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Remove Windows Active HotSpot Virus –Fake Anti-virus Program Removal Guides

Windows Active HotSpot is a fake anti-virus program is classified as the so-called FakeVimes (potentially rogue program). Once sneaked in, Windows Active HotSpot virus will perform a scan automatically and then inform the target victimized users that there are quite a few PC problems including fictitious malware infections. To avert any further damages, Windows Active HotSpot virus is recommendable of you fast cleaning those threats out from your computer via its full version that requires a paid fine of $99.9 as the instruction reflected on its page. Some inexperienced victims of the Windows Active HotSpot virus might put their trusts in such fake virus and got every step done as the virus requirement in order fro securing their computers. However, later after that, all paid the money would be brush away by hijackers and the notorious Windows Active HotSpot virus could be left on the victimized computers.

The Windows Active HotSpot virus (designed by hijackers to pretendedly protect) exactly is a rogueware that resorts with a pretense of being responsible for users scanning and removing potential malicious computer infections to force those unwary victims into paying for its non-existent licensed version. It is capable of targeting computer users who are surfing online by displaying a carefully crafted pop-up box declaring aggressive computer infections has been detected. Then Windows Active HotSpot virus disguises a legitimate anti-virus program lied to victims it can rid of all nasty bugs and secure the infectious computer. The fact is it can’t, so don’t be tricked by such Windows Active HotSpot virus.

The solitary goal for hijacker developing such Windows Active HotSpot virus is to acquire money from online computer users. It claims to get rid of detected malware, but instead introduces malware to the computer. The Windows Active HotSpot virus is a kind of fraud tool frequently exploited by hijackers that using computer malware to deceive and mislead users into paying money for fake anti-virus program, a simulated removal of fake security program. How can such nasty virus filtrate on the online users’ computers? The possible reasons have been listed as below. Read on please.
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Windows Active HotSpot Virus: Screenshots and Propagation

Potential threats detected

Warning your computer is at risk

The Windows Active HotSpot virus mainly relies on pretending to be some useful third-party programs to recommend computer users download to upgrade PC performance or online experience. Such fake virus may be disguised as:

  • A third-party browser, toolbar, plug-in, and extension, especially referring to Adobe Reader, Flash, and Java.
  • An image, screensaver or archive file attached to an e-mail message.
  • Many of the tools, scripts, and code used to create viruses or other malware are designed for Microsoft Windows.
  • Multimedia codec required to play a certain video clip. Software shared on peer-to-peer networks.
  • A free online malware scanning service.

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How to Remove Windows Active HotSpot Virus

Uninstall Windows Active HotSpot Virus from Windows XP

1. Stop Windows Active HotSpot fake anti-virus program popups now. You need click the Settings and check Allow unprotected startup, and then click Ok. Then Exit the Windows Cleaning Toolkit Program by right clicking it on the Taskbar and select Exit.

2. Click Start menu and lick on the control panel option. (See the screen grab below for the location)

3. Access to the Control Panel window, you will be presented with one of 2 different screens according to the checked view types. With either screen you are going to want to click on Add or Remove Programs. (See images below)

4. Next it may take one minute to fully populate all programs you have installed. (Seen as below)

5. Locate at the target program. Next right click the Windows Active HotSpot malicious Program and select Remove on its right side.

6. Most software will ask you if you are sure you want to remove it. Please click the next button as the set-up wizard. Next click the Uninstall button. Click Finish button after the removal complete.

For Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows Vista Users

1. Open the Control Panel from the start button as well. For Windows 8 users, navigate to the Control panel, you can try this way. When you see the desktop, just move the mouse cursor around on the Start screen to reveal a new Apps button.

2. Click on the Apps button to display the Apps view, there is a search box on the top right corner.

3. Type the control panel in the search box and you then can see the control displays there. Click on to open it.

4. Also can click on Search icon –> type in ‘add or remove‘ –> select Add or remove programs.

5. Now, navigate to the Uninstall a program to uninstall Windows Active HotSpot fake anti-virus program. The left steps are just familiar with the un-installation process mentioned above.

Delete Leftovers of the Fake Anti-virus Program

1. Access to the local disk to delete the left hidden files. Now show hidden files first. Click on Start button. Click “Control Panel.” And click on Appearance and Personalization. Double click on Files and Folder Option. Select View tab. Check “Show hidden files, folders and drives.” Uncheck “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended). Then click ok to finish the changes.

2. Click the Start button and click My Computer. It may bring you to the local disk. You need delete all its left files of Windows Active HotSpot virus.

    %Program Files%\ random

3. Press Window + R key together, type the “regedit” in the pop-up Run window and hit Enter key. Next you can see the Registry Editor. Click on Edit and select Find. Type the name of the Windows Active HotSpot virus in to search all relevant registries. And then delete them.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System ‘DisableRegistryTools’ = 0
4. Restart the computer to active the Windows Active HotSpot virus removal process.


Although you have penetrated the Windows Active HotSpot is a fake virus exploited by hijackers to cheat money with the additional condition fixing urgent performance problems , the fake anti-virus program interferes with the Internet experience by stopping any access to other application for functioning. Apart from attempting to superficially entice the victimized computer users into purchasing its recommendable licensed version, the Windows Active HotSpot fake virus still underground handles with some nasty tricks to compromise the Internet browsers for collecting confidential data there. Or open the backdoor by constantly exploiting system vulnerabilities to let the hijacker access in thereby making confidential data theft taken place. Furthermore, Windows Active HotSpot can push malicious URLs to the top of search engine results about suspicious pop-ups to spread much more infections. Thus, to in case of massive loss in soon future, you’d better get the Windows Active HotSpot virus removed.
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