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92% Off The Complete Cyber Security Course : Hackers Exposed! Coupon

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An organization, whether international or national, needs information security due to the increased risk of cyber attacks. Therefore, there is the need for courses or training that provides intense and comprehensive knowledge of the cyber world and ways to prevent the possible threats. An IT professional, who wishes to enter into the field of information security, should complete these kinds of courses. Many courses are available even online so there is no dearth of the academies who offer the comprehensive training on cyber security. We recommend the The Complete Cyber Security Course : Hackers Exposed! course for you.

One can also learn these courses during their bachelor or master programs in information security, cyber security and information technology. It is also available at the certificate level. During the program, students learn about the various security issues that can occur in any organization and also how to deal with them. Cyber security is not associated with any one field or sphere thus various academies offer programs that may differ in focus and scope. If you’ve been always looking for a top-rated course to learn more about the cyber security techniques, then don’t miss out on the The Complete Cyber Security Course : Hackers Exposed! course here.

What is The Complete Cyber Security Course : Hackers Exposed! Course?

The Complete Cyber Security Course : Hackers Exposed! course is an amazing resource for those who work at various levels of an organization and have good experience of working with systems and networks. It is the combination of skills and technologies that one should learn to prevent hacking. It also teaches about computer forensics and social engineer as well as ethical hacking. This course is very beneficial for the cyber security analysts. Their job is to provide safety measures to the systems, servers, and networks to prevent huge data from getting stolen by the hackers for illegal use.

Udemy is one such online academy that offers four volumes of complete cyber security course that cover all essential topics to be covered. Since it contains four volumes, therefore, The Complete Cyber Security Course : Hackers Exposed! course is quite lengthy and comprehensive. Before we begin with the detailed discussion of all the volumes, let us know who should enroll in it. Enroll the course now, you can use the 92% off Udemy coupon code to get a very low price online.

Who Should Join The Complete Cyber Security Course?

The Complete Cyber Security Course : Hackers Exposed!course is ideal for anyone who works in these positions:

  1. IT manager
  2. Site administer
  3. Network manager
  4. Network administer
  5. Systems engineer
  6. Technical support engineer
  7. Law enforcement officers
  8. Banking, finance and insurance professionals
  9. Government agencies

However, anyone who is not associated with these fields or areas but having the basic knowledge of operating systems, internet and network can join it. Even students and willing learners are eligible to enroll in the cyber security course.

Description of Volume 1-

Volume 1 is for the beginners who want to go to the advanced level and become a specialist in cyber security. It covers the basic and practical skill set for beginners where they will learn how to defeat online threats that include malware, exploit kits, cybercriminals, trackers, hackers and more. Volume 1 is the fundamental building block for the rest of the volume. It includes the risk assessments and threat modeling to teach the learners about the possible threats. Here you will learn about the basics of OS security, privacy functionality, hacking and tracking infrastructure that most of the nation uses which covers China’s MSS, CIA, FBI, NSA, GCHQ and many more.

You can also get the crash course on encryption where you will understand how to eliminate the risks associated with them and how it can be bypassed. You will also learn about the techniques for master defenses against identity theft, vishing, phishing, scams, cons, and SMShing. This course also covers the unused security control that is very important, we are talking about compartmentalization and isolation that covers virtual machines, sandboxes, application isolation, Qubes OS and Phonix. Windows7, 8, 10, LINUX and MacOS are the basic platforms that are covered in the course.

What are the basic requirements of the Cyber Security course?

The learner should have basic knowledge of network; internet and operating systems. One should be able to install the software on their device.

Description of volume2-

The second volume covers the topics of network security where you will learn what kind of threats can occur in a network. Various network hacking techniques can discover the security vulnerabilities. During the course, you will be able to create your network in such a way that it stays protected against remote attacks and thus has maximum security.

Here you will learn about the types of various firewalls that provide better security to a network by mitigating the threats. The course gives you a detailed understanding of wireless security. It covers all application-based firewalls, hot-based firewalls and virtual firewalls that work on various platforms such as Linux, MacOS, and windows.

The course also covers the WiFi-crackers, RF isolation and encryption. You will also learn other details such as how corporations and nation states are hacked. Various techniques like browser fingerprinting, browser profiling and super cookies can track your online presence so learning them is also the essential part of the course.

Search engine privacy and browser security are the two important aspects of the internet. Both of them are at the risk of getting hacked and thus secure their privacy is essential.  The course also caters this need of the cyber world and teaches you about the various methods for authentication of passwords to offer more security to the user.

It will guide you how hackers hack the password and what measures one should take to prevent the hacking and cracking. It also teaches the network monitoring techniques to identify the hackers. Tools like syslog, tcpdump, and Wireshark are used for network monitoring. So, here you will learn about these tools. The second volume is thus a complete guide to anonymity and privacy.

What are the requirements of the Cyber Security course?

The topics covered in the second volume are the basics of anonymity, privacy and personal cyber security for both personal and business purposes. You should first go through the first volume of course before starting it however it is not that much important. Additional software that is discussed in the course is not necessarily important to purchase but if you wish then you can. Moreover, basic networking concepts are the essential requirements for learning the volume 2.

Description of volume 3-

The third volume of the cyber security course will teach you about the anonymity that is here you will know how to stay anonymous online. This ensures the total privacy online. The course covers the best privacy methods that are as follows:

  • VPNs that are virtual private networks
  • SSH secure shell
  • tor
  • I2P or the invisible internet project
  • JonDoNym
  • OPSEC-operation security
  • Live OS – Knoppix, jondo live, tails,puppy Linux and tiny core Linux
  • Proxy servers- SOCKs and web, HTTPS and HTTP
  • Off-site connections such as cafes and hotspots
  • Bulletproof hosting
  • Mobile phones and cellular networks and more……

The detailed analysis of these methods is done where you will understand the strength and weakness of each and every method. You will also understand how these services can be attacked and what one should do to prevent those attacks.

Advanced anonymity is also a part of this volume. To provide maximum anonymity online, nesting anonymizing and chaining services are used as they provide full obfuscation to these networks. It also covers proxies, firewalls and bypass censors. You will learn the practical setup and theory as well. This course is very beneficial for those who want to provide complete anonymity, privacy, and security to the home internet and business from governments, hackers, and corporations.

What are the basic requirements of the Cyber Security course?

The basic necessities are same as above. One can even begin the course with this volume even if they have not learned the previous volumes of the course.

Description of volume 4-

The fourth and final volume of the cyber security course offers the skill set to secure the mobile devices, desktops, and laptops. These are the devices which are in regular use and are vulnerable to threats from hackers, trackers, and thieves.

The hot topic of cyber security is end-point protection and thus the fourth part covers it as well to keep you updated on the latest topic. This combined course ensures that one can understand all the terms and necessities of cyber security that includes working on platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS. All desktops and mobile mostly run on these platforms and thus it is essential to learn about them.

Disk encryption technology is the very crucial technique that protects a device from the attack such as disk decryption. Therefore, here you will learn about that solid technique and their ways of implementation as well.

Anti-virus solutions are vital for these devices as every device has either built-in installed anti-virus software or we have to install it. You should know how they work. Their successful implementation and selection are even more important than the mere understanding of the solutions. Thus, this part of course also teaches you about them.

Moreover, laptops, desktops, and mobile are more vulnerable to threats like virus and malware thus one should also learn the methods for their detection and monitoring as well. Deception and detection techniques are also taught to the learners in this course which help them monitoring and detection of malware. You can also learn how to destroy these hacking techniques.

One can reduce the risk of cyber attacks by reducing the attack surfaces.

Operating system hardening will do this and make your system safer. So, learn about the way to perform the hardening process. Secure deletion of data is also essential because computer forensic experts can recover the deleted content as well. There is the way to securely delete such data. The Complete Cyber Security Course : Hackers Exposed! course volume 4 covers those techniques as well through which you can delete them permanently and even the experts would not be able to recover them.

There are more crucial topics than these topics which should be learned. The most important topic is email and messenger security which is also covered in the course. It is often considered that email is not completely secure form threats and that’s true. Therefore, one should know how to provide security to emails. Here you will exactly know how to do it and keep your communication complete secure. It is essential for professionals because most of the communication is done via emails. Hackers are in search of these data to manipulate the business and thus preventing emails is very crucial. In short, this part of the course is utmost important.

What are the basic requirements?

This part is recommended to all learners and no need to go through the previous volumes. You can learn this stand-alone course and almost 80% of the course is covered in it. There are 177 lectures on this course that describes each topic in depth.

However, learners can choose any part of course without going through the rest of the parts. All volumes are stand-alone course and thus provide comprehensive training on cyber security. Every course starts with an introduction where they describe about their target audience, study recommendations, course updates and also with some instructions. The preview of the lecture is available for the students so that they can get an idea about every volume. The video is very short and one should see it before starting with rest of the videos.

Every volume has some sections that are further divided into sections. The topics are covered in depth so that learners understand each and every thing before moving onto the next section. Also, at the end of the volumes, the instructor gives a summary of the topics covered and wrap up the section. There is also a bonus section at the end that describes about the future scope of The Complete Cyber Security Course : Hackers Exposed! course.

Tips: Look at the very simple video guide on how to use the Udemy coupon code to take The Complete Cyber Security Course : Hackers Exposed! course for a very low price.


After the completion, learners will get certificates as well that will help them to upgrade their career in IT field. Such certificates are highly valuable for a person looking a great career opportunity in the field of cyber security and information security. Having an additional security and degree will give a boost to your career. There is no dearth of opportunities in this sphere as the world in moving toward digitalization. Every company and organization is in the search of such people who have the deep understanding of cyber world and security so that they can provide safety to their networks and systems from any possible threats.

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