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How to Remove Wprotectmanager.exe File, Malicious Virus Removal Report

Wprotectmanager.exe is a malicious file associated with the browser hijacker called Nation Zoom that has been epidemic in the cyber world latest months. This kind of aggressive file can cause a mass of security problems on target computers to interfere with users’ online experiences. Wprotectmanager.exe conceals itself by masquerading as a common filename extension but actually denoting a virus executable file, so that many computer users hardly recognize such dangerous process until troubles occur or system running abnormally. Besides the Wprotectmanager.exe is related with the Nation Zoom hijacking virus, it’s also endowed with ability of corrupting Internet Browsers similar to the Nation Zoom virus and ends up stealing confidential data once it wouldn’t be removed from the infectious machine.

Wprotectmanager.exe malicious file is not a useful file extension although it presents with the executable file format. The real .exe file is responsible for executing during the startup process of Microsoft Windows NT family of Operating Systems. While, the Wprotectmanager.exe virus file is attributed by hijackers or cybercriminal syndicates in order for benefit-making. Besides that, the Wprotectmanager.exe aggressive file is capable of starting the kernel and users modes of the Win32 subsystem. Once installed on users’ computers, Wprotectmanager.exe attempts to create a process referring to the wmp control that can active every time when Windows reboots. The nation zoom have a mass of variants, the Wprotectmanager.exe file is just one of them.

Since the Wprotectmanager.exe is regarded as the sort of browser hijacker virus (read more), it can turns out incredible damages on the target computers. Wprotectmanager.exe virus file can compromising the Internet browser and alter default Internet settings to disturb with users’ online activities. The hijack Wprotectmanager.exe file can change default homepage and search engine and then overlap them with nation zoom. And Wprotectmanager.exe provides victims with a lot of pop-ups including pop-up ads, revenues, coupons, deals, or pop-under, which aims at luring target computer users into paying recommended bogus products or boosting traffic for obtaining benefits from per-click-pay technique. Furthermore, Wprotectmanager.exe hijack file probably allows hijackers access to the victimized machine to collect confidential data from hard-drives, emails, startup services.
Note: It highly recommends of you removing Wprotectmanager.exe hijack file from the infectious machine immediately in case of further damages. If need help, you can Live Chat with VilmaTech 24/7 Online Experts.

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How to Fix Wprotectmanager.exe File from the Infectious Computer

Step 1: End Wprotectmanager.exe Process

1. Reach to the Desktop. Click on the Start button and Open Control Panel there. For Windows 8, you need press Ctrl+ Alt+ Del combination key to open Windows Task Manager. (See below screenshot).

2. On the Windows Task Manager window, locate Process tab and click on the malicious process of Wprotectmanager.exe. You then click End Process button.

Step 2: Disable Startup

1. Reach the desktop again. Now Press Windows + R key together. You then can see the Run box popping-up.
2. Type “msconfig” in Run box and press Ok.

3. Now the System Configuration Utility window will open. Locate at the Startup tab. You then need check malicious startup items related with the Wprotectmanager.exe. And then click the Disable All button.

Delete Wprotectmanager.exe File

1. To completely delete the Wprotectmanager.exe file you need show hidden files now.

For Windows 8

A: Locate at the Metro, right click anyway where around the applications. Next a bar may pop-up from the bottom. Now click on the “All Apps” icon at the right bottom corner of the popping-up bar.
B: Double click to open Windows Explorer, and then open File Explorer.

C: Click View tab, check “File name extensions” and “Hidden items” options on the pop-up window. And then press Ok to put all changes in effect.

For Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP

A: Now click start button and open the Control Panel Interface, click on the Appearance and Personalization link.

B: Double click on Files and Folder Option. Click on the Show hidden files and folders option under the Folder Options category.

C: Select the “View” tab. Check “Show hidden files, folders and drives.” Uncheck “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended). Then click ok to finish the changes.

2. Delete Wprotectmanager.exe file. Access to local disks on the infectious machine, you then need search and delete all files related with Wprotectmanager.exe.

Step 3: Delete Wprotectmanager.exe Registry File

1. Open Run window as earlier, type regedit in Run box and click Ok.

2. In the Registry Editor window search the Wprotectmanager.exe and delete all detected entries.

3. Reboot the infectious computer.


Wprotectmanager.exe virus file is not Windows file, not to be essential for Windows. The true nature of Wprotectmanager.exe is malicious virus file. The hijackers producing such virus files similar to the Windows files concentrates on misleading online computer users and let them ignoring its existence, so that Wprotectmanager.exe can acquire enough time to compromise the victimized system and tamper with the target Internet browser. Wprotectmanager.exe hijack file will degrade the infectious PC performance like slowdown, freeze up, times out, program disabled, and Internet connection corrupted, etc. will happen without any doubt. Key to the malicious Wprotectmanager.exe accomplishedly acquiring benefits is to governing the victimized machine. Once it left on the infectious machine unfixed, you have to face masses of losses. Till now, if you still need help to fix the Wprotectmanager.exe file, you can live chat with VilmaTech 24/7 Online Experts

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