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What’s Avast SecureLine VPN?

Avast provides high-quality virtual private network service to users all around the world. Avast SecureLine VPN users’ internet traffic is encrypted and redirected through a tunnel via data centers in order to anonymize their online activity. Avast SecureLine VPN protects users from hacking, bypass some kinds of surveillance and access blocked websites. Avast SecureLine VPN offers fast and stable speed and network with multiple servers in over 54 locations in 34+ countries. you can experience the ultra-fast speed given by Avast SecureLine VPN. It uses strongest encryption level AES-256-bit to encrypt user’s internet traffic and data, which can completely protect user’s data, information and traffic from prying eyes. No one can access and steal customer’s data and information. Besides, to increase a secure layer for customers, Avast SecureLine VPN also applies VPN protocols including OpenVPN and IPsec, which also guarantee the fast and stable speed. You also are allowed to P2P file sharing and Bittorrent with Avast SecureLine VPN. SecureLine VPN is built on OpenVPN and OpenSSL: the most reliable, widely-used and transparent privacy protection protocols. Although you are connecting via the free WiFi network in public places, you still be protected from any hackers or snoopers if SecureLine VPN is running on your device. There is no problem accessing any contents and websites around the world.

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