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90% Off Website Hacking Course™ 2018: Earn Money by doing Bug Bounty Coupon

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The course titled, “Website Hacking Course™ 2018: Earn Money by doing Bug Bounty” is aimed at those who want to make a career for themselves in the field of Information Security and Cyber Security but they do not know the A, B and Cs’ of ethical hacking. This course is short in duration and that is one USP of this course. For those who are always in a hurry can make a lot out of this course and develop a career for themselves in this field. It is predicted that Cyber Security and Website protection is one of the highly paid professions in the world. Apart from the high pay, the field of cybersecurity is also way too interesting in nature.

What All Should You Know About Hacking?

Hacking is looked upon like a negative word these days, it relates to those who break into someone else’s personal accounts to steal information and blackmail for any compensation for all those falls under Cyber Crime and not hacking. Though hacking is done for illegal purposes too, the hacking that is done for legal purposes can be rightly called as ethical hacking.

There are many types of vulnerabilities. Knowledge about the different types of vulnerabilities is the pre-requisite before you actually start to report on bugs. One should first learn about how to exploit the vulnerabilities in a website. Then only you will be in a position to actually find out the bugs in the website.

What Does One Gain Out of This Cyber Security Course?

There are some umpteen benefits you can gain out of this Website Hacking Course™ 2018: Earn Money by doing Bug Bounty course. Few are listed below:

Helps you earn in lakhs and crores

This course does not just teach you on how to find out the vulnerabilities in the DVWA websites or any other highly attack prone or easily can be attacked vulnerable website, but you can learn to report the bugs on some of the largest tech giants that generate huge amounts of profits and you can earn thousands and thousands of dollars per day.

So, this Website Hacking Course™ 2018: Earn Money by doing Bug Bounty course is going to teach you on how to go on about hunting bugs and reporting vulnerabilities in a website. The best part is that you would learn to gain all of it within a short span of time.

Helps you participate in world’s best ethical hacking events

One might wonder how the ethical hacking events are going to play a vital role in your career path of becoming a cybersecurity professional. The answer is here, the knowledge that you gain out of this course needs to be put off proper use by participating in some of the world’s biggest security events. They are commonly called as Catch the Flag. The flag here denotes the solution to the hacking problem that exists.

This is how your skills get a bigger stage of exposure and you can get a wider range of audience to all your ideas. The ideas and the way you approach a specific problem is what sets you apart from the fellow hackers. For all these, you need to possess knowledge that is practical in nature and you could gain insights and apply it to real-world problems. This particular course serves that very purpose well.

Those who wish to have a leap in the career ladder

Cyber Security and hacking is one field where the learning is endless. You are presented with a wide range of challenges before you. The job is never monotonous. There is a lot to actually gain out of being a part of the cybersecurity team. The ones who are in some part of the Information Technology Services can take up courses like these and upgrade their knowledge in the respective field and apply for jobs in this domain.

What is The Content That is Covered in This Web Site Hacking Course?

This Website Hacking Course™ 2018: Earn Money by doing Bug Bounty course runs for about an hour. The entire course structure is divided into 6 Sections and 13 lectures.


The first section has about 3 lecture videos. The first lecture video is all about the outline of the course structure and what one would be learning out of this course.

The second video lecture explains you of what a bug bounty platform is and how one can earn out of it.

The third video lecture explains how one can report the vulnerabilities that have been detected in big players’ websites like Facebook, Uber etc.,


The second section has 2 lecture videos. The first video lecture speaks about how to set up one’s own web server for practicing hacking.

The second lecture helps one to install the Damn Vulnerable Web Application on the local server.


The third section has 2 video lectures dedicated to low-level vulnerabilities like the Open Redirecting Vulnerability and Clickjacking Vulnerability. These both vulnerabilities, when reported, gain a lot of money to the candidate.


The fourth section has 2 video lectures dedicated to Cross-Site Scripting Attacks and tab napping vulnerability. These are some of the serious threats that actually damage the system security and one needs to have a clean knowledge about these.


The fifth section speaks of the vulnerabilities that can deface the websites like the Remote File Inclusion Vulnerability, Local File Inclusion Vulnerability, and file upload vulnerability.


The sixth and the final section speaks of what one can do after this course. This is a bonus content from the instructor himself.

How does this Certification going to help you?

The Certifications are the proof that you actually possess the right kind of knowledge in the field that is mentioned. The Certifications also help you to face interviews with much ease. The content in this course imparts such confidence level in the candidate that he can ace any tough interview. The candidate must be aware of the fact that how he presents his ideas makes him the pick worthy when compared to the others who apply for the same post. The Website Hacking Course™ 2018: Earn Money by doing Bug Bounty course does a major part in increasing the knowledge level of the candidate that in turn increases the confidence level of the candidate.

Should you be amazingly well in coding to become a good hacker?

Those who wish to make it big in the field of Cyber Security and Information Security can do it in spite of not possessing exceptionally great knowledge in coding or not be an expert in coding.

What are the potential threats that you should be aware of while detecting the flaws in a website?

These are the potential threats that one should know so that he/she can make the website safe from malicious attacks. Only if one possesses knowledge about these, they could understand the processes going behind it and try to make their site safe.

The injection attacks use the flaws in the execution of the commands.

The Cross-Site Scripting attacks that use the script on the client side to view the web pages accessed by the user, this type of attacking can view the cookies of the user, the ID of each session, the password set and the private texts sent and received etc.,

The tab napping vulnerability is the type of vulnerability where the user is deviated to another tab by enticing him/her with a blinking/flashing click here sign. This would want the user to go back and log into his/her account again. When the user is clicking the tab to enter into the site, the password and other important credentials get recorded.

There are many other threats too, but these are the most important ones that you need to know.

What Should You Do After Taking up This Network & Security Course?

Now that you have taken this course, you might be confused about what you should be doing next. These are some of the steps you should take after this course that further brightens up your dream of becoming a cybersecurity professional.

  • Apply for internships to gain practical experience

You can apply for internships in some of the best companies in your place. The internship would give you the exact real-world exposure. Before applying for any firm, have a look at the wide arena of services that they are offering. There are various types of providing security. It varies depending upon the area of application; there are network security engineers, web application or website penetration testers etc.,

  • Start participating in many seminars and start networking

There are many seminars and other conferences that are conducted around the year for cybersecurity. One can start participating after having a brief stint of professional experience at the firms and learn how to convey these ideas to a larger mass by participating in such seminars. One could also get to know about the idea of others by taking part in such seminars and they could develop more contacts and eventually build a network circle. This is much needed for a cybersecurity professional as he needs to garner ideas from others as well as share his.

  • Keep practicing all the time

They say practice makes a man perfect. One needs to keep practicing all the time in some of the online sites so that they can get a hold of all the latest vulnerabilities that are in existence. The learning curve when it comes to ethical hacking and cyber security is never-ending. So keep practicing out and working on latest vulnerabilities all the time.

  • Get along with your fellow juniors

One should get along with the fellow juniors and mentor them. The more you teach, the more you know. So, form a gang of learners and keep teaching and tutoring them.

  • Keep yourself updated on all the current happenings

Read blogs and the news on the attacks of the major websites of government and read why they occur so that you could frame solutions to safeguard your system.

What are the Salient Features of This Security Course?

These are some of the salient features of this Website Hacking Course™ 2018: Earn Money by doing Bug Bounty course

  • Best quality content at the cheapest prices

The instructor of the course is aimed to provide the best quality content. He is behind some of the best products developed and his YouTube Channel that mentors on Cyber Security and its associated challenges have a lot of subscribers in its kitty. The video lectures are of a great resolution and the voice clarity is so clear that one can hear without any interruptions.

  • Can be accessed anywhere

The specialty of this course is that the video lectures can be accessed in any of the modern electronic devices with latest Operating System. The course can also be accessed on Television.

  • Course Completion Certificate

The Course Certification speaks volumes when it comes to applying for a job or aiming to get appraisals in a firm, moving from one firm to another etc.,

  • Clarification of doubts

Since this is a relatively new field, many would have many doubts. Due to the friendly nature of the instructor, one can approach him for doubt clarification either in the comments section or by contacting him via his mail ID.

  • Can be an accessed lifetime

There are many courses online that have a deadline for access and would ask to pay if one wants to access the videos. This course once bought could be accessed for a lifetime without any repayment.

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Tips: How to use the 90% off Website Hacking Course™ 2018: Earn Money by doing Bug Bounty coupon? Look at the very easy video guide as followed:

At Last

From all the above discussions, one could frankly say that it is worth both time and money to take up this Website Hacking Course™ 2018: Earn Money by doing Bug Bounty course. We live in an age of massive data where the protection of the data is a herculean task in itself. The data storage devices and the places like the website that carry the sensitive details of the large customer base are at stake. So, a knowledge about how to protect one’s site from all these vulnerabilities is a must poses skill these days and this is yet another reason to take up this course.

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