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Remove Virus, Get Rid of Browser Hijack Virus is not a reputable website, which utilized by cyber crooks to boost web traffic and obtain benefit from pay-per-click techniques. On account of its aggressive attributes, has been recognized as a browser hijack or redirect virus concentrating on generating destruction on popular-used browsers (IE/Firefox/Chrome). One representative property of browser hijack virus should be the transformation on default homepage or start-up page, which has been typically modified to domain or other related URLs. Thereupon whenever Internet users open a new tab or link on their browsers, the website may pop up automatically out of expectation. Meanwhile, the malign browser hijack virus could also redirect user’s search results to arbitrary materials that have nothing to do with the original ones.
Internet users who are suffering from browser hijack virus may ran into the problem of unexpected a mass of advertisement pop-ups occupying the browser obtrusively. It is obligatory to remove browser hijack virus from computer in order to end up all its detrimental symptoms for good. The website obstructing Internet users’s experience basically has the capability to surreptitiously infiltrate onto a target computer through various social engineering tactics. Specifically, the browser hijack virus may arrive as another malware’s payload, which is capable of exploiting system vulnerabilities so that to install and execute virus forcibly on computer. The redirect virus is also peer-to-peer file sharing websites or some standard websites that has been compromised to the developers of malware.

In order to spread its components widely, redirect virus may also package with some “free” applications or the attachments in spam email. In this case, Internet users should be keep cautious while using any distrusted online resources so that to prevent from unwanted infections or risks. Stealthy as browser hijack virus is, it will also install its related add-ons or extensions on computer without any permission, which can be directly adopted by hackers to record user’s keystrokes and online search cookies. In other words, the confidential data of users such as bank card number information, Visa number, online social accounts and passwords will be revealed to cyber criminals compulsively. Some victims may also realize the slow performance of computer, which includes starting up, shutting down, playing games, and surfing the web. Without any doubts, should be removed from computer timely in order for the safety of system as well as privacy.

Tips: Please note, this is a self help manual guide; you need to possess sufficient skills about dealing with registries entries, dll. files and program files, you need to be very careful to move on every step. Can’t remove by yourself? Please click on VilmaTech 24/7 Online Computer Experts for help, you problem will be fixed immediately.

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How to Remove Browser Hijack Virus

In major cases, computer users would like to use their antivirus programs to detect and remove all infections from computer. However, no matter how many times the antivirus programs scan for computer, they may report nothing of virus unexpectedly. In reality, the browser hijack virus is quite similar as other redirect virus such as redirect virus and virus (Removal Help), has the capability to bypass the detection and auto removal from antivirus application. Hence, the antivirus software may have a very low chance to get rid of browser hijack virus completely. In this case, you may consider the helpful manual removal so that to erase all components of virus from computer effectively. If you are not familiar with computer operation, you’d better consult VilmaTech Computer Experts 24/7 Online to help you remove virus from your PC completely.

Remove Virus with Manual Skills

Internet Explorer:

1: Go to IE, to Tools and Internet Options.

2:  Find General section; remove address as a home page.

3: Then go to Search section, find Settings button and choose Manage Add-ons

4: Erase and after the action, close Manage Add-ons
5: Select Apply/OK.

Mozilla Firefox:

1: Find yourself in Mozilla Firefox browser and here, go to Options.

firefox options
2: Go to General tab, remove address as a startup site.

firefox gerneral tab
3: Then, follow the sequence: Firefox -> Add-ons -> Add-ons Manager -> Remove.

4: While in the Search list, select Manage Search Engines.
5: Erase and choose OK
6: Finally, reboot this browser.

Tips: If you cannot remove virus completely by yourself, you’re welcome to contact VilmaTech 24/7 Online Computer Experts here to help you quickly and safely remove all possible infections from your computer.

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Google Chrome:

1: Open Google Chrome and navigate to Customize and control Google Chrome

GG tool icon
2: Select Settings and Set pages.

3: Erase which was set as the startup site and choose OK
4: Find Manage search engines and here, erase

5: Press on OK.

6: Finally, remove and restart google chrome.

Remove Leftover and Registry Files of Virus

1. Stop process that has run on your system:

task manager22

2. Delete files that has added to your system folders and files:


C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\*.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService\Local Settings\*.*

3. Remove registry entries that has created to your system registry editor: (Note: Back up the Windows registry before editing it, so that you can quickly restore it later if any wrong operation.)


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\[RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Random


The browser hijack virus is a destructive malware for Internet users, which has the ability to mess up common-used browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome) and make worse results on system. Without timely removal, the redirect virus would even reveal confidential data of users to cyber criminals, by forcibly installing and executing its related toolbars or extension on computer. To get rid of browser hijack virus, numerous computer users prefer to utilize their installed antivirus programs. However, the antivirus software may have a failure to pick up any traces of browser hijack virus. If so, the almighty manual removal is strongly recommended for users to erase all its processes, DLL files and registry files completely. If you haven’t sufficient PC expertise and don’t want to make things worse, to remove the infection safely and permanently, contact VilmaTech PC Experts Online here to clean up the infection promptly for you.

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