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[Effective Removal] Hijacks IE/Firefox/Opera/Chrome/Safari


remove, not as what others say that it is a redirect virus, is a browser hijacker. It can also be considered as a traffic exchanging site to intercept traffic in an opportunistic way by manipulating DNS settings with technologies that have been utilized by programmers, including BHO, Applet, Script, to hijack original homepage, browser tabs and default engine. So technically, is not a virus.

As what we can see the ads on its interface, they vary themselves most of the time trying to push products or some web sites. Obviously, is a piece of freeware that needs to get fun from advertisement for continuous operation. This indicates that ad bombardment can be foreseeable soon after’s hijacking. It can be learned now that what aims at is getting profitable income by pushing products for online operators. However, some more problems and potential harms can be triggered for that objective. Keep reading to find out more that you should have known. Any question will be answered promptly if you contact VilmaTech Online Support here.

live chat Potential Harms

To get more traffic, would introduce in additional web applications such as toolbar for further calculated and purposeful redirection. It should be widely informed that the existence of such browser hijacker is driven by operators who want to promote Internet marketing aggressively within a short period of time without building an impeccable web site and substantiating content. This would lead to easy detection of bugs.

As the Internet penetrating into our lives deeper and deeper, it becomes the major way that attracts virus makers’ attention for rapid spread. Bug is one of the objects that virus is capable of taking advantage. The more that such web site is accessed, the more likely that the computer hijacked by will be attacked.

Besides, backdoor program has been detected on browser hijacker to alleviate the access to collected information and improve technologies for better promotion. Being only one of the numerous traffic exchanging sites, the programming is quite loose, giving a fat chance to other infections for infiltration.

Once being attacked, BHO, Applet, Script technologies (once being utilized to help offer more favorable content and commodities) will be exploited to preload vicious code into a target system without being examined strictly, control searching destination randomly and record confidential information and details without arousing notice.

There’s no hesitation to remove from browsers. Below are the removal steps for IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari users respectively. Should you run into any difficulty in the middle of the removal, please do feel free to get specialized technical help by starting a live chat with senior technicians here.

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Effective Removal Steps to Remove Browser Hijacker

Step1. Remove’s extension from browser settings.

Internet Explorer

  1. Choose IE’s Tools menu and select Manage add-ons.
  2. ‘Toolbars and Extensions’ and ‘Search Providers’ are the two sections that you need to find and remove anything related to
    remove's extension from IE

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Unfold Firefox’s Tools menu to select Options.
  2.  ‘Add-ons’ and ‘plugins’ panels are the two sections that you need to find and remove anything related to
    remove's extension on Firefox

Google Chrome

  1. Click on the spanner icon in the upper right corner to select “Tools”.
  2. Click on ‘Extensions’ to find and remove anything related to
    remove's extension on Chrome


  1. Access Opera menu to select Extensions for Manage Extensions.
  2. Find and remove anything related to
    remove's extension on Opera


  1. Access Safari Menu for Preferences.
  2. Find and remove anything under extensions tab related to
    remove's extension on Mac
  3. Then Access Safari Menu to select Help for Installed Plug.
  4. Next click open Ins & list to find and remove anything related to
    use installed plug-ins to remove's extension on Mac
  5. Finally quit Safari to find and remove anything related to from “/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/” and “~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/”

Step2. Restore homepage by setting the desirable one.

Internet Explorer

  1. Access IE’s Tools menu again to select “Internet Options”.
  2. Locate General tab and put in the desirable homepage URL.
  3. Press “Use Current” to restore homepage from
    restore homepage from on IE

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Access Options again from Firefox’s Menu.
  2. Locate General tab to type your favorite homepage URL in ‘Home Page’.
  3. Press “Use Current Pages” to restore homepage from
    restore homepage from on Firefox

Google Chrome

  1. Access the spanner icon again for “Settings”.
  2. Locate Basic section on the left pane and type your favorite homepage URL in “Open this page” under ‘Home Page’.
  3. Press “OK” to restore homepage from
    restore homepage from on Chrome


  1. Unfold Opera’s menu again to select “settings” for “Preference”.
  2. Tap its General tab and set your desired search engine in “Home page” section.
    restore homepage from on Opera


  1. Unfold Safari menu and access Preference again.
  2. Under General tab, enter your desirable homepage URL in “Homepage”.
  3. Press Enter/Return key to restore homepage from
    restore homepage from on Mac

Step3. Modify Host file to stop’s hijacking.


  1. Hold down and press Win key and R key together to access Run box.
    use win+r key combination to modify hosts file on Windows to stop from hijacking
  2. Type “CMD” and hit Enter key to get a little black window.
  3. Then put in “ping” and hit Enter key to get its accurate IP address, note it down.
  4. Close the window and navigate to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc for Hosts file.
  5. Click open it up and pate the IP address to the last line.
  6. Save the file will modify the Hosts file and stop from hijacking.

Mac OS X

  1. Access Utilities from Finder launchpad button and choose Terminal to continue.
  2. Type “ping” and hit Enter/Return key to get its accurate IP address, note it down.
  3. Use shift+command+g key combination to get a little black window and type “etc” (/private/etc/hosts).
  4. Hit Enter/Return key will access etc folder.
  5. Click open Hosts file and paste the accurate IP address to the last line.
  6. Save the file will modify the Hosts file and stop from hijacking.
    modify hosts file on Mac to stop from hijacking Conclusion is merely a browser hijacker that replace homepage most of the time, rather than serving as an agent to redirect victims to other sites. With BHO, Applet, Script technologies, the hijacker manages to stay on a machine without being removed automatically and easily as the technologies have been utilized by programmers to customize searching for decades and thus are not considered by security utilities as vicious. However, it is potentially dangerous which has been stated in details in the above sections. Therefore, quick removal is required and manual removal method is recommended. Removal Suggestion

Given the fact that is likely to be attacked and contribute to smooth infiltration, it is worthy of further check into the target system for a complete and thorough removal. Any remnant can arouse re-image before long. Extra attention should be paid to running processes such as explorer.exe (read more) in the case where additional affections are detected thereby as it has been always targeted to help with online tracking. Be noted that the above steps are designed exclusively to browser hijacker rather than the incurred issues. Should you need solutions for the incurred infections, please navigate to virus reservoir; or simply contact VilmaTech Online Support for quick fix at one time.

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Defragment Is Recommended

As is a traffic exchanging site and helps to analyze collected information for better promotion, big data will be scattered in the target system to call internal resource unreasonably, causing sluggish PC performance. In such case, defragment after the’s removal is recommended. here’s the video to show how.

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