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Is FixSpeedy Optimizer Virus? It Gives Popups and How to Remove?

What Is FixSpeedy Optimizer?

Many people call FixSpeedy Optimizer virus and some call it Trojan horse due to the fact that its manufacture is based in India and that there seems to be no way to uninstall FixSpeedy Optimizer. Its name implies that the program is created to speed up the performance as well as operation. In reality, more pop ups come up from nowhere afterwards to not only ruin surfing experience but also slash down the PC performance. Obviously, FixSpeedy Optimizer has put more focus on intercepting traffic to make money and it is thus not able to speed up performance. Therefore, according to VilmaTech Online Support, FixSpeedy Optimizer is not a virus, it is no more than a PUA (potentially unwanted application) that can impose potential dangers. This is why anti-virus programs are not removing FixSpeedy Optimizer.


Potential Dangers from FixSpeedy Optimizer

JavaScript has been found to be adopted by the PUA to frequently bring up pop-ups with contents related to computer security; some information can be genuine while some are totally bogus. This could keep the associated service and processes busy not to quickly deal with the loophole or bug that can be taken advantage by virus for penetration. With endless popups coming out, accidental click is more likely to be made, which could end up with direct vicious attack.

Usually the installation of FixSpeedy Optimizer is not what PC users ask. By drive-by download, the PUA manages to settle down in system disk and inject its data file into data base, which gives it the chance to hide its trace from being easily removed by conventional means like removing programs in “Programs and Features”. It is always highly recommended not to put any items with commercial ends into C drive or the system disk since such item could bring up more scenes that may harm the system and trigger disorder, including:

  1. bringing in additional programs onto the same computer to consume CPU.
  2. connecting to the Internet and load down data file while producing massive cache.

It is advisable to remove/uninstall FixSpeedy Optimizer before unforeseeable troubles occur. Below is the way to help remove FixSpeedy Optimizer. If you have more troubles incurred, please contact VilmaTech Online Support by starting a live chat window here to get the solution according to your concrete situation.

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Manual Way to Help Uninstall/Remove FixSpeedy Optimizer

Make sure that FixSpeedy Optimizer and all programs are existed from the task bar before you get down to the uninstalling FixSpeedy Optimizer with the following steps.

One. uninstalling FixSpeedy Optimizer from Control Panel is always the first step to be done.

Windows 7/Vista/XP
Hit on Start menu to select Control Panel; double click on “Add/Remove Programs” to remove FixSpeedy Optimizer should there be any of its evidence.
uninstall FixSpeedy Optimizer

Windows 8
Navigate to bottom-right corner of your desktop, you’ll find “Unpin” button; choose ‘Control Panel’ from its menu and access “Programs and Features”; uninstall FixSpeedy Optimizer should there be any of its evidence.
uninstall FixSpeedy Optimizer from Win8
Two. find another clean computer with the same OS and end the processes that you have the one(s) that another machine has none.
Three. disable the services with “Path to Executables” pointing to FixSpeedy Optimizer.

Use Win+R key combination to access services window with “services.msc” command; double click on the enabled services one by one and disable the ones with “Path to Executables” to FixSpeedy Optimizer.
win+r combination to access service window and help remove FixSpeedy Optimizer

Windows 8
Access Windows Explorer and then Administrative tools; access all the services by clicking on Services icon; double click on the enabled services one by one and disable the ones with “Path to Executables” to FixSpeedy Optimizer.
example: path to executables
Four. show hidden files and folders to remove the ones generated on and after the day FixSpeedy Optimize was installed without consent.

Windows 7/XP/Vista
Again access “Control Panel” to access “user accounts and family safety”; please then enter into  ‘Folder Options’; hit View tab there to tick ‘Show hidden files and folders’ and non-tick ‘Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’.
show hidden items on Win7/XP/Vista

Windows 8
Again access Windows Explorer to View tab; checl ‘File name extensions’ and ‘Hidden items’.
show hidden items on Windows 8 to remove the items related to FixSpeedy Optimizer

Please browse to the following places to remove the files and folders generated on and after the day FixSpeedy Optimize was installed:

C:\Program Files\
C:\Users\[your username]\Documents\

Tip: to see the creation day, one just need to right click on the space in the window and select “Arrange by day”.


The Way FixSpeedy Optimizer Makes Money

  1. After FixSpeedy Optimizer gets inside a machine, its JavaScript will take targeted users to the websites that paid the PUA to get access to as many PC users as possible.
  2. The PUA pops up messages claiming that virus is detected, using advanced version or its online tech support to get help; while both of the options are costly.
  3. Stick inside and take the advantage to download additional programs into the same machine for commission.

There are always programs paying such persistent programs for rapid promotion.

How FixSpeedy Optimizer Gets on Computer?

A code of JavaScript has been injected into FixSpeedy Optimizer to popup the counterfeit message to scare people into downloading the PUA when being taken to its page. Such message can be seen when you are visiting the web pages that have received money from it. Besides, drive-by download is another major dissemination routine that FixSpeedy Optimizer adopts. It is worthy a second look in the process of installation to non-tick the attached programs that you don’t want.


Complete removal is always recommended. As a program connecting the Internet a lot, cache accumulate in the system to drag down PC performance and adversely influence the operation. Defragging the disks will save you both time and energy. Here’s how:

There’s no universal solution to one thing due to the different condition. Therefore the incurred scene can be so much different. The thread offered above is for the FixSpeedy Optimizer uninstall, not other incurred items or scenes. In the event that you encounter unexpected situation, it is wise to get exclusive help from VilmaTech Online Support.

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