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[95% Off] Udemy Programming Languages Coupon

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Programming Languages Has Been An Essential For Improving Your Life

We live in such a time where there is nothing possible without the aid of programming languages. Starting from your mobile phone to your favorite game, everything is developed and designed with the help of programming languages. Every gadget that we use today has a built-in program based on which it works. This very program that is installed inside the gadgets is developed by the use of a particular programming language. It is very funny to realize that programming languages are one of the creations of mankind but without it, our lives come to a full stop. Like for example, imagine a hypothetical situation where there are no programming languages.

Imagine what would have happened. The satellites would stop working, your phone would become useless, no television, no radio etc. Now, what can be worse than this? A situation like this very example is nothing short of a nightmare in today’s times. Therefore, in a way programming languages are basically everything that we need today in order to live our lives peacefully.

There several types of programming languages that are known to us. Each of these languages is used for different purposes. For a programmer, it is not possible to know all the languages. However, knowing the main languages are must if, you want to secure a good job. Every programmer is expected to know at least 2 to 3 programming languages so that they can compete for a good job. Today, in this article we are going to walk you through the top 10 programming languages without which this world would have been a very different place today. Having said that now let’s check out the different programming languages that are listed below in this guide.

Expand Your Knowledge with These Best Programming Languages

As we already know the importance of programming languages in our lives now it’s time that we learn about the different programming languages that are out there. We are also going to learn the purpose of each of the programming languages that are mentioned below. After going through this guide you will have a decent knowledge of all the popular and commonly used programming languages that are there. So let’s get started!


It is impossible for you to become a software developer without having the knowledge of JavaScript. Yes, it is that important a programming language. According to a survey, this is the most popular programming language among the software developers and that too for the sixth time in a row. JavaScript is mainly used for front-end web development along with CSS and HTML. Most of the social media platforms and other popular sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Gmail, and Twitter are based on JavaScript. Developers have used JavaScript in order to make these web pages interactive and also for the dynamic display of the contents.

JavaScript has a lot of frameworks and libraries that is used to make the development of JavaScript easier. Some of the popular frameworks may include Vue, jQuery, Angular, Ember and React. People who wish to become a professional java developer need to have knowledge of these frameworks. JavaScript also comes along with a flexible syntax that works along with all the major browsers and thus, making it the friendliest programming language of all.

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Python is yet another very popular and commonly used programming language. It is known to be the most user-friendly language out there. It is said that Python comes with a very clear syntax which is intuitive and almost English like. This is what makes it popular among the developers especially the beginners. Just like Java even Python has a wide range of applications which makes it versatile and a great option when it comes to choosing the best programming language. Python is ideal for back-end web development. People interested to learn Python should also learn Python’s Django framework. This has been used to develop a number of popular sites such as Instagram, Mozilla, and Spotify.

NumPy and SciPy are the packages that come with Python. They are mainly used in the field of mathematics, engineering, and scientific computing. Other than these there are other Python libraries as well which include OpenCV, PyTorch, TensorFlow, and sci-kit-learn which are all used to build programs such as machine learning, data science, computer vision and image processing. Date and science application of Python makes it more academically inclined.

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This is perhaps the oldest programming language that is still in use today. C was introduced in the 1970s when it had a powerful influence on the computer programming. C comes with dozens of programming languages. All these languages belong to the C family which is either being influenced by its syntax or is derived from C itself. Some of the languages that belong to the C family such as Java, C# are already there in our list.

One of the specialties of C is that it allows the developer to get close to the inner workings of the computer. This is the reason why it is still a preferred choice in the market because it is used for the development of high-performance applications. For people who do not know but C is the basis for the Linux operating system and therefore, it is often used for programming embedded systems.

C++ is considered to be the direct successor of C because it provides the same advantages as that of C. C++ is an object-oriented language and therefore, it is ideal for the development of high-end applications. C++ is mainly used for the creation of computer graphics, virtual reality, and video games.

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C# is pronounced as C sharp is a programming language that is mainly object-oriented language and is built on the foundations of C. This particular language was originally built by Microsoft as a part of the its.NET framework for the purpose of building Windows applications. C# is the programming language for creating applications for the Microsoft platforms.

For people who have knowledge about other C language can easily pick up C# since it uses the same syntax as that of other C++ languages. Other than just being used for the development of Microsoft apps, C# is also being used to make cross-platform apps on the Xamarin platform. This helps in saving both time and effort since you do not have to write the application twice on each of the platforms.

All you have to do is write a single application with the help of Xamarin and C# and then deploy it to both the platforms simultaneously. Also, people who are interested in the development of VR technology should study C#. This is an ideal programming language for you to study if you interested in making 3D and 2D video games. Half of the games in the market are made with the help of Unity game engine.

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Another popular programming language is the PHP. 83% of the total websites out there is being powered by PHP. This server-side scripting language has been a very crucial back-end tool for the tech giants like Yahoo, Facebook, and Wikipedia. PHP is also very much popular when it comes to making the option of website development available to the general mass with the help of WordPress content management system.

PHP can be used for a variety of purposes such as it can be used to enhance the functionality of the HTML based web pages by embedding it within the web template systems. Other than that it can also be helpful in transferring data through querying databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL.

The websites make use of PHP for a variety of purposes which include collecting and verification of data, displaying dynamic content and images and also creating cookies. Just like JavaScript even PHP has a lot of frameworks such as Drupal and Laravel which are used by developers make applications much faster and also to make them more scalable, robust and secure.

For people who want to work as a freelance web developer, PHP is the ideal programming language to learn for them. There are around 75 million websites running out there. With such a statistic there will always be a demand for PHP developers who can provide technical assistance.

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Rust is a bit less popular in comparison to its other contenders on the list. But that doesn’t make it less valuable to the developers. This language was developed by the Mozilla Corporation and just like the C based languages, even Rust is made for low-level systems programming. Rust mainly emphasizes on writing safe code which prevents other programs from accessing the area of the memory that they shouldn’t. Thus, it prevents system crashes and unexpected behaviour.

The main advantage of using Rust is that other big companies such as Coursera and Dropbox have already started using it for their need. However, one should know that Rust may a difficult programming language to learn. But if you can manage to learn it properly then you can get a handsome paying job for it. That’s because the popularity of Rust is only going to increase in the coming years.


This is yet another scripting programming language that is commonly used by developers for the development of the web. To be particular it is basically used as the basis for the popular Ruby on Rails web application framework. Most people prefer Ruby because it is known to be a user-friendly language. Also, Ruby has the friendliest user community. The members of the community are known to have a kind and considerate behaviour.

Ruby is known to have a straightforward syntax and therefore, it is a great language to pick up. Many of the big and popular websites such as Twitter, Shopify, Bloomberg and many others have made use of Ruby in order to build their websites.

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For people who are interested in Apple products and would like to get into mobile app development, they can surely start learning Swift as a programming language. This is a relatively new programming language that is mainly used in the development of iOS and Mac OS applications. According to reports, Swift is known to have grown in its popularity tremendously. Software developers make use of Swift to make high-end Mac OS, iOS and Linux apps. Swift is also known to be faster and easier to debug than the other programming languages.

Learning Swift is going to be a smart move for every developer. That’s because iOS is not run on iPad and iPhone but it is also the basis of other Apple products such as tvOS, watchOS. Also, iOS apps continue to be the most profitable apps on the market.

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At the end of the list we have Java which is known to be the general purpose language. It has been there in existence for more than 20 years now and is still going on strong. The key to its success lies in the statement, ‘write once, run anywhere.’ This basically applies that you can write Java programs in any device you want and then compile it into low-level machine code which you can later execute on any platform that is equipped with Java Virtual Machine. By this, it is clear that Java is completely cross-platform compatible.

The basis of our favourite smartphones Android is none other than Java. This is the most common programming language that is used for the development of Android apps. Java is also quite favourite of the beginners as it is easy to learn. If you wish to be a developer then having knowledge about Java is a must.

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So these are the hottest programming languages that are being used today for the creation of various apps and other things. Without these programming languages, nothing would have been possible. If technology is progressing today, it’s all because of these programming languages. All of the languages mentioned above are important. Stay ahead of the programming. Enroll in a new course today from $9.99 only – Udemy best price!

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