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Remove Virus Permanently – Tips to Follow up is classified as a browser hijacker that hijacks default homepage, web search and search results. Such browser hijacker pretends to be a normal search engine, fooling wide range of PC users to employ it without posing doubt over its property.


As an ad-on, manages to paralyze victims that it is not going to damage the machine that much. The fact is just on the contrary. With its vicious registry entries being inserted into the heart of a machine, virus is capable of:

* Modifying browser settings by force without the possibility to be rectified back easily by victims;

* Incurring vulnerability/ backdoor on the target system;

* Slowing down overall PC performance and page loading speed day by day;

* Triggering error messages when installing/ launching a program and making changes on the target system;

* Disabling Windows firewall to an unstable state;

* Bypassing installed security utilities to generate files and folders without disturbance.

Consequences of

As the vulnerability/ backdoor (that depends on what code does virus receives from remote server) coming into shape, victims are going to encounter more virus. It has been reported that the most seen virus to be with virus is delta search toolbar virus. It is highly recommended to remove virus as soon as possible not only because it is able to introduce additional virus in, but also it is able to collect and resell information to other spammers for large sum of commission. With more virus in, will be getting more stickier to the target system, as a result, more steps, energy and time should be put into the work of removing besides, for the sake of computer health and information security, thorough removal of virus is in desperate need.

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Tips for Permanent Removal

If one would like to permanently remove virus, one should always follow good PC practice after its thorough removal. It is known to all that belongs to browser malware concealed in corners of the Internet that is good at bundling on freeware/ shareware to better commence its infiltration to a machine. Tips of good PC practice hereinafter are provided for reference:

  • Avoid streaming videos (especially with pornography content) on unreliable web sites;
  • Seldom download/ employ freeware and shareware;
  • Use caution before clicking on link sent through email and instant message by checking its reputation online;
  • Update installed programs as well as Windows on a regular base;
  • Run scans with reputable anti-spyware program;
  • Checking out new anti-virus programs on the Internet before deciding to download it;
  • Update Adobe and Flash Player on official site rather than suddenly popup messages;
  • Always update self with virus list in a bid to avoid downloading virus willingly.

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Steps to Help Remove Virus

Step 1. Manually rectify browser settings to remove virus.

– IE

Go to Tools > select Internet option > select General tab to

  1. empty browse history.
  2. ‘Search’ section will bring you to ‘Manage Add-on’ window > check ‘Toolbars and Extensions’ and then ‘Search Providers.
  3. ‘Tabs’ section brings to ‘Tabbed Browsing Settings’ > untick ‘Always switch to new tabs when they are created’ > press ‘OK’.

IE modify pack2

 – Google Chrome

Click on icon -> select ‘Settings’ -> manage ‘Extension’ -> ‘manage search engine’.

– Mozilla Firefox

Click on the Tools menu -> manage Add-ons -> modification should be made under Extensions tab and Plugins tab respectively.

firefox management

Step 2. Disable startup items to remove virus.

–  Windows 8

Start screen -> type ‘Task’ -> hit Startup tab -> find and select searchgol’s startup item -> press Disable to remove virus.

win8 startup

–  Windows 7/XP/Vista

Start Menu -> select ‘Run’ -> type ‘MSCONFIG’ -> hit Startup tab -> find and select searchgol’s startup item -> press Disable all to remove virus.

Step 3. Show hidden files and folders to remove virus thoroughly.

–  Windows 8

Start Screen -> open My Computer -> open Windows Explorer -> select View tab -> tick ‘File name extensions’ and ‘Hidden items’ options -> find and delete related items to remove virus.

win8 hidden file

–  Windows 7/XP/Vista

Start menu -> open ‘Control Panel’ -> search for ‘Folder Options’ -> hit View tab -> tick ‘Show hidden files and folders and non-tick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’ -> press ‘OK’ -> find and delete related items to remove virus.


Be careful when removing virus with the steps provided above. One should ensure that every hidden items related to searchgol virus are eradicated from the Windows dustbin in case it comes back by introducing in dustbin virus to help it survive. Manually re-management of the infected browser settings is necessary because uninstalling and reinstalling browser will not set the browser back to default. To remove virus manually is a must as insurance that some vicious items are leftover by security programs. It doesn’t matter if one knows little about computers. One can always find help by consulting professionals who offer PC security service.

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