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95% Off Selenium WebDriver With Java – Novice To Ninja + Interview Coupon

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Nowadays there are numerous tutorials available on Selenium WebDriver with Java that let the individual understand the basics of automation frameworks. It is a fact that selenium web UI automation tools are one of the widely availed courses that support different browsers, programming languages and platforms. The tutorials build by some of the renowned professionals such as the Udemyy are specially designed that is holding numerous lectures on programming language Java for the beginners.

If you too wish to learn and understand the basis of selenium, then continue reading this article as it contains everything about this wonderful course “Selenium WebDriver With Java – Novice To Ninja + Interview” and some of the advanced stuff. You will be able to learn in-depth understanding and knowledge of selenium in brief from these courses and can learn how challenges can be turned into outstanding results with dignified performance.

In addition to this, implementation plays a crucial role when one wishes to work in automated framework industry; this is greatly understood by the course providers so they provide integrated testing courses to the students. Now, all your curiosity and willingness to learn selenium courses are going to be fulfilled you just have to read the following details given below.

Who are All Targeted For The Best Selenium WebDriver Course?

The courses are specially designed with quality education, lectures, and guidelines for the targeted audience that are given below-

  • For manual testers and professional quality assurance who wish to start a career in automation tests.
  • Automation professional’s quality assurance that helps to intensify current automation test skills
  • The courses suit best for pursued software engineering fresh graduates who wish to make a remarkable career and fulfill their dreams.
  • Managers and team of quality assurance leads who wish to nourish their current automation skills
  • What are the requirements for the course?
  • The beginners who do not hold coding and automation experience can easily enroll in the courses.
  • If you do not hold experience in advance java concepts then also you can enroll in the courses.
  • All materials needed to download the everyday lecture notes and also the code files.
  • A browser that may be Firefox or Chrome
  • MAC computer or Windows computer
  • Selenium Web driver, Chrome, TestNG, Jaca SDK, Firefox, Eclipse, Selenium IDE, installed already in documentations and lecturers, which are correctly being uploaded in courses.

In The Top-Rated Selenium Course, You’ll Advance Your Current Level of Selenium Automation Skills

A latest interactive course was updated on June 12, 2018, with a fully latest version of Selenium WebDriver, new Java lecture, Updated TestNG lectures and interview questions. More framework lectures and java lectures will be updated soon. ‘Selenium WebDriver With Java – Novice To Ninja + Interview’ is one of the most popular and highest rated courses available on Udmey that are mostly loved by scholar all over the world.

The course provider will let you know how the automating web application tools such as the selenium can be used effectively. Hence, you will learn the basics of selenium and can perfectly handle ajax requests, mouse actions, keyboard actions, pop-ups and alerts easily. Since it supports popular programming language, you will get to learn not only Java but also Python, C#, Ruby programming languages. Furthermore, you will be able to use Chrome, Firefox, HTML unit driver, Internet Explorer, Safari driver well.

You will watch 270+ lectures plus lifetime support on real time basis without any difficulty. As the courses are ranked highest and popular, the students receive support on team viewer sessions and demand skype. Since the explanations are understandable and simple so there is no chance of false promises. They also facilitate students to join highly informative groups that contain students more than 17,500 scholars. It is obvious that you will find no other website that provides lectures in such a depth with great precision and accuracy.

After the individual correctly being familiar with the basics, they are shifted to an advanced level of automation and coding. They also let individual solve problems based on real-time web-hosted applications so as to understand different automation components in framework industry level.

Once the individual gains confidence and basic knowledge, they can move onto other necessary topics. This will greatly help you in stepping into the industry with latest technologies. Further, other latest framework in the market can be used effectively without any difficulty. So, if you’re interested in learning more about Selenium, then the Selenium WebDriver With Java – Novice To Ninja + Interview course is a right choice.

You will be interested in projects that make use of selenium for utmost productivity.

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In order to intensify and fulfill your curiosity a small part of the course provided by Udemy is being discussed in the paragraph below-

What is selenium?

In order to serve to automate web applications, open source automation selenium are developed. It even supports platforms, programming languages and browser automation across the globe. The automation of functional tests using selenium with other automation integration tools is made possible. It includes some of the basics components that are briefly and correctly explained in the course and are as follows-

Selenium IDE– A adds on selenium IDE of Firefox browser provides playback functionality and records. The test script generated tests are not portable and robust.

Selenium RC– It is also known as selenium Remote Control that is officially deprecated and is used to acquire additional server automation scripts with many limitations.

Selenium WebDriver– It is the most crucial component that perfectly suits selenium far than the other components. It greatly supports multiple computer programming languages and provides different drivers to several other browsers.

Selenium Grid– Now comes the most important component that helps in an effective distributed running test of selenium across multiple machines in parallel.

This is only a small part of the course offered by the online course provider and it also covered topics that help you to understand selenium WebDriver. A brief description of topics includes- Selenium WebDriver 3x, Java concepts, TestNG Framework, Advanced Reporting, Logging Infrastructure Log4j, page Factory Framework, Data Driven Framework. Some of the additional topics include Executing tests on the machine, Build Management, Continous Integration, database testing, performance testing and behavior driven testing and Gherkin language.

What All Will You Learn?

  • Firstly, you will be offered some of the highlightings of the courses such as the details of selenium and so on. Then you will be furnished with an explanation, designing and implementation of a structured automated framework using Factory model or Page Object Model.
  • The experienced and dedicated instructors solve or provide all answers to the quires and concerns with 24 hours with addition resume preparation and interview questions. Instructors very well know that how important is to learn selenium basics, so they spend most of the time either providing a lecture or solving queries.
  • The selenium Grid will let you perform on cross-browser testing and create great reports using best and sophisticated reporting tools.
  • The excellent command would be gained by you on building management by means of MAVEN. Also, you will understand behavior testing using Gherkin language and CUCUMBER with effective test coding.
  • Now comes to the implementation or applying of knowledge and skills using the Continuous Integration Testing after you successfully acquire web application knowledge.

Interview Questions:

Given below are top interview questions on Selenium WebDriver-

Q.1-Which all drivers support selenium WebDriver?

Commonly used browsers supported are Google chrome, internet explorer, safari driver, HtmlUnit Driver, Firefox, and IOS or Appium.

Q.2-Does selenium has any limitations?

  • Testing of a desktop application is not possible using selenium
  • Testing of web services is not possible using selenium
  • Knowledge of programming is required in order to create robust scripts using selenium web driver.

The students have to rely on tools and external files, testing framework and libraries.

Q.3-Is testing of APIs/ web service possible?

Since API is purely headless, automation of web service is not possible as selenium web driver use native methods for automation.

Q.4 Name all test typing supported by selenium?

Regression and automated functional testing are possible using selenium.

Q.5 Name various locators?

Id, cssSelector, class name, XPath, name, linkText, tagName and patialLink Text are some of the selenium locators.

Q.6-What are XPath and Absolute XPath?

For selecting nodes from documental XML, XPath query language is used and it is also a locator supported. Whereas, an absolute XPath using XML ecpression from root node perfectly determines element locations and html/body/div/div [2]/div/div/div/div [1]/div/input is one of its examples.

Advantages of Selenium Courses:

There are numerous advantages of selenium courses and some of them are highlighted below-

  • The course requires no licensing cost as selenium courses are open courses that can be learned by all the students.
  • Scripting in Java, Ruby, and Python and C # can be done effectively without any difficulty.

  • You will know how different browsers such as Firefox, internet explorer, chrome, and safari can be used perfectly. Since the course supports all drivers you will be benefited greatly.
  • You will be able to use the playback and recording feature using the selenium IDE component and the non-programmers can write the automation scripts effectively.
  • The grid will help you learn disturbed and parallel tests.
  • You will acquire great knowledge with these precious and breathtaking courses. Also, the videos and lectures will help you lot in understanding the basics of selenium.
  • The updated and clear examples reflect changes in Firefox and selenium and are very useful.
  • You will be able to write automated scripts and frameworks could be developed by you in simple and easy steps. This is because you will gain an enormous amount of confidence that would help you in developing a framework for industries.
  • A beginner would love to take up the lectures and get the chance to post queries and concerns regarding the learned lectures.

The main aim of the Selenium WebDriver With Java – Novice To Ninja + Interview course is to teach basics of selenium and let the individual learn new skills that greatly help in doing what they wish to accomplish in a career. No matter whether it is MS Word Document or programming, you will create it like a professional fluently. It does not matter whether one knows coding or programming as the course believes in providing utmost education to the scholars.

It is true that some wish to become a web developer and other want to hold good command of programming languages and codes, this is perfectly served by the Udmey courses. The instructors and lecturer hold at least 10 years of experience that helps them to teach students how industrial framework problem could be solved.

You will see a dignified change after you enroll for the Selenium WebDriver With Java – Novice To Ninja + Interview course and will excel from software to implementation in framework industries. The goal, of course, is to provide high-quality technological basics that suit intermediate and newbie without causing any difficulty. All the essential topics and recommendations are enclosed in the course that let the individual avail its benefits.

You might don’t know that the instructors who perform a crucial role in providing utmost education are graduated from alleged universities. Moreover, they contain more than 10 year of field and industrial experience in application development, system administration testing and SDLC field works.

Udemy courses are considered one of the renowned courses that help to build a strong foundation of knowledge and skill within individuals. So, undoubtedly one can enroll for these highly effective and efficient courses at affordable price rate. The price rate is never being an issue as it perfectly fulfills students need and requirement. A quality course will not only help you in perfectly implementing industrial web development framework but also help to write programming scripts on own. It would be fair if you enroll in the courses as they are ranked top and highest.

Tips: Refer to a simple video guide on how get the 95% off Selenium WebDriver With Java – Novice To Ninja + Interview coupon.


Technology has provided numerous benefits to the mankind and it will continue to happen as now everyone wishes to acquire skills that greatly fulfill and meet their demand. If you too wish to make a remarkable in the web application industry, then you can enroll for the Selenium WebDriver With Java – Novice To Ninja + Interview courses easily. We all aware of the benefits of online service so seems to be a wonderful opportunity for you so don’t wait and grab this wonderful opportunity beforehand at the earliest. Also, you will remain updated with the web application framework of industries that will help you to know what all things or courses must be enrolled for.

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