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Remove Cyber Command Android Virus, Lock Screen Android Virus Removal

Cyber Command virus has been one of the most common lock screen Android virus as it has used so many names of different regions to confuse the Android users so as to make profits from them. Once get infected with Cyber Command virus, the Android phone/tablet screen will be firmly locked and the users can not access to any files or applications in it normally. In order to add more panic, Cyber Command virus also falsely accused the innocent users of having illegal behavior such as distributing or watching porngraphic content, so the users have to paid a fine as the punishment otherwise the police will arrest them under the law. As most of the victims don’t really know if it is true or not, honestly paying the money as required just want to make it stop, falling into the trap set up by the criminals behind the Cyber Command virus.

Cyber Command virus makes use of the name and authority of the local police to threaten the innocent Android users so they will hand over the money as they planned. Users have to see through the fraud and remove Cyber Command virus from your Android phone or tablet as soon as possible. Losing money is just a start, since the screen has been locked and the users lost the control of the phone/tablet and no one know what could happen behind the screen. Cyber Command virus might introduce a mass of malicious infections into your phone/tablet just to smash the Android screen gradually. Without timely remedy measures, the Android system will crash down immediately and all the important data in it will be destroyed as well.

Please get rid the Cyber Command virus without hesitation just to protect your legal rights in a timely manner. How come this lock screen virus can hurt your rights and interests? Since Cyber criminals has successfully taken control of the Android phone/tablet with the virus, all the confidential information remaining in it will be revealed completely. The vicious criminals can make good use of the information to create more scams and make more profits, Of course, the innocent users will be faced with more serious consequences and damages. Please follow the professional guidance and remove Cyber Command virus from your Android system before it is too late. If you are worried about any trouble during the removal, please make a quick contact with the VilmaTech Online Experts by clicking on the button.

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How to Remove Cyber Command Android Ransowware Completely

Remove Cyber Command Virus in “Safe Mode”

Since your Android phone/tablet has been seriously infected by the Cyber Command virus, so, you have to make sure it is safe enough during the removal. To do that, users should reboot the phone/tablet into “Safe Mode” so as to prevent the other malicious attacks happen to make it worse.
1.Hold the power button on your Android/phone for a few seconds then you will see the phone options menu on the screen.
2.Long press the “Power Off” button until you see a new message said “Reboot to safe mode”.

3.Tap OK button to conform it.
* When it successfully boot into “Safe Mode”, you can see a “safe mode” label on the lower left corner. Otherwise, repeat the steps and try again.

Remove Cyber Command Virus Apps from Your Phone/Tablet

In safe mode, users have the maximum privilege to modify settings in the Android system. Go to find out all the suspicious Apps and remove them all.
1.Select Settings from the home menu.
2.Tap “Manage Applications” options from the list.

3.Search for all the unwanted Apps from the list, tap the Uninstall option to remove them completely.

4.Reboot the phone/tablet once finished the resetting.

Remove Cyber Command Virus Remaining Files from

Tricky infection like Cyber Command virus might add a mass of malicious files into your Android phone/tablet without awareness. In order to remove the virus completely, users have to clean all the remaining files, folders and data remaining in the Android system.
1.Go back to select Files from your home menu.
2.Search for all the unwanted files and folders in your SD card, remove them completely.

3.Open Settings again then press Privacy.
4.Select “Factory Data Reset” options to restore the setting and erase the data completely. This modification will wipe off all the data immediately including your personal settings and storage. So please back up your personal files before that.

5.Reboot your phone/tablet to let the changes take effect.


Cyber Command virus has a lot of variants claiming from different regions so users have to reveal its conspiracy in the first place and never fall for the tricks again in the future. Cyber Command virus can infect the targeted Android phone/tablet secretly and add more trouble to it. Just as most of the users can easily be intimidated by the fake Cyber Command resulting in following the guide and pay the nonexistent fine blindly. In order to avoid the messes in the future and protect your legal interests, users have to be vigilant and strengthen the sense of security gradually. Cyber Command virus can easily infect the targeted users by concealing in some bundled App downloads, waiting for the users to install them into the Android system without awareness.

Once the ransomware successfully invaded into the Android system, it will have the chance to make serious damages to your Android phone/tablet, such as making malicious settings to lower the defense so it can add plenty of malicious Apps into the system to mess with it. So, users should remove Cyber Command virus as soon as possible just in case it got ugly. Meanwhile, users have to learn to prevent the infection effectively. Never approve the installation of unknown Apps and never surfing on unfamiliar website with unhealthy content, especially when you receive those email related to reward or porn or any kind of tempting titles, which can be the traps set up by cyber criminals who can earn traffic and profits once the targeted victims clicked on those links or buttons. If you need more tips to deal with virus infection or better solution to handle the Cyber Command virus, please click on the button and make a contact with the VilmaTech Online Experts immediately.

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