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Knowledge about is a suspicious website that has been labeled as a browser hijack virus or a redirect virus according to damaging behaviors it may carry out on the affected computer. It is believed to be a malignant advertising platform used to boost website traffic as well as other abnormal symptoms in user’s web browser apparently. Usually, browser hijack virus may often permeate onto a user’s computer without any authorization or consent. The malevolent payload of is popularly being diffused by compromised web pages or an infected link embedded in a spam email. Basically, the potential victims gets sent to BlackHole server’s landing page which makes use of obfuscated JavaScript would determine all possible exploits on the computer that it infects. Only of the payload is successful, the BlackHole exploit kit server would receive data on the specific exploit so as to drop browser hijack virus onto a compromised machine.

The process often happens surreptitiously. Another common method used to propagate this browser hijack virus is certain application download carrying the activation code of the virus which seems to be legitimate and helpful for users. When installed, browser hijack virus may forcibly replace the Web browser’s default start page, homepage, and search provider or a new tab window with domain based on It may also redirect Internet user’s original search queries while using search engines to various deceptive websites operated by cyber criminals. Apart from those regular complications, browser hijack virus may cover the screen of affected computer with distributing pop-up advertisements pertaining to Internet user’s browsing routine. It seems that website is compatible with the majority of the top retailers online, and attempts to provide favourable products or services for users. But the truth is, the advertisements may be only used by cyber crooks to get ads revenue and benefit from the pay-per-click technique. Suppose that browser hijack virus cannot be removed from computer timely, it may drop and install additional PC malware by taking advantage of found security vulnerabilities. This will lead to unimaginable damage to affected computer and user’s personal data.

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Basic Attributes of Hijack Virus

1. may often sneak onto a user’s computer secretly via compromised websites, spam email, or some “free” applications that can be downloaded from distrusted Internet resources.
2. may alter default homepage, start page or error page to its appointed domain based on
3. may display a variety of unfamiliar and questionable advertisements on the screen.
4. may make affected computer run sluggishly by taking up large amounts of computer resources.
5. may drop and install additional PC security threats on compromised machine to do further harm.

Manually Remove Step by Step

Similar as other redirect virus, browser hijack virus can often bypass the detection and auto removal by antivirus software program or other security tool, by making use of its advanced hiding techniques. It can easily tell that auto uninstalltion may have a low chance to get rid of for good. In this case, you may consider the helpful manual approach to clean up all its components completely.

1. Reset web browser to get default homepage back.

Internet Explorer:

  • Find yourself at Internet Explorer.
  • Go to “Tools” > ‘Manage Add-ons’;

IE manage addon icon

  • Select ‘Search Providers’.
  • Reset any search engine you like and make it default;

IE search providers

  • Navigate to ‘Tools’ > ‘Internet Options’;
  • On ‘General tab’, click website, e.g.
  • Confirm ok.


Google Chrome:

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Select ‘Settings’, and then ‘Basic Options’;


  • Change homepage to or any other you like;
  • Click the ‘Manage Search Engines…’ button;


  • If you need Google search engine, select ‘Google’ from the list.
  • Confirm OK.

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Mozilla Firefox:

  • Click on the magnifier’s icon, and then choose ‘Manage Search Engine…’;

MozillaFirefox manage search engines

  • Select ‘Search Results’ from the list.
  • Remove in it.


  • Go to ‘Tools’ and then “Options”.
  • Reset the startup homepage or change it to or any other domain you like.

firefox gerneral tab

2. Remove from computer.

  • Open Task Manager to stop the process of


  • Go to hard disk and remove the files related to


  •  In Registry Editor, clean up all its related registry entries.

a (25)

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\random
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\”Shell” = “[random].exe”

Video Tutorial on How to Back Up Windows Registry

In Conclusion is not a reputable website that has been classified as a browser hijack virus, which has the capability to make damage on affected computer significantly. It mainly attacks popular-used browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Once being installed, browser hijack virus may typically make medication in default web browser configuration such as DNS in order to modify existing homepage, start page or error page to its assigned URL based on While running in the affected computer, may also analyze Internet user’s search history and habits so that to display a variety of pop up advertisements on the screen. Suppose that browser hijack virus cannot be removed timely from computer, it may even make use of found security vulnerabilities to secretly install additional PC security infections on compromised machine for further harm. However, can always bypass the detection and auto removal by antivirus software program. So it is strongly recommended to consider the helpful manual approach to clean up all its related codes, dll.files and registry files.

Note: Manual removal requires certain PC tech expertise. No single mistake is allowed. If you are not familiar with the operation, you may ask help from VilmaTech Certified 24/7 online expert here to fix your problem effectively and safely.

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