in the year 2018. The course is in English and it can be translated into Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish.

The course from Udemy about Ethical Hacking comes with the 30-day money guarantee. The course materials include 12.5 hours of on-demand video. The on-demand video is very much important and all the students need to complete watching the video to complete the course. The course materials also include 2 articles where all the important things and tricks about ethical hacking are written and students will be able to refer to them whenever they want to.

There are a total of 17 supplemental resources that come with this course. Students will also need to go through them to complete the course. The best thing about Udemy is that students have a lifetime access to their Udemy account and will be able to access all the study materials even after completing the course. All the study materials that are provided by Udemy are all supported on TV as well as on mobile so that students have the advantage of studying on the go. Once the students are able to complete the course and watch the on-demand video and take the necessary test they will be awarded a certificate of completion.

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What Will Students Learn in The Ethical Hacking Udemy Course?

  • Students will be getting a total of about 120 videos all about ethical hacking and computer security.
  • Students will be learning about all the different ethical hacking fields.
  • Students will be taught how to install Kali Linux which is basically a penetration testing OS.
  • Students will be learning the basics of the operating system Linux.
  • Students will be taught about Network Penetration Testing

  • Students will learn about the number of practical attacks that are possible without knowing any kind of key to the target network.
  • Students will learn how to create a fake Wi-Fi network with help of the internet and how to spy on all the clients using the network.
  • Learn all the methods that are required to crack WPA/WEP/WPA2 encryptions.
  • Learn how to launch a man in the middle attack.
  • How to sniff packets and analyze them from clients and also import information like cookies, videos, images, URLs, and passwords.
  • Use server-side attacks to gain control over any kind of computer system.
  • Also, learn to gain control on computers with help of client-side attacks.
  • Students need to learn to grain control on computer systems with help of backdooring downloads on the fly.
  • Learn how to write simple backdoor programs
  • Students will be learning how they can gather information about different people on the internet with details on their email id, social media accounts, and friends.
  • Students will also be taught to send emails from email accounts they don’t know the password of.
  • Learn how to capture a keystroke on a system that has already been compromised.
  • Understand the workings of a website and an application in the web and how they actually work.
  • Learn how to gather sensitive information about different websites.
  • Learn how to discover all the data that are sensitive in nature and associate the data with given specific websites.
  • Find out all the files and directories that are not been published in a certain website.
  • With help of vulnerabilities learn how to take full control over any kind of website.
  • Learn how to discover and fix the different local file inclusion vulnerabilities.
  • Learn how to bypass the different forms that are used for login and use admin login instead with help of SQL injection.
  • Learn how to read and write different files on the server with help of the SQL injection.
  • Learn how to discover reflected XSS vulnerabilities.
  • Students will also be learning how to hook different types of victims to BeEF with help of the XSS vulnerabilities.
  • Learn what exactly is hacking and what is the difference between hacking and ethical hacking.
  • Learn in a lab environment and practice hacking there.
  • Start testing with help of different vulnerable operating system such as windows.
  • The student will be learning the different commands that are generally used in the Linux programs and know all the programs that generally interact with the terminal.
  • Network basis learns how to interact with a network that is inside a device.

  • Students will be learning about control connections of the different clients without even knowing the password.
  • Students will be learning about the different detailed information about all the clients and networks like the operating system.
  • ARP Poisoning and ARP Spoofing will also be learned by the students.
  • Students will be gaining access to all the accounts that are accessed with help of the network.
  • Students in this course will also be discovering open ports, installed services and vulnerabilities on a system.
  • Students will be learning how to exploit a buffer overflow and how to code an execution to gain control over any kind of system.
  • Use fake updates to gain control over computer systems.
  • Students will learn to create a backdoor which will be very much undetectable.
  • Students will be able to backdoor all types of files like pdf, pictures etc.
  • Learn how to use social engineering so that the students are able to gain full access to somebody’s accounts and systems.
  • Students will learn how to read different compromised files, how to write different compromised files and also execute them.
  • Students will learn how they can use a compromised computer and make it a pivot so that they are able to gain access to any kind of computers in a network.
  • Students will learn how to understand how a browser communicates with a website.
  • Students will also be learning about how they can figure out different server technologies and services that the students will need to use on a target website.
  • Students will learn to find the different subdomains of the website they will be using for their ethical hacking.
  • Students will learn how to discover and how to fix all the vulnerabilities of a website with help of ethical hacking.
  • Learn how to fix vulnerabilities with help of SQL injections.
  • How to learn queries in SQL and find database and different tables with all the different passwords and data which are sensitive in nature.
  • Learn how to discover stored XSS vulnerabilities
  • Learn how to fix VSS vulnerabilities and protect users from hackers.

Basic requirement for the course Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch

  • Students should definitely have some basic IT skills.
  • Students will require a wireless adapter so that they are able to learn the Wi-Fi cracking section.
  • Students will not require any kind of prior knowledge about Linux or hacking because everything will be taught in this course itself.

Description Of The Ethical Hacking Course

This Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch course from Udemy is basically a very comprehensive course on Ethical Hacking for anyone who is basically a little bit interested in the whole concept of ethical hacking. The course starts at the very beginning where the students will be given all the information and things they need to know before they start to learn how to do ethical hacking.

The first thing that will be taught to all the students in this course is some basic information about hacking and what is the basic difference between hacking and ethical hacking. Then students will be taught the different penetration techniques in the different operating system at a very basic level. This course from Udemy is more focused on a practical penetration that theoretical knowledge. Students will be setting up their own lab and install the software’s they will need in the course before they actually start the course.

The course is designed in such a way that anyone with a little bit of knowledge in IT can easily talk it up but it is also very much important for the students to really have an interest in hacking because that is what will help the students drive to learn more in the course. The best thing about the course is that it will start from the beginner level and will go till the advanced level and by the end of the course all the students who have taken this course will end up becoming experts in the field of ethical hacking.

Who is the target audience of the top-rated ethical hacking course?

  • The target audience of the course is basically people who have an interest in ethical hacking and want to learn about the recent trends of hacking and how hackers could be stopped from accessing data of people online.
  • The target audience for this course is also the people who want to know and learn more about hacking and how hackers access or attack different computer systems.
  • The target audience of the group is people who want to learn how they can secure system from all the different hackers.

Curriculum for the course Learn Ethical Hacking for Scratch

There are a total of 136 lectures in this course from Udemy which has an on video time of about 12 hours and 36 minutes. The main chapters of the introduction of the course, setting up the lab, Linux basis, Network penetrating testing, network penetration testing- pre-connection attacks, network penetration testing- gaining access, network penetration testing- post connection attacks, network penetration testing- detection and security, gaining access to computer devices, gaining access- server-side attacks, gaining access- client-side attacks, gaining access- client-side attack-social engineering, post exploitation testing, website penetration testing, website pretesting- information gathering, website penetrating, website pen testing with SQL. There are a lot of bonus chapters in this course which will help the students take different tests and learn to hack in a much better way.

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AtLast, What You Need to Know

Since the Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch course is designed by ethical hacker students are able to learn more things about ethical hacking than any other course available on the market right now. The course is very much recommended by all the students and this is one of the courses where a lot of people have enrolled in. This course can come in very much handy for all the students who have just finished their college and are looking for a job.

A course like ethical hacking in the CV will definitely look good and increase the chances of a student to get a job in the IT industry. Since all toe, Udemy course materials are available for a lifetime to the student’s everyone will be able to refer to the notes and the videos whenever they want to. This Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch course is updated on a regular basis so the students don’t have to learn any of the backdated hacking skills.

Students should always know that this Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch course is strictly created for educational purposes only and all the demos and demos and hacking that are done to all the websites are all taken permission from the companies. None of the hacking in the course are illegal. This Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch course will be very much helpful for the students if they take up a job in a company to protect the data. This course can also be given as training to the different security company teams. This course will help employees learn more about how to save data from being hacked by the hackers.

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