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Remove Virus, New Popup Virus Removal Instruction


There have been some complaints reported on computer help forums last month about getting pop-up message mainly telling that credit card information may have been compromised to worry receivers. After some search on the Internet, VilmaTech online experts found that few document on popup virus is recorded given the fact that it is quite a tough popup virus to deal with. Considering the period popup virus has been found to be existent and its superb capability of clinging to a target machine, its rage time, based on past experience, can be anticipated in a couple of months.

So far, victims of still post doubt on its real nature as to whether it is a virus or just an implanted adware platform created for aggressive promotion. It was firstly identified as a popup virus with its sensitive contents and threatening messages. It then finally is confirmed to be popup virus by a test implemented by VilmaTech Research Lab to find out the dangers carried by the tiny piece of infection. virus is a virus requiring immediate removal as much as a Trojan. To learn more about popup virus, completion of the following paragraphs is required. If you have some other computer issues overwhelmed you apart from pop up, you are welcome to get instant help to your satisfactory by contacting VilmaTech Online Support.

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Purpose of Virus popup virus and average implanted commercial pop ups share the same purpose which goes to money, but with different ways. Frightening messages posted by popup virus are designed to cheat victims under its radar into clicking on it. Once a click is done, the computer will be connected to a designated web site to load down vicious codes without knowledge. The more clicks are made on its messages, the more vicious codes are downloaded.

Be noted that no click made on its message doesn’t mean no harm will be imposed on a computer, seeing popup virus itself indicating a vulnerable computer to be injected with its add-on and tracking code, which is why will always popup on one infected computer. And one more click on its message will definitely bring more infections in including fake anti-virus programs or applications that are claimed to be functional at repairing computers and thus protect confidential information.

Contributing to the introduction of other spoofing programs or collecting in-stored information, spammer behind popup virus manages to obtain commissions and generate money by reselling collected money to other spammers, which results in more innocent PC users getting virus even when accessing popular sites due to the resold information helps spammers to pinpoint the most visited web pages by surfers for spreading. What’s worse, such ill purpose will finally give rise to some undesirable issues including mechanical ones as listed below:

  • A heap of cookies are found to be in browser settings to contribute to a slow browser.
  • Browser may crash from time to time.
  • Computer acts slow in response.
  • Search redirect phenomena are seen occasionally.

It can be easy to tell that popup virus does almost the same as search redirect virus except comes in a different form. It is thus an urgent need to remove virus though it is just a popup. Due to its form, few anti-virus programs are able to pick it up and all kinds of security utilities have been proved to be futile when it comes to remove virus. In such case, manual way is recommended to be involved. Below is the instruction specially trawled through for popup virus. Stick to the steps and help yourself only if a certain level of computer skill and knowledge are available; otherwise, getting assistance from VilmaTech Online Support is a wise choice to avert any slight mistake that would arouse unexpected and tangled computer problems.

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Steps to Remove Virus from PCs and Macs

Step One. Remove virus from Control Panel.
In some cases, popup virus will show its indication in Control Panel. All potential places that could show unwitting installation should be checked carefully so as to remove thoroughly.

Windows 8

  • Click on “Unpin” button on the left bottom of Start Screen to select Control Panel in its pop-up sidebar.
  • Access “Programs and Features” in the next pop-up window and remove virus, if any.control panel

Windows 7/Vista/XP

  • Click Start menu to bring up Control Panel.
  • Access “Add/Remove a Program” in the next pop-up window and remove virus, if any.uninstall a program


  • Open “System Preferences” from the Apple menu.
  • Find virus in and delete it from Dock and Display respectively.dock and display

Step Two. Enable Popup blocker to block virus from popping up.
The popup blocker can be found in browser settings and it is designed to block unwanted popups.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Spread its Tools option to press on Web features button on the left hand side of the Options window.
  • Select as the intended item to be blocked and press “OK” button to confirm the modification.                                                                                                                                                                          popup blocker

Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • Spread its Tools window to select Options.
  • On the next pop-up window, navigate to Privacy tab to locate pop-up Blocker section at the bottom of the Privacy tab and check “Block pop-ups” option to remove virus. popup blocker

Google Chrome

  • Spread its tool menu and choose Options.
  • On the next pop-up window, click on “Under the Hood” tab to press on “Content Settings”.
  • Then choose “Pop-ups” on the left pane and access “Exceptions” on the right pane to make sure that virus is in the wanted list.
  • Finally, press “OK” button for the modification.pop-up-blocker


  • Spread Opera’s menu on the left top of the browser and point the mouse to “settings” option.
  • Select “Preference” and navigate to General tab and locate “Pop-up” section there.
  • Choose “Block Unwanted Pop-ups” and hit OK button to finish.preference


  • Bring up “Preference” window contained in “Safari” option next to the Apple icon.
  • Hit “Security” tab and check the box next to the option “Block pop-up windows”.popup blocker

Step Three. Remove any indication of virus from Database. virus is a popup virus that manages to put its codes into Database to help with a smooth implementation of information collecting and transfer.

Internet Explorer

  • Navigate to Explorer Bars, Extensions respectively under

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Microsoft\Internet Explorer\

to find and select related items, right click on selected item to remove virus.

Google Chrome

  • Navigate to Clients, ClientState and ClientStateMedium respectively under


to find and select related items, right click on selected item to remove virus.

  • Navigate to ClientState under


to find and select related items, right click on selected item to remove virus.

  • Navigate to Common under


to find and select related items, right click on selected item to remove virus.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Navigate to Extensions under

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Microsoft\Mozilla\ Firefo

to find and select related items, right click on selected item to remove virus.

  • Navigate to


to find and select related items, right click on selected item to remove virus.


  • Navigate to

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Opera Software

to find and select related items, right click on selected item to remove virus.



Though virus comes in a form as pop up, it does almost the same harm to computer as well as in-stored information. With sticky nature, virus manages to collect as much information as possible so as to help its spammer to generate money by reselling it. Unfortunately, such unwitting behavior is at the expense of good PC performance. virus needs to transfer collected information to designated web sites through vulnerability or backdoor, and thus more vicious items will be given a chance to further compromise a target machine with ease. Due to the form virus comes in, most anti-virus programs are not able to give away alert warning on it, let alone remove virus. Thus manual method is required. However, professional skills are needed and virus removing experience is required to guarantee a complete removal of virus without its re-emergence on the same computer in several seconds. Some of the directories given above might not be universally applicable due to various versions of OS and computer brands. On the occurrence of failure, professional help from VilmaTech online experts might be wanted and required as they will help resolve computer issues with all-out efforts.

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