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Remove Redirect Virus, Get Rid of Hijacker Thoroughly was an unwanted browser hijacker sneaking into the targeted computer without authorization. Once had its way by getting installed in the browser, it would secretly replace the original browse homepage without users’ consents. Making malicious resetting in the browser to keep itself as the default search service for the innocent users. In most cases, redirect virus like the had the confusing interface which looks just like the Google Chrome or the Mozilla Firefox. For this reason, even the had changed the browser homepage for a long time, the innocent users might still no notice it. Under this circumstance, redirect virus would have the initiative to redirect the innocent users to any website it specified. Since using the for searching, users could never visit their favorite websites anymore, what they got was tons of advertising sites in the search results, and that was the part of the evil conspiracy of the hijacker.

The hijacker would not only mess with users’ searching. Before the innocent users debunking the cunning tricks, the would always have the time and chances to work with immoral cyber crooks, combining together to victimize the innocent users. Actually, the was equivalent to the bait waiting for the innocent victims to take it and be transferred to the specified advertising websites forcibly. Most of the users might not realize that those advertising website recommendations from the were actually fraud sites released by evil cybercriminals who wanted to make exorbitant profits from the victims. With all the favorable offers showing by, most of the users could not resist the temptation and could not help clicking on each ads links to find out more about it. and purposive cybercriminals just took advantage of this occasion to trap the victims, coaxing them to make transactions on those fraud sites. As long as the users followed the lead of the cunning criminals and the, the consequences would be disastrous and the damages would be irreparable.

Enormous Money loss was not the only trouble caused by redirect virus. Since this unsolicited hijacker successfully got installed in the targeted computer, it would make many malicious settings and modifications on the system files, eventually leading to unexpected system dysfunction and failure. In that case, the computer state would become unstable and the system security would be corrupted as well. Without effective protection in the computer, more and more unwanted virus and malware would seize the chance to break into the compromised computer without scruples. As all the malicious invaders constantly infiltrated into the system, the system resources would be taken up soon and more tricky failure problems would happen to the computer, leading to unexpected computer crash from time to time. Evil hackers and cybercriminals would also have the opportunity to break into the vulnerable system freely, stealing all the confidential information from the users to cause them more losses and damages. For this case, the best solution for users is to remove redirect virus as soon as possible then repair the computer protection before it is too late.

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How to Remove from the Computer Completely

Remove from the Computer System

1. Disable the inferential processes running in the system background before the removal.
Use the key combination(Ctrl+Alt+Del) to open the System Task Manager. Click on the Processes tab in the displayed window then select all the running processes of from the list and click on the End Process button to disable them one by one.

2. Open the Control Panel to find out all the related programs coming with the redirect virus.
Press the Start icon on then click on the Control Panel. In the pop-up window, locate the Programs headline then click on the Uninstall a Program link to go to the Programs and Features. Search for all the related programs added by hijacker, then click on the Uninstall button on the top column to start the removal.

3. Remove all the programs from the computer according to the uninstall wizard.

Reset the Browser Settings

1. Close the current windows then launch the browser immediately.
2. Reset the browser settings to clean all the modifications made by redirect virus.

Internet Explorer

Click on Tools from the IE browser menu bar, choose the Internet Options from the drop-down list. In the displayed dialog, locate the Advanced tab then click on the Reset button and confirm the reset request.

Mozilla Firefox

Open the Firefox menu then locate the Help and select Troubleshooting Information from the list. Click on Reset Firefox button then approve the resetting.

Google Chrome

Click on the wrench icon and click on the Settings from the menu. Find out the Show Advanced Settings link from the pop-up Settings page and click on it, then click on the Reset Browser Settings button to start the resetting.

3. Restart the browser at once to let the reset take effect.

Remove the Leftovers of from the System

1. Click on the Start icon then click on the Run from the menu to open it. Type “regedit” command in the displayed search bar then press Enter key to open the Registry Editor.

2. Locate the left side of the Registry Editor then unfold the branches, search for all the registry entries and keys of virus then remove them completely.

3. Remove the files and folders of from the system.
4. Restart the computer immediately.


Even the was considered as the accomplice for those criminals, it is still necessary to learn to prevent the infection effectively. If all the computer users could stop the in the first place, users won’t have so much trouble. As most of the cunning vrius and malware infect the computer with improper ways, users should watch out for the computer all the time. There are some useful tips for users to prevent infections easily, such as never download unknown software from unfamiliar websites, especially for those freeware and shareware, just in case to download the bundled software into the system, getting infected with malware without knowing. If you want to get more tips about virus prevention, please click on the button and have a chat with the VilmaTech Online Professionals, they would be glad to help.

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