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Cerber Antivirus Gives “Your Computer Is At Risk” Warning, How to Remove Cerber Antivirus

Cerber Antivirus Gives Online Threat Warning

There’s an obvious change to your computer performance after the installation of Cerber Antivirus. “Your Computer Is At Risk” popup message along with hotline computer online support number pops up very often to during the Internet surfing.

Should you believe the randomly pop-up “considerate” message? Cerber Antivirus has been judged by some broad-brush security companies as rogueware. It is safe, in VilmaTech PC Support’s opinion, to say that releasing such message is one of the major ways for the anti-virus program to promote itself and get high ROI (return on investment) and that the warning message by Cerber Antivirus is inauthentic.

VilmaTech helps remove Cerber Antivirus that Gives Deceptive Virus Warning


Any Danger by Deceptive Message by Cerber Antivirus

Any changes on the default settings by spam-ish programs could lead to potential danger, which could trigger unpleasant scene all of a sudden only because of slightly inappropriate operation.

At the very first beginning, people would detect the following unpleasant scenes:

  • It takes long to read digital content before Cerber Antivirus’ popup warning is shown completely.
  • More ads are seen to display on the target machine day by day.

It is believed that the scenes won’t arouse end user’s attention as they look trivial. But the “Your Computer Is At Risk” popup message can result in information/identity loss once it is poisoned by virus like Trojan, ransomware and more.

As one can see that many virus attacks result from clicks on random ads for adware comes in a web form containing JS and BHO techniques that can be maliciously capitalized to reach caches where confidential information like log-in credentials, browsing history, online activities, etc. are stored.

As an advertising pop-up message concerns computer and online security, “Your Computer Is At Risk” warning grabs virus makers’ attention, just like what Facebook does. They don’t carry virus. But VilmaTech Computer Security Center would kindly remind that every application has loophole, especially in web form. Even Facebook featuring advanced protective mechanism was captured once, how hard could it be to attack “Your Computer Is At Risk” warning message by Cerber Antivirus?

Tip: below is the manual way to uninstall Cerber Antivirus and get rid of “Your Computer Is At Risk” warning that’s out of control. Should you have problems in implementing the steps or you run into unexpected issues during the removal process, don’t hesitate to get quick solution offered by VilmaTech Online Support.

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How to Stop “Your Computer Is At Risk” Popup by Cerber Antivirus?

Enabling Popup Blocker function but “Your Computer Is At Risk” message still pops up? Disabling ActiveX Control would only set you in trouble when visit sites that require such function to run normally?

To completely stop “Your Computer Is At Risk” popup by Cerber Antivirus for good, you should take one more step to uninstall Cerber Antivirus. Follow the manual steps below, given the fact that Cerber Antivirus is not technically a rogueware and that its popup message doesn’t carry vicious attribute code, to help yourself. Any unexpected and tanglesome problems can be solved by senior technicians from VilmaTech Online Support if you pressing on the live chat button below.

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A. Exit Cerber Antivirus and remove it from Control Panel.

  1. Right click on Cerber Antivirus to exit it from task bar.
  2. Hold and press Win key and R key together to enable Run dialog.
  3. Enter “appwiz.cpl” in the dialog box and hit Enter key will lead you directly to Control Panel.
  4. Select Cerber Antivirus to uninstall.

B. Enable Pop-up Blocker.

Internet Explorer

  1. Hit on Tools menu to click on Options.
  2. Hit Privacy tab to locate pop-up Blocker section.
  3. Check “Block pop-ups” option to block “Your Computer Is At Risk”.
    enable popup blocker to block  “Your Computer Is At Risk” fraudulent warning message on IE

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Also in Tools menu on the top of the browser, select Options.
  2. Press on Web features button to select Cerber Antivirus/ “Your Computer Is At Risk” URL to be blocked.
    enable popup blocker to block  “Your Computer Is At Risk” fraudulent warning message on Firefox

Google Chrome

  1. Navigate Options from Tools menu and hit “Under the Hood” tab.
  2. Open up “Content Settings” window then to choose “Pop-ups”.
  3. Access “Exceptions” on the right pane to make sure that Cerber Antivirus/ “Your Computer Is At Risk” URL is not there.
    enable popup blocker to block  “Your Computer Is At Risk” fraudulent warning message on Google Chrome


  1. In Opera’s menu, please select “settings” option to locate “Preference”.
  2. Browse to General tab and check“Pop-up” section.
  3. Tick “Block Unwanted Pop-ups” and hit OK button to block “Your Computer Is At Risk” popup message by Cerber Antivirus.
    enable popup blocker to block  “Your Computer Is At Risk” fraudulent warning message on Opera

C. Show hidden files and folders.

Windows 7/XP/Vista

  1. Hit on Start menu to select ‘Control Panel’.
  2. Enter into “user accounts and family safety” to access ‘Folder Options’.
  3. Locate View tab and tick ‘Show hidden files and folders”.
  4. Non-tick “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)”.
    show hidden files and folders on Windows7/XP/Vista to remove the hidden items by  Cerber Antivirus

Windows 8

  1. At Start Screen, please access Windows Explorer.
  2. Locate View tab to tick ‘File name extensions’ and ‘Hidden items’ options.
    show hidden files and folders on Windows8 to remove the hidden items by  Cerber Antivirus

D. Remove items related to Cerber Antivirus and its deceptive pop-up message

Remove items featuring creation date on and after Cerber Antivirus’s installation in the following listed folders to finally uninstall Cerber Antivirus and get rid of “Your Computer Is At Risk” fraudulent message:

C:\Program Files\ HBClient
%systemroont%Downloaded Program Files
C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Local\Temp\
C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Local Settings\Temp
C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Local Settings\Temporary Internet File

Tip on checking creation date:

a. Right click on the space of the window you are about to inspect.
b. Choose “Arrange by” and select “Day”.
c. The files will be arranged chronologically and automatically.


Cerber Antivirus and Popup Removal Tips

If you still suffer from other pop-up ad, it is recommended to follow corresponding removal methods provided in VilmaTech Virus Removal Section. Be it new, start a live chat window to get exclusive help according to your concrete situation.

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After-Removal: Defrag

Why we need to scrub computer data regularly to maintain healthy computer performance though we don’t have the history under the attack by virus? Each software is supported by its data file; it would collect and transmit as much data as possible to its author for the delivery of better experience.

As regard to Cerber Antivirus, it would collect the information on the computer configuration and browsing behavior to better forge convincing virus attack message that lead to phone calls. Uninstalling Cerber Antivirus itself won’t help scrub such date. It is highly suggest you follow the video below to defrag your computer after a complete Cerber Antivirus uninstall.


How to Prevent Cerber Antivirus from Installing Again?

Some people installed Cerber Antivirus themselves while a wide majority bump into the anti-virus program all of a sudden. In the age when Internet becomes the most effective way for marketing, Cerber Antivirus can be downloaded online without being aware of it:

  • Downloading freeware/shareware/document can download Cerber Antivirus in the process.
  • Clicking on links/attachment contained in Email with attractive title would incur unsolicited installation of Cerber Antivirus.
  • Intention of downloading certain application is only fulfilled after downloading Cerber Antivirus, and such condition is not notified expressly.
  • Running online scan would result in Cerber Antivirus’ secret installation.


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