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95% Off The Ultimate Drawing Course – Beginner to Advanced Coupon

If you were someone who wished that you could draw better and add one more skill to your list of skills, then this course is for you. Drawing is what which taught us how humans survived all through the past years. Drawing is the skill that humans possess inherently. So, if you have an idea that arts are for those who have practiced it for a while only can get a hold in drawing and the others can’t, it is suggested to take up this “The Ultimate Drawing Course – Beginner to Advanced” course and defy the very fact.
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 Udemy, An Awesome Destination Wherein You Can Learn Advanced Drawing Skills to Be Adept at Drawing Very Amazing Artwork

You can learn The Ultimate Drawing Course – Beginner to Advanced course on Udemy. Udemy is one of the world’s biggest online learning platforms. The Udemy is a great place for those who wish to venture into the teaching profession. Many have this fear of how their content will be perceived on the other end when they apply for full-time teaching professions at the colleges. The Udemy does not have any conditions and other specifications for those who wish to teach.

When you possess the right skills, one can approach Udemy and start their lessons online. The Udemy is one of the best options for the students who wish to take up courses at the cheapest possible prices. The Udemy offers many courses under its umbrella. Right from the courses of latest technologies to cooking, Udemy covers it all. For those people who want to advance their drawing skills, The Ultimate Drawing Course – Beginner to Advanced course is highly recommended here.

The main expectation from a student is to get his/her doubts clarified better. The instructors at Udemy are very friendly and easily approachable. The students can reach them using their mail ID or by putting up comments in the comments section of the videos where the teacher clarifies the doubts of the students. The mode of payment is of a great concern for those who wish to take up courses from international websites. This problem is not present with Udemy. One can pay in their own currency and learn.

What is Covered In This Ultimate Drawing Course?

There are many important concepts of drawing that are covered in this course which makes you realize the fullest potential of your drawing skills. There are video lectures that teach you from the fundamentals of drawing to the advanced levels.

  • The entire course has 63 lectures that are divided into 12 sections.
  • The first section is the introduction part. The introduction part covers the following details

Introduction to the Graphic Design Course by The Instructors

The Ultimate Drawing Course – Beginner to Advanced course was created by Created by Jaysen Batchelor, Quinton Batchelor. The instructors themselves extend a warm welcome to the students by introducing himself and explaining how the learning of art via this course makes a great idea. He also assures that the students can throw as many doubts they wish to and gain the most out of this course. He says that he would make sure to be present all the while to clear the doubts of his students. The introduction part also covers the basics about drawing as there are many who at a stretch venture into painting though they are not even familiar with the basics of drawing.

At the end of the introduction, the candidate is tested with a basic quiz.

Lines and Contours

The second section covers the lessons that teach the candidates on how to draw a realistic eye. The detailing that is added to the eye is what makes it more appealing and enthralling. In fact, there are many who do not get the eye portion right and, in the path, to become a professional artist, you need to get your eyes right.

The third section deals with teaching how to draw lines and contours. One might wonder what is so tough about drawing a line that an entire video lecture is dedicated to it. There are many details that are involved in drawing lines that are explained below.

These are the five major elements of design.

  • Line
  • Shape
  • Volume and Space,
  • Texture or Pattern
  • Color

You have to proceed in this order to get your drawing right. Don’t miss out on using Udemy coupon code to take the #1 drawing course at the very low price online.
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A line is nothing but a point in motion.

One can say that line has only one dimension, theoretically, physically. But the line has a broader view when it is seen from the design perspective. When looking at that perspective, a line is said to have a width as well.

Lines can convey a lot of feelings and emotions. Sharp and straight lines can denote the futuristic and radiant aspect of a particular domain. The slanting, curvy and the bent lines are used to draw anything that is wavering and haphazard in motion. The lines speak volumes as they give rise to shapes. Shapes are the ones that give rise to objects which is the lifeline of the art,

  • There are three types of lines namely
  • Actual lines vary in weight, character and other qualities.
  • When you position a series of points or join many points, you get an implied line.

The psychic lines are the basis of some of the best drawings in the world like the Mona Lisa. Though the painting is said to look in one direction, when you look from other sides, it seems as though, the painting is looking at you. From there, you can see that the lines are not simply just lines.

Contour is the typology of the lines.

When the line is used to follow the edges of forms, to describe their outlines, the result is called a contour drawing. The rectilinear lines do not represent more humanness; they are more of an artificial feel. This lecture stresses the importance of lines and how they affect the entire shape. The shape would provide the texture that is more needed in the other sections where you would be studying how the texture affects the 3D effect of an object.

Shapes and forms

The second section covers the shapes and forms. The lines form the foundation for the objects. If you do not get the objects right, then the entire drawing does not look good.

Now that one is learned of what is a shape, later you will be learning what is a shape and a form. Are both the same and how they affect each other.

The shape is completed due to the pattern and the texture. These repeat themselves in order to provide shape to the object.

In these series of lectures, one gets to learn how to produce the shapes of the landscapes. This is a boon for those who have only drawn sunrise for landscape ever since they were a kid.

After learning landscapes, one gets to learn to draw characters. This forms the base for your realistic drawing experience. The 3D effect that is added to the characters is what provides a natural appearance to a drawing. The 3D effect is again used to add shadows and highlights to the drawing. This is one of the most exciting features of this course is learning how to draw human features.

At the end of this section, a quiz is provided to test the skills of the students.

Values and contrasts

The value of shade that must be used in the drawing that it does not appear too dark and gloomy is the main aspect. The exact value of shade that must be used is covered in this section.

Spaces and Perspectives

The perspective is what defines the quality of the artwork. For instance, the drawing of a cityscape with its skyscrapers mounting the skies and other point based work is taught in this section. This particular quality of being able to produce great perspectives makes you an excellent professional.

Still Life drawing

This section provides you the idea of how to draw drawings from pictures.


Though textures might seem very simple as they are the basis of shapes they are an overall concept in itself. This lecture teaches you how to give life to the brick and wood structures used in the drawings.

Human face and features

This is one of the arts that many of them usually do not get it right. In this lecture, one gets to learn to draw each and every part of the human face right from eyes, nose, cheeks to the entire body. For the amateurs, it is very difficult to draw a feminine body. This provides the solution to those people.


The animation is ruling the world. Be it cinema, education or any field you mention, the animation is playing a vital role. This course makes sure that you do not miss out on one of the happening technologies in the field of art and instills the idea of a good art in you,

What are The Salient Features of This Drawing course?

There are certain features of this course that makes the course a must prefer the option.

  • Excellent course materials

It is very hard these days to find a course that is dedicated completely to drawing for amateurs. The video lectures that are uploaded are of great quality. This is a necessity in drawing courses as the candidate who has registered for the course needs to have a clearer view of the picture that is presented. The course lectures run for about 11 hours.

  • Can be easily accessed

They can be accessed anywhere thus facilitating anytime, anywhere learning. If you have a computer at home or a tablet, even a television, you can access these videos.

  • Real life drawing exercises

There are many assignments and quizzes on how to draw real-life drawing. Not just the methods are learned, but the instructors also make sure that the candidate is guided step by step in drawing the picture.

  • Best guidance

The various initiatives that are taken by the instructors apart from the clarification of doubt are aplenty. One of the applaudable initiatives is the creation of a Facebook group that would include all the learners of this course and some of those who are good at drawing. There are professional artists too in the group. The students can post pictures of their artwork in these platforms which will get reviewed by the critics in the group. By the help of these reviews, the students can learn to draw better.

  • Materials that can be downloaded

Apart from the video lectures, one can download the articles and the supplementary reading materials that are provided. This comes as a double bonus

  • Certificate of Completion

Once you complete this course, you will be awarded a certificate of completion from Udemy which is widely recognized in the real world.

  • Amazing teaching faculty

The instructors themselves have an amazing history of art projects. The way they have conveyed their ideas and the teaching style is one USP of this course.

How can your drawing skills fetch you a fat package?

Don’t you get awe-spired by having a look at the excellent and top-notch graphics of the Hollywood films? Anyone who is behind all those graphics designs possesses amazing drawing skills. No more teachers use the conventional methods of teaching at the schools. They prefer animated videos to reach the students much better. Any advertising agency these days make use of graphics and animation. For all these, you need to know how to draw excellent images. After all, the human work is what is fed into the computer to make amazing output. Isn’t this reason more than enough of Why You Need to Learn to Draw?

Tips: Refer to an easy video on how to use The Ultimate Drawing Course – Beginner to Advanced coupon for a big discount, finally have a price as low as $9.99 only.


Even if you go for a full-time class, you would find it difficult to follow all the instructions from the teacher and produce good artwork. You cannot ask the teacher for a redraw or a replay which is actually possible here. Moreover, from the above topics that are mentioned, you can see that the instructors make sure that the entire concept is covered, you can keep practicing as many numbers of times by viewing these lectures. As each and every time you try drawing, there is a doubt that arises every single time. It is not that easy to find tutors who would clarify your doubts be it the nth time you ask them the same doubt. These are some of the reasons why you should immediately enroll yourself in The Ultimate Drawing Course – Beginner to Advanced course.

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