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Remove TorrentLocker Ransomware, Android Phone Removal

TorrentLocker is the term used to depict one new form of ransomware variant that may result in hazardous symptoms on personal computers (PCs) as well as nettlesome Android security issues on Smart Phones. The infection was first born in Australia and has keeping assaulting PC users and Android users worldwide. To strengthen the collapsing force of TorrentLocker, the infection assimilates the most advanced attributes from traditional ransomwares, some emblematic examples of which are CryptoWall Lock virus, CryptoLocker Ransomware and more. In consequence, TorrentLocker virus can often infiltrate onto a targeted machine without asking for any approval; and PC users becomes the main victims whose computers are restricted to access. In computing, TorrentLocker is malware designed by cyber crooks for data kidnapping, attempting to extort money from victims through locking affected machine or encrypting the files stored on hard drive or network disks.

When activated and executed, TorrentLocker ransomware generally displays a bogus notification purportedly from a law enforcement agency on the screen, claiming that the machine has been locked because the computer user or android user violates some articles of law or other forbidden behaviors. For the purchase of unlocking affected machine and decrypting personal data, TorrentLocker will demand victims to pay a sum of money through anonymous online systems, such as MoneyPak, Paysafecard and more. Without any doubts, victims should never pay the needless money in order for the restriction to be removed. Otherwise, TorrentLocker ransomware could lead to worse results on the affected machine, such as slow performance of affected system, additional harmful malware or spyware, a blue screen of death and even computer crash.

Attention: It is certain that TorrentLocker ransomware should be removed timely as long as being informed of its existence. If you fail to remove the virus on your own, you may contact VilmaTech Certified 24/7 online expert here , who will offer you professional help.

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How does TorrentLocker Enter Your System

As the recent security research shows, the common strategy used to spread TorrentLocker is the social engineering tactics. To be specific, TorrentLocker virus may be distributed by malicious websites containing prohibitive pornographic contents or some legitimate web pages that have been attacked by malware distributes, such as some P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing websites. On the other hand, users may get infected with TorrentLocker ransomware by downloading some free applications on networks carrying the activation code of the virus. Another social engineering method of spreading TorrentLocker virus is the spam email which has infected embedded links or attachments. More recently, cyber criminals strive to propagate TorrentLocker virus by pushing some hottest links relative to popular news or events. People looking for these resources may encounter the TorrentLocker infection via clicking on those malignant links.

How to Remove TorrentLocker Completely

To get rid of TorrentLocker virus, some victims attempt to utilize their trusted antivirus software programs. It is evident that a standard antivirus application can always safeguard the machine against most regular viruses. However, as a latest stubborn ransom virus, TorrentLocker is able to bypass the auto scan and removal by antivirus as well as other security tools. In this case, you may consider the helpful manual removal to remove TorrentLocker virus effectively.

Remove TorrentLocker Ransomware on PCs

1. Boot your computer into Safe Mode with Networking.

Windows 7, XP and Vista users:

  • Reboot infected PC.
  • Keep pressing F8 key on the keyboard before Windows logo shows.
  • Advanced Boot Options window will pop up later, use the arrow key to highlight Safe Mode with networking.
  • Press Enter to log in the mode.


Widnows 8 users:

  • Click Start menu in Metro User Interface.


  • When the Search box is seen, type msconfig command in it.
  • Press Enter to show the app of msconfig.
  • In the search results, choose msconfig option, and open it.


  • Now you will see System Configuration menu window.
  • Click on Boot tab.


  • Check the box for Safe Boot and choose Network option, so that you can have Internet service in Safe Mode.


  • Select Restart option.


  • Windows will then boot into Sade Mode with Networking automatically.

2. Clean up all the components of TorrentLocker from PCs.

  • Start Windows Task Manager, stop the running process of TorrentLocker virus.

task manager end process

  • Go to local disk, remove all the files relative to TorrentLocker.

C:\Documents and Settings\<Current User>
C:\Users\<Current User>\AppData\

  • On Registry Editor, get rid of all the registry files of TorrentLocker ransomware.

registry editor2

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System “DisableTaskMgr” = 0

Remove TorrentLocker on Android Phones

The simple and fast way to eliminate TorrentLocker virus on your Android phones is to “Reboot to safe mode”, as it will disable all third party applications you have installed, and resources will be restored at reboot. To log in the safe mode, you can long press the Power button; when the Power off menu appears, long tap and hold it. After that, the Reboot to safe mode” screen will pop up, apply ok to make a confirmation.


In conclusion

TorrentLocker is a dangerous ransom virus which has the capabilities to make hazardous symptoms on PCs as well as Android phones. Not matter which machine the infection attacks, it often restrict the access to the machine or encrypt the data of users at the same time. According to security research shows, TorrentLocker ransomware can often sneak onto a targeted machine without any permission or knowledge. Once being installed, abnormal symptoms will appear directly. To unlock PC or decrypt personal data, TorrentLocker virus may ask victims to pay a non-existence fine with a variety of excuses. It is certain that users should get rid of the virus immediately instead of paying the needless money. Manual removal is the most effective way to eliminate the virus from your devices and PCs.

If you have any problems during the operation, you may ask real-time support from VilmaTech Certified 24/7 online expert here .

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