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Remove ShopingKicks Adware Completely (Mareware Removal Tips)

ShopingKicks adware was created by immoral cybercriminals who wanted to draw the innocent users to specified websites and practice fraud to victimize them. Once the targeted computer was infected with this purposive malware, the default browser settings would be secretly modified, making the computer become compromised instantly so that those annoying pop-ups and sponsored links could displayed all the time in the computer and the browser without resistant. In that case, users would receive various pop-up ads everywhere, forcibly promoting all kinds of products and services with incredible prices and preferential terms. As most of the users were easily fooled and attracted by small advantages, unconsciously falling for the cyber scams without knowing it.

Providing compelling commercial information was not the only thing that the ShopingKicks adware can do. Because this cunning malware could avoid being detected and easily get installed into the computer system without awareness, insatiable cybercriminals would take advantage of the malware for more vicious plans. With the ShopingKicks adware hiding in the browser safe and sound, it would freely record all the private information and confidential data of the innocent users without permission. In most cases, this malware would collect all the information such as user’s search queries, keywords, browsing history, personal preference and so on, sending to the intended target with remote servers. In this way, evil criminals would clearly know user’s requirements so that they could display the corresponding pop-up ads to lure them and get them hooked.

As the ShopingKicks adware could cause user’s privacy revealed to dangerous cybercrimilas, more and more safety hazards would be approaching. Once the compromised computer has been captured by the criminals secretly, the consequences would be disastrous. Especially when the users were making online transactions, which should involve much confidential data of them such as their login passwords, online banking details or transaction authentication codes, if those evil criminals have remotely controlled the computer, all the critical information would be stolen and might be used for illegal deals, causing unpredicted losses to the innocent victims. More than that, as more and more unwanted malware or virus would be introduced by the ShopingKicks gradually, the infected computer would become worse and worse and end in collapse. So, users have to remove ShopingKicks adware before it was too late.

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How to Remove ShopingKicks Adware with Manual Steps

Step One: Disable the processes of ShopingKicks adware

1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del/ Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys to open the Task Manager.
* You can also type “taskmgr” in the Run search bar, press Enter to find out the Task Manager.

2. In the default Processes tab, find out all the running processes of ShopingKicks adware then disable them one by one.

3. When finished, make sure all the unwanted processes have been ended completely then close the Task Manager.

Step Two: Remove the unwanted programs related to ShopingKicks adware

1. Open the Control Panel from the Start menu.

2. In the displayed panel, locate the Programs then click on the Uninstall a Program link.

3. Search for all the unwanted items in the Programs and Features box, select them then click on the Uninstall option on the top column.

4. Approve the uninstall request then follow its removal wizard.
5. When finished, make sure that all the unwanted programs have been removed successfully.

Step Three: Clean the traces of ShopingKicks adware from the browser

Internet Explorer

1. Click on the Tools then click on the Internet Options from the drop-down menu list.

2. In the pop-up Internet Options dialog, click on the Advanced tab then click on the Reset button.

3. Reset the browser homepage in the General tab( in the same dialog).

4. Restart the Internet Explorer when it finished the reset.

Mozilla Firefox

1. Move the cursor to locate the Help from the Firefox menu, choose the Troubleshooting Information from the list to open it.

2. In the Troubleshooting Information page, click on the Reset Firefox button then confirm the reset.

3. When finished the reset, click on the Finish button to restart the Mozilla Firefox.
4. Open the Firefox Options from the menu.

5. In the pop-up dialog, input a new address in the homepage section then save the changes.

6. Restart the Mozilla Firefox.

Google Chrome

1. Click on the wrench icon on the top right corner of the browser then select the Settings from the list.

2. Click on the Show advanced settings link in the Setting page.

3. Click on Reset browser settings button and confirm the reset.

4. Find out the Appearance section in the Settings page, check the Show Home Button then click on the displayed Change link. Reset a new homepage URL then save the changes.

5. Restart Google Chrome.

ShopingKicks adware just captured user’s disadvantage, showing tempting pop-ups and leading them to raise to the bait. As most of the users coveted favorable prices and small gains, evil cybercriminals just catered to their pleasure so that to fool them and make profits. Actually, users could easily avoid those cunning traps set up by immoral advertisers, just go shopping on some known sites with creditworthiness instead of going to the unfamiliar ones. Moreover, every user should be very cautious while making a transaction online just in case to encounter those phishing sites and result in enormous financial losses. Of course, preventing the unwanted malware or virus from invading the computer is also important for us. Once finding the browser homepage has been changed without authorization, users should consider there might be some unwanted malware are modifying the default settings and hatching a evil plot. Using antivirus or antimalware to scan the whole system and remove suspicious programs from the system timely.

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