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Remove Caribarena Ransomware Easily, Computer Blocked Virus Removal

Caribarena has been reported as a malicious ransomware forcibly locking the targeted computer so as to have the opportunity to victimize the innocent users and cause them losses. Caribarena comes without a sign and once it shows some bogus notifications or alerts in the computer, things will get ugly. Caribarena claimed itself belongs to an official agency so as to intimidate the innocent victims and win their trusts easily. Under this circumstance, Caribarena would seize the chance to accuse the users for some illegal behaviors on the computer which are totally not true. Caribarena just utilizes such an intimidating slander to threaten the innocent users and asked them to pay a bogus ransom of $200 via Moneygram for an inexistent unlock code for the computer. Caribarena also increase the tension by claiming if the money was not paid in predetermined time, the computer will be locked forever and the users will be associated with the police.

Have to know that whatever Caribarena ransomware said will be an empty threat. Users have to ignore the bogus information from Caribarena warnings and get rid of the malicious lock-up PC situation as soon as possible. In order to have the way to freak the innocent users out and defraud them for money, Caribarena virus has faked up a story about the computer user has something to do with spreading unhealthy or illegal information. Caribarena ransomware is actually a tool created by cyber criminals who wanted to make exorbitant profits from the victims of financial scams. Caribarena displayed the bogus information and locked up the targeted computer with the one main intention to ask for illegal ransom, once the users mistakenly followed Caribarena’s lead and paid the money as required, the cybercriminals behind Caribarena will abscond with the money leaving the messes behind. Users lost a lot of money and the computer is still locked.

Caribarena Ransomware could not only cause the money loss issues to the innocent users. Since the computer was locked, the whole system will be under serious danger. As the users have lost control of the computer, Caribarena will take advantage of this occasion to corrupt the computer protection and weaken the security factor gradually. In the mean time, without comprehensive security, this infected computer system will become an easy target for virus and malware on the Internet. Caribarena also seizes the chance to introduce a mass of unwanted infections into the computer for further profits. Caribarena could cause serious privacy disclosure issues, cyber crooks could collect the personal information from the users for illegal deals. Furthermore, after Caribarena and other terrible infections getting together to destroy the computer, the system will become worse and worse, resulting in collapse, everything in the computer will be gone. Users have to Caribarena ransomware in a timely manner.

Please follow the removal steps now, if you encounter any problem during the process, feel free to make a contact with VilmaTech Online Experts at any time.

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How to Remove Caribarena Ransomware Completely

Enter “Safe Mode with Networking” before the Removal

1. Restart the computer immediately to enter Windows Advanced Options.
2. Keep press F8 key before it loading into Windows, if it failed, reboot the computer and try again.

3. In the displayed Windows Advanced Options interface, use the arrow key to select “Safe Mode with Networking” from the list, then kit the Enter key to continue.

4. Disable the running processes of Caribarena under the safe mode.
1) Use key combination Ctrl+Alt+Del to open System Task Manager instantly.

2) Click on Processes tab to find all the unwanted processes of Caribarena ransomware, select them and click on End Process button.

Remove Caribarena Virus from Computer System

1. Find Caribarena related programs from the Control Panel.
1) Click on Start button on the desktop to open the menu, select Control Panel from the menu.
2) Click on “Uninstall A Program” link under Programs heading.

3) Search from Caribarena virus related programs from the displayed programs list.

2. Click on Uninstall button in Control Panel to remove Caribarena by following the uninstall wizard until finished.

Clean Caribarena Leftovers from the Computer

1. Remove Caribarena registry entries.
1) Press Windows+R keys at the same time to open Run command dialog.

2) In the displayed search box, type “regedit” command in it and click on OK button to open Registry Editor.

3) Unfold the left-side branches and find out Caribarena virus registry entries and keys, delete them completely.

2. Delete Caribarena virus remain files.
1) Open Control Panel and click on Appearance and Personalization link(for Win 7 users).

2) Find and click on Folder Options from Control Panel.

3) In the displayed window, click on View tab.
4) Selected “Show hidden files and folders” and uncheck “Hide protected operating system files(Recommended)”.

5) Safe the settings then go find all the remaining files of Caribarena virus in the computer and remove them without hesitation.

3. Reboot the computer immediately once finished the Caribarena virus removal to let the changes take effect.


Caribarena ransomware is definitely a nightmare for the infected computer, users have to get rid of it completely and repair the corrupted system timely, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous. Caribarena ransomware could invade into the targeted computer easily so users have to learn some useful methods to prevent the infection in the first place just to avoid terrible messes possible. In most cases, Caribarena ransomware could conceal in some unknown downloads from unsafe side. As some users are lacking of precaution consciousness, once they downloaded needful software from unfamiliar websites instead of official sites, malicious virus and malware will have the chance to get installed into the computer without awareness, leading to terrible consequences to the innocent users. Moreover, users have to be vigilant about strange prompts and alerts, never follow the lead until you make sure the information is reliable and authentic. Anyway, you can never be too careful. If you need more tips about virus prevention, welcome to have a one-on-one chat with VilmaTech Online Experts at any time you feel like it.

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* If you need any help to finish backing up the registry file in Win 8 OS, please follow the easy guide by VilmaTech PC experts.

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