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95% Off Microsoft Excel – Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables Coupon

Microsoft Excel – Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables course is one of the best-selling excel courses on Udemy, which will give you a very comprehensive guide to be a true expert in data exploration and analysis. If you want to advance your current level of Excel skills and be more qualified in working with Excel pivot tables, then don’t miss out on the best Udemy Excel course here. Want to learn the Microsoft Excel – Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables right now? Simply open the below button to join this course at only $9.99.
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What is a Pivot Table?

It is a tool that compiles a list into an easy format.  This Excel tool allows you to create Pivot Tables using lists and describe which fields should be in columns and rows, and also it allows you to describe the data. You don’t need to use the entire data in Excel, just the fields and data that you require to answer the questions.  Once you produced the table, you can easily see the answers for all the questions.  Also, you can use the same Pivot Table to answer the different question just by rearranging the fields.

Pivot Tables are a completely important tool for those individuals who are working constantly with data in Excel.  The tool allows you to discover and analyze the raw data quickly and it reveals influential trends and insights. In simple terms, the Pivot Tables give you answers, even if you are finding product sales, wondering how the prices increased tremendously, or analyzing which marketing gimmicks made the powerful conversion rates. Excel Pivot Tables offers fast, intuitive, and precise solutions to even the most difficult questions.

Microsoft Excel – Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables course offers you a profound, 100 percent complete understanding of Excel Pivot Charts and Excel Pivot Tables.  You will learn when, how, and why do you have to use Excel Pivot Tables, filtering, calculation tools, initiate higher sorting, and steer you through communicate, interactive exercises and demos and helps you understand each and every step completely. The course will cover everything that you want to know to get up and managing with Excel Pivot Tables tool.

The Microsoft Excel – Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables courses include:

  • RDS (Raw Data Structure)
  • Design and Formatting Options
  • Table Styles and Layouts
  • Pivot Charts, Timelines & Slicers
  • Calculated Values, items, and Fields
  • Interactive Dashboards

In this course, you will also discover and evaluate datasets from different case studies, including:

  • Shark Attack  Records from the year 1900 to 2018
  • Burrito ratings of San Diego
  • MJB (Major League Baseball) team statistics
  • FB Post data from Spartan Race
  • Daily Stock Market Information
  • San Francisco Employee Salaries
  • IMDb movie ratings and more

The Excel Pivot Tables Course Tells You The Secrets to Be An Analytics Rockstar

If you are looking for an immediate introduction, demanding to expand you Excel Skillset, or eager to improve your analytics game in a better method, then this Microsoft Excel – Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables is the right course for you. In present data-driven world, data skills are in not available much even though it is extremely high demand. The individuals who have the capacity to transform analytics into imminent are taking up the charge. This Microsoft Excel – Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables course can help you become the most prominent Data Rock Star in just a matter of time.

Develop a Pivot Table to Evaluate Worksheet Data:

If you are able to investigate the entire data in your worksheet, then it can help you make proper business decisions. However, it is not that easy to begin, and you don’t know how and where to start, and this can happen when you have loads of data.

Excel Pivot Table can assist you by advising, and creating Pivot Tables automatically that allow you to summarize, evaluate, discover, and present your data. Also, ensure that your data contain table headers or column headings, and no blank rows.

In the suggested Pivot Tables-dialog box, press any PT (Pivot Table) layout to get a sample, and then choose the one that contains the information that you want and press the OK button.

Create a PivotChart:

Making a Pivot Chart can assist you to create the logic of PT data. However, a Pivot Chart shows categories, data series, and chart axes the similar way a regular chart does, and it also provides an interactive filtering controls that are available exactly on the chart, so it allows you to evaluate a subgroup of your data.

Now, you can press anywhere in the data, including on the Insert tab, pic recommended charts, and choose any chart with the PC (Pivot Chart)icon located in the top corner. Also, you can see your PC in the preview pane.

Once you find Pivot Chart that you want, then press Ok button. In case, if you didn’t find the Pivot Chart you like, and then press PC (Pivot Chart) on the Insert Tab in place of RC (Recommended Charts).

You can press any interactive control in the Pivot Chart and then choose the filtering or sort options that you want.

Create a PivotTable with an external data source:

If you are able to evaluate all the information that can help you make superior business decisions. But, it is not that easy, and most of the times you don’t know where to start exactly, particularly when you have a lot of information that is stored outside Excel, such as in a Microsoft SQL Server database or Microsoft Access, or OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) cube file. Therefore, you will connect to the outside data source and then develop a Pivot Table to precise, explore, analyze, and present the data.

To create a Pivot Table using a present external data connection, the first step is:

  • Press on any cell on the worksheet
  • now press Insert> Pivot Table
  • PT (Pivot Table)key on the insert tab

> In the Create Pivot Table dialog box, select the data that you want to investigate and press Use an EDS (External Data source).

> Now, produce Pivot Table Dialog Box, select an external data source and press on Select Connection. In the show box, on the connections tab and select All Connections options or choose the connection group that has the data source that you want to connect to.

Why Learn The Excel PivotTables Analysis Tool?

The capability to analyze data is a commanding skill that helps the individual to make better and precise decisions. As you all know that MS Excel is considered as the top tools for data investigation and the integral Pivot Tables are probably the most famous analytic tool.

This Microsoft Excel – Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables course can help you learn and know how to do data analysis using the best and most popular features of Excel. It helps you learn to create Pivot Tables from a series of columns and rows in Excel. With this, tool, you will notice the strength of Excel Pivot and its capacity to summarize data in supple ways, allowing the quick study of data and creating vital insights from the gathered data.

Pivot Tables are used in various industries and used by millions of users, as it allows them to share their aim of reporting the production of organization and companies. Also, Excel formulas can be utilized to collect data to produce useful reports.  The slicers and Pivot Charts can be used collectively to see data and produce accessible dashboards.

Before taking this course, you’d better know…

You must have a fundamental understanding of generating formulas and how excel cells are ascribed by rows & columns before considering taking the Microsoft Excel – Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables course. If you need, you can get help on different topics at the MS Office Support Site.

You can confidently use any backed version of Excel and install it on your computer. You can get workarounds in case if you are not able to finish all exercises. The workarounds are offered in the Discussion forum or lab instructions.  But, you should know that Mac users who are using excel, may not support various features verified in this course.

Once you decided to take the Microsoft Excel – Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables course, then you will continue to more advanced Excel course, A&V (Analyzing and Visualizing) Data with Excel. Many industries use Excel tool as it is considered a powerful excel data analysis tool and most of these small business use this tool regularly in their daily functioning. This course is designed to provide working skills in Excel with the objective of using it for advanced Business Statistics topics later.

Who is the target audience…

This Microsoft Excel – Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables course is developed for two types of learners, the first type, who have very little practical Excel knowledge and the second type is, those who use MS Excel often, but, at a marginal level and who wants to improve their skills. It takes you from fundamental operations like reading data into Excel and using different formats, manipulating, and organizing data to advanced performance of Excel.  In the entire course, the functionality of Excel is introduced using a simple example that is confirmed in a way that learners can understand easily.  To complete the course assignments successfully, all the students must use Windows version of MS Excel 2010 or later version.

What Will You Learn?

  • The powerful Data Analysis Excel Tools will make you a professional in no time.
  • You will learn to use Pivot Charts and Pivot Tables to restructure and completely transform your workflow in MS Excel.
  • Fun, effective, and highly interactive lessons from a top-selling excel instructor.
  • Exclusive tools, tips, and case studies that are not available in any other course, it is guaranteed.
  • Reference materials, quizzes, homework exercises, and practice file will be available all through your life. Also, you will get one-on-one support from the instructor.


  • Microsoft Excel 2016,2013,2010, preferably for PC
  • Mac Users Pivot Table interface differs across platforms.
  • You need basic experience with MS Excel performance, including formulas and charts.

What Will The Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables Course Offer You?

The Microsoft Excel – Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables course includes quizzes, project files, and homework exercises. Also, each student gets one-on-one instructor support and lifetime approach/access and 100 percent money back guarantee.

Once you complete the course, it makes you feel confident to put all the skills that you learned on your resume.  The lessons are in detail and easy-to-understand. It is a highly recommended course if you want to become an expert in creating Pivot Tables.

The course offers a detailed and clear explanation on how to utilize Pivot Tables to bring up hidden details and data using real-life, raw data sets. The homework and quizzes support the course layout and lessons and allow you to do the revision whenever you want. This course is just the perfect for every individual who uses Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts regularly in their businesses.

Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts are an extremely necessary tool for those individuals working with Excel regularly. It allows you to discover and evaluate raw data quickly and helps you reveal influential trends and insights easily, and the best part is they give answers to all your questions. If you are looking at the product sales, analyzing marketing tactics to bring powerful conversion rates, or any other thing, Excel Pivot Tables offer quick, intuitive, and accurate answers to the most difficult questions.

Module-1:  In this module, you will be introduced to spreadsheets and helps you learn about the basic data Excel function and use of Excel Spreadsheets. This module covers the topics including:

  • Basic Excel functions
  • Reading Excel Data using different formats
  • Formatting columns and rows, and so on and so forth

Module-2:  In this module, you will learn the spreadsheet function and how to organize data using a range of excel function and query data.  Beginners will be introduced to IF and nest IF and other function of Excel.

Module-3: In this module, you will introduce to Pivot Tables, Filtering, and Pivot Charts.  The module introduces different capacities of Excel data filtering. It helps you learn to set data filter and how to get access to selective data.  The module also introduces to extremely influential data summarizing tools, charting and Pivot Tables of Excels, and more.

Module-4: In this module, you will learn advanced charting and graphing and it allows you to explore a range of complex charting and graphing techniques. Beginning with several bars, line, and pie charts, and introduces to scatter plots, Pivot Charts, and histograms.  It covers the topics, including Pivot Charts, Bar, Line and Pie charts, and more.

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It is the perfect course for those individuals who are looking for a quick introduction, wants to improve their analytics game, or trying to expand their excel skill set. It is very important to know analytics skills in today’s data-driven world. The Microsoft Excel – Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables course is for any individual who works with MS Excel on a daily basis. Also, the course is for those individuals who want to become professionals in data analysis and investigation.

Tips: Look at an easy video on how to use the 95% off Microsoft Excel – Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables coupon as follows.

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