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Remove New Zealand E-crime Lab Virus on Android Phone, Remove Android Lock

New Zealand E-crime Lab Virus Introduction

New Zealand E-crime Lab virus on android phone is part of the hazardous Troj/Urausy Ransomware family, which has been widely spreading for a quite long time from Internet. Quite a lot of people have heavily suffered from it and lost money. New Zealand E-crime Lab virus will attack users in their mobile system. Currently, it not only targets mobile phone but also android phone in special. Until now, more and more Android phone & tablet users are troubled with it and they don’t know how to get rid of it. New Zealand E-crime Lab virus also refers to the so-called Ransomware, distributed on the internet and it can be installed in your mobile device without any consent. Once infected, it will occupy and become the startup process of your mobile phone and launch some malware every time when you turn on your phone. It will display a large warning webpage which occupies the whole screen of your mobile phone claiming that your device has been blocked due to some reasons and it also tell you in detail that your device are involved with the great ransomware infection.

Generally, more specific problems will be listed on the warning page. And New Zealand E-crime Lab virus locks your mobile phone and it doesn’t allow you to do anything on your phone. Similar to the Department of Justice Android virus, New Zealand E-crime Lab virus stops you from accessing into system and taking any rescue measures. Once the targeted machine becomes completely compromised, New Zealand E-crime Lab ransomware would pop-up a faking warning screen to scare victims for a successful blackmail. And then, in order to let your phone unlocked, New Zealand E-crime Lab virus claims that you have to pay a fine and they promise if you pay the fine in time, your phone will be unlocked within 24 hours. Actually, this virus has nothing to do with New Zealand E-crime Lab, New Zealand Police . This is just Android ransomwares caring you by blocking your phone and displaying fake message in order to get your payment. You should never finish the blackmailing fine that because even paying the fine to them also won’t help to get your Android system unlocked. The only way which has to be done is to remove New Zealand E-crime Lab Android ransomware immediately.

How Can I Get Infected by New Zealand E-crime Lab Virus?

As we know, most of us use mobile phone to make calls, send messages, chat in internet, listen to the music and sometimes surf online. How can this virus sneak into our mobile phone & tablet? In reality, most people get infected by the New Zealand E-crime Lab virus by browsing malicious websites. Cyber hackers can download this virus to websites that they have already hacked into. When people click on the malicious links to open the infected websites on their phones, this New Zealand E-crime Lab virus can be downloaded immediately. Once this New Zealand E-crime Lab virus gets downloaded in your Android phone, it can be automatically activated right away. This fake police virus can get into your phone and make some temper in the system settings. Once compromised, next it will pop up a warning that occupies the whole phone screen which can’t be close or minimize. Android users can’t even use the power button to shut down the infected phone. This fake warning can appear as soon as the phone is turned on. Besides, it also comes through bundling into your downloading freeware, application. And other data you download from doubtful links can bring New Zealand E-crime Lab Virus as well as most of the malware infections. Therefore, you should pay attention to your online activities.

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How to Remove New Zealand E-crime Lab Virus from Android System?

Boot Android System with Safe Mode

1. To unlock Android block screen, you have to boot the infectious Android system into safe mode first. Locate at the power options menu appeared, which just needs you long-press the power button until you see the power options menu popping-up.

2. Select on the the Power Off option and long-press it until you can see the words “Reboot to Safe Mode.” After that, just need click on OK option to continue.

3. After that, wait for booting into safe mode. If you are now in safe mode, you can see “Safe Mode” at the left bottom of your screen.

Uninstall Risky Apps and Clear Out Files

1. After accessing to the safe mode, go to the setting screen and you need uninstall all potentially malicious mobile apps there. Access to the setting screen and tap Apps option, locate at the app you need to install, tap it, and tap the install button. If there are many mobile apps need to be uninstalled, you can remove then one by one. Now, you need uninstall unwanted app related with New Zealand E-crime Lab virus on android phone.

2. To remove all malicious files run by malicious apps you have uninstalled, you need got to the Settings and choose on the Storage option now. You can tap on the Category to see all the files stored on your android phone. Long press the targeted files and select the deletion option. After that, reboot your android system to the regular mode.


As the New Zealand E-crime Lab virus locks up your Android smart phone and blocks your access to the screen, you won’t be able to download any security apps to deal with this Ransomware. In this case, removing it manually with sufficient expertise online is the best way for victimized android users to completely kick it off from android phone. The Department of Justice Virus comes specifically designed to block Android device blackmailing for a fine of $100. This sort of ransomware is able to remote access to targeted android device for collecting confidential information, including log-in credentials, online transaction data, and a lot of other financial details. In case of further damage, the New Zealand E-crime Lab virus on Android phone should be remove completely and quickly. If you find any symptoms listed above showing on your Android phone, then your phone must be suffered with a ransomware infection. And the best way is to make a complete removal. Till now, if you are still confused about removing the New Zealand E-crime Lab virus completely, you can live chat with VilmaTech 24/7 Online Experts

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