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Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD Trojan Virus, Help Remove Malware

What Is Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD

Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD is a sort of destructive malware threat, publicly called Trojan virus. This perilous computer infection is typically designed to manage to compromised computers and steal sensitive user data. The main goal for hijackers producing such Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD virus is to acquire money, even more sell sensitive information though an online identity theft store. To accomplish this, the hijackers will bring out incredible damage on the infected machine to make it totally vulnerable. The first is the infected PC performance will be degraded to the minimum. The troubles like slowdown, freeze up, times out and more can constantly happen. Even more, the victimized users hardly access to the Windows, and the blue screen of death error keeps popping-up to alert victimized users. And then, the Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD Trojan virus allows hijackers doing any corruptive thing they desire.

Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD Trojan virus applies several nasty trick to maximum the risk of the compromised system. For example, the Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD Trojan virus let attackers exploit the vulnerability, as doing so could the backdoor on the infected computer be opened. And then the hijackers can access to the infected machine via backdoor to collect sensitive information. Besides that, the Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD Trojan virus may take over the targeted Internet browsers and tamper with them. All defaults including startups, homepage, search engine, and more can be altered. Typically, all searched result can be overlapped with malicious pop-ups or malicious links. Only when victimized users follow those potentially risky pop-ups or sponsored links can the Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD Trojan virus entice in more malware such as worms, spyware or ransomware to make the infected machine totally failure.

Furthermore, once the infected machine taken over by hijackers, the Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD Trojan virus can fast collect confidential data by tracking browsing histories, cookies, log-in credentials, or online transaction stored on PStore or hard-drives. Under such situation can hijackers do any malicious online commercial activities for illegal profit-making. Victimized users lose their abilities to control of such a risky situation. Now, you should realize that the Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD Trojan virus is quite destructive and vicious so that you’d better remove it from the infected computer as quick as possible. Otherwise, you have to suffer from abundance damage produced by such malicious Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD Trojan virus. VilmaTech – Global PC Support Center has conformed an efficient removal guides for successfully removing such perilous Trojan virus. You can refer to the virus similar to the Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD or read on.

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Steps to Remove Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD Trojan Virus

The first thing is to bypass the virus and enable all programs on the infected computer. To accomplish this, you should boot the infected computer into safe mode with networking. According to the Windows version you are on now, follow the different tips as following.
A: For Windows 8 users:

  • Startup the infected computer and reach the desktop
  • Press the Ctrl+ Alt+ Del together
  • Open Switch User interface

  • At the next page, hold down the “Shift” key, at the same tine, click on “Shut down” button
  • Choose Restart option from the pop-up page.

  • From the next page you need choose “Troubleshoot.”
  • Select ‘Advanced Options’
  • Choose ‘restart,’ under Startup Settings.
  • Press F5/5 key to choose Safe Mode with Networking.

B: Safe Mode on Other Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

  • Shut down the infected computer first.
  • After that startup infected computer, but before Windows launches on always press F8 key.
  • Windows Advanced Options may pop-up.
  • Choose Safe Mode with Networking Option.
  • Press Enter key to reach the desktop.

Uninstall virus from control panel

  • Come back desktop now, press Ctrl+ Esc+ Shift or Ctrl+ Alt+ Del
  • Open Windows Task Manager and choose Process tab
  • And then choose malicious process about the virus
  • Click End Process button.
  • Click the Start button and open control panel.
  • For Windows 8 user should reveal Apps view first and search from the search box.

  • For Windown 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista choose Uninstall a program.
  • For Windows XP, choose Add/ Remove Programs.
  • From next pop-up page, choose malicious program related with Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD
  • Click Uninstall or Remove option.

  • Next need choose Remove or Uninstall again. Next follow pop-up box to get the Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD virus removed from infected computer.

Delete Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD Trojan virus files

  • In case of any mistaken deletion, you’d better backup files first.

    • Start Control Panel window again, click Appearance and Personalization link.

  • Open the Files and Folder Option.
  • Choose Folder Options category.
  • Choose Show hidden files and folders option.
  • Choose Show hidden files and folders option.

  • Select the “View” tab. Check “Show hidden files.
  • Select the “View” tab. Check “Show hidden files, folders and drives.”
  • Uncheck “Hide protected operating system files. Click Ok..
  • Got to the local disks and remove all virus files related with the Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD
  • And then delete the virus registry entries, and press Windows + R.
  • Type regedit in Run box and press Ok.
  • Reach the Registry Editor.
  • Click File and find the Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD virus and then delete all detected entries.

Check Windows Firewall

  • Reach control panel again.

  • Choose the System and Security option
  • Open the Restore defaults link.

  • Select restore the defaults firewall settings.
  • Select the Restore Defaults button now.
  • Confirm and click Yes to continue.
  • Windows Firewall then will be restored to the default values.
  • Once done, reboot the infected computer in normal mode.


Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD Trojan virus is typically attaches itself to a program or pop-ups that publicly known as potentially unwanted programs. As doing so can the Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD Trojan virus infiltrate on targeted computer without any consent. The scammers usually hide virus code within some programs that well downloaded across the cyber world to propagate. Particularly users have to download some web plugins to upgrade online experience. Once download those risky program potentially bundled with malicious codes, the extremely destructive Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD Trojan virus can quickly add on web browser or slip into system. Additionally, there are a lot of fishing sites distributed online aim at luring online computer users into clicking and meanwhile spreading such Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD Trojan virus. In order to altering from further damage, you’d better remove such malicious Exploit:JS/Urntone.BD Trojan virus as quick as possible. If you need further help, you can live chat with VilmaTech 24/7 Online Experts

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