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Remove Cheshire Police Android Virus, Ransomware on Android Phone

Cheshire Police Android virus is another bad news for the Android users since their phone/tablet screen was locked and their money was taken by evil Cyber crooks. It is a vicious scam caused by Cheshire Police Android virus showing an intimidating message on the screen to block the screen and threaten the Android phone/tablet users for a fake fine. As the lock-up situation plus the fake accusation by the Cheshire Police Android virus can easily intimidate the innocent users, most of the them were easily scared by the formal message sent by the fake Cheshire Police and blindly followed the instruction and paid the money as request. Malicious Cyber criminals just take advantage of this occasion to victimize a mass of Android users and rob the money as they planned.

Once seeing the shocking warning message delivered by Cheshire Police Android Virus, users should keep calm and try the best to get rid of the ransomware the sooner the better. Since the screen has been locked by the Cheshire Police Android Virus, users can no longer get access to any file in the phone/tablet which drives them crazy and panic gradually. In this case, the innocent victims will be easy to surrender and pay the money blindly. Cheshire Police Android Virus just seize the chance to make good money by using the name to pretend to be the Cheshire Police. It is a pure slander to accuse the users of having illegal behavior on the Android phone/tablet such as watching or distributing illegal content related to violence or porn. And the truth is, cyber criminals use the trick to defame the users so they will have to pay the fake fine for nothing.

Cheshire Police Android Virus is also a big hazard for the Android system since the day it showed up on the screen. As the users can not do anything normally leaving the chance for this malicious ransomware to introduce tons of viruses and malware into the Android system, even when you finally get rid of the Cheshire Police Android Virus, cyber criminal will also get the chance to victimize the users and make profits from them. In that case, all the confidential information and personal data will be revealed to the Cyber crooks so they can create more scams and use the information for illegal deals. In order to protect legal right and interests, users should remove this ransomware as soon as possible and repair the infected Android system before it is too late. Please follow the guide and finish the removal immediately. If you encounter any trouble during the process, welcome to make a contact with VilmaTech Online Experts.

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How to Remove Cheshire Police Android Virus Completely

Uninstall Cheshire Police Android Virus from Your Phone/Tablet

1.Before the uninstall, reboot your Android phone/tablet into “Safe Mode”.
In order to make sure your device is in a safe environment during the removal, users should reboot the Android phone or tablet into “Safe Mode” to prevent the other malicious attacks.
1)Press the power button for a few seconds until you see a pop-up message onscreen.
2)Long press the “Power Off” button and wait till a new message displayed to reboot into “Safe Mode”.

3)Tap the OK option to confirm.

2.Go to the Home page, select Settings from the menu.
3.Select the Manage Applications to search for all the Apps related to Cheshire Police Android virus.

4.Select the suspicious Apps from the list then tab the Uninstall option to remove it immediately.

5.Wait until it finished. Reboot the Android phone/tablet com to let the changes take effect.

Remove Cheshire Police Android Virus Remaining Files Completely

1.Go to your Files in the Android phone/tablet.

2.Find and delete malicious folders and files remaining in your SD card.

Clean Cheshire Police Android Virus Related Data from the Device

Hope to make sure the Cheshire Police Android virus has been removed thoroughly, you’d better clean all the malicious settings and data by Cheshire Police Android virus and restore the Android system completely. Here is the easy guide for you:
1.Press the power button and Volume+/- keys at the same time until you see an advanced options menu.
2.Select “Recovery” tab and let your Android phone/tablet reboot into “Recovery Mode”.

3.Use the Volume+/- key to select “wipe data/factory reset” and continue. Attention: wipe the data will erase all the settings, data and files in your phone/tablet which might include your personal data, message, contact, photos and more, so please back up your files before doing this.

4.Reboot the device once it finished.


Removing Cheshire Police Android is definitely the right choice for the Android users to do as long as they want to get rid of the lock-up screen situation and rescue the devices in a timely manner. There are going to be a mass of the variants of Cheshire Police Android virus waiting for a better chance to trap the next victim. In order to be safe in the future and avoid the disastrous consequences, users have to learn some useful methods to prevent the infection in the first place and be vigilant once seeing unknown message showing on the Android phone or tablet for no reason, especially for those asking for money with strange reasons which can be the traps set up by evil Cyber criminals looking for a chance to make profits from the Android users.

Users should not fall for a single word by Cheshire Police Android virus and never follow the guide to hand over the so-called fine. Hope to be safe from such a ridiculous scam, Android users should ignore strange messages on the screen and try the best to get rid of the dangerous situation. If you can not handle this, ask help from some professionals, technical personnel, the police, etc. Users should have some authoritative antivirus software installed in the Android phone/tablet for protection. In the mean time, users should behave themselves while using the Android devices to surf on the Internet. Cyber criminals can use the chance to infect the target users and infect the phone/tablet with Cheshire Police Android virus. Feel free to make a contact with the VilmaTech Online Experts by clicking on the button if you need better solutions to deal with the Cheshire Police Android virus or if you want to learn about Android virus prevention, we are here for you.

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