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[95% Off Udemy Coupon] Microsoft Excel – Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions

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Are You Looking For The Best-Selling Microsoft Excel Course to Learn For Being An Excel Ninja?

Are you interested in learning new courses like Microsoft Excel? If yes, the time has come that you should start learning it with Udemy! This platform is well known and offers various courses to students for studying online. This platform will make learning easier as well as interesting with the study material they provide. About 30, 569 students have already enrolled in this course. This Microsoft Excel – Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions course includes various project files, homework exercises, quizzes, 1 on 1 support of the instructor and many more things.

You can begin from square one or functions that changes excel into dynamic as well as a powerful analytic tool from a basic spreadsheet program. Most of the Excel courses put the main focus on what is done by each formula. However here, teaching is done through contextual examples which are designed to showcase the main purpose of which these formulas were derived and the methods by which these formulas can be applied. The instructor will teach you how to excel in Excel and not just train you about regurgitating functions or formula syntax.

Let us see what all are the things taught in Microsoft Excel- advanced excel formulas and functions.

  • You will be taught to write the powerful as well as dynamic formulas from the scratch
  • Tools will be provided to streamline, automate as well as revolutionize the workflow with excel
  • You will be getting fun, highly effective and interactive lessons to learn from bestseller excel instructor
  • Exclusive tools, tips as well as case studies scenarios are offered to students

In this Excel course the students will be driven into a broad range of formulas and functions of excel including-

  • Text functions
  • Statistical functions
  • Array formulas
  • Data and time functions
  • Reference/lookup functions
  • Logical operator
  • Influential analytic tools as well as formulas such as hyperlink, indirect and, webservice and filetxml

By the end of this Microsoft Excel – Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions course you will be able to write the elegant and robust formulas as well as functions from the scratch which will allow you to-

  • Build the dynamic tools as well as excel dashboards so that you can display, filter and analyze the data
  • Go rogue & design the formulas of your own which are based on formatting rules
  • Link datasets from different sources within seconds along with an index and match functions and lookups
  • Pull the synchronized data from an APIs directly into the Excel (directions, quotes , stocks and weather)
  • Manipulate times, dates, arrays and text
  • Automate the time consuming or tedious analytic tasks by utilizing cell formulas as well as functions in excel

The Best-Selling Microsoft Excel Course is A Good Choice to Advance Your Excel Skills

Reading this much information about the Microsoft excel- highly developed Excel formulas and functions, you may surely feel the need to learn this course, isn’t it? If yes, then before you jump to enroll in this Microsoft Excel – Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions course read the requirements for this course. The first requirement is Microsoft Excel installed as well as ready to roll (attuned with excel 2007, excel 2013, excel 2010 or excel 2016). The second requirement is knowledge with basic formulas. Even if you are not familiar with the basic no problem as the instructor will spend some time discussing basic.

When it comes to learn this course online many people get one question in their mind i.e. whether this course will be taught well and will this really be helpful in future? If you have the same question then read further. Udemy is the platform where Microsoft excel course is offered and taught by the professional.  When you learn from such an experienced instructor, you not only get well aware with the course but also you are able to excel in this course. The certificate you get at the end of this course is helpful and can be produced in front of other companies while applying for the job.

The students will get all the satisfaction and all their doubts will be cleared by the instructors. Instructors of this course are friendly enough and they are making the studies interesting and teach each topic in detail. So when you start this Microsoft Excel – Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions course and start learning you will be able to grab each and every topic.

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About The Instructor- Chris Dutton

Instructor of the Microsoft excel- advanced excel formulas and functions Chris Dutton is passionate. Instructor of this course is the founder of excel maven and have been teaching more than ten thousand students from past ten years. The teaching style is authentic, conversational as well as point to point. The concepts which are complex are discussed through a framework so as to make it easy and clear to comprehend.

The consultant of full time analytic as well as excel instructor knows how to use excel formula and functions to solve the business problems happening in real world. This instructor is professional and has developed the award-winning analytic and data visualization tools for 500 companies. Also, the instructor is MOS certified excel expert and hold the card. Thus, if you learn from the instructor available on Udemy to learn this course then you can become real excel ninja and learn the advanced functions and formulas.

The Udemy guarantees that the students who will enroll here will get the enhanced knowledge, tools, and other study supplements and if you don’t like the course then you can leave it in between. There is no compulsion or force done to study this course, unlike the real institution which doesn’t allow you to do so.

The Targeted Audience For This Microsoft Excel Course-

Students who enroll in this course are mostly the one who use excel but knows only basic. If you want to get in depth and learn then this course is best for you. Learners can expand their analytic skills, work with more efficient data as well as create a new career in this Microsoft Excel – Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions course. Also, students who are looking to engage and interact to approach excel analytic training can opt out for the given course.

You must be interested in knowing what all study material you will be getting when you enroll in this course, right? If yes, then know about it! Here, after enrolling in this advanced course you will be accessing 98 lectures. All of these lectures can be accessed using the TV or Smartphone. Out of 93 lectures, 11 will be on excelling formulas 101, 8 will be on statistical functions. Other 8 lectures will be on the conditional statement and logical operators, 16 lectures will be on reference and lookup functions. 10 lectures will be on text function, 11 on a date and time function, 7 lectures on formula-based formatting and last 14 will be covering the topic array formulas.

Why Learn This Advanced Excel Course?

As you already know that the Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet application that allows users to manipulate, store as well as graph the data. Although there are other applications too but if you train in excel then you will be able to unlock the full potential of this software. By learning and training yourself in the Microsoft Excel you can get given below benefits-


Microsoft Excel is common application which is used everywhere. If you start your job in new company where you are needed to make spreadsheets or work on excel then if you have learned about it in past, it will be easier to work on it.

Data analysis-

There are millions of rows and about 16,000 columns available in excel which can be used to store huge data collections. Thus, by using excel one can analyze the huge sum of data and the flexible and sorting tools of this application helps the user to find as well as examine the information within a short period. Analysis can be done through graphs, tables, etc.

CV enhancer-

Many businesses, as well as organization, make use of excel. Thus, if you know how to use excel to its full potential then it will be a plus point for you and you can enhance your CV by adding your skills in Microsoft Excel. Thus, gates for more job opportunity will open up for you within the short period.


One of the major features of excel is the formulas. Excel formulas enable users to execute calculation with data stored in spreadsheets. Excel formulas will help you find an answer to all your questions.but excel formulas can become complex if you have no training on Microsoft Excel.

Thus, these are some of the benefits you get if you begin with this course and complete this course. If you don’t learn this course then you may face problem in finding job in future. Also, not all online platforms offer you to learn advanced Microsoft Excel formulas and functions. Thus, if you learn from Udemy and enroll then you can learn this course effectively. In addition to this, this Microsoft Excel – Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions course is offered to all the students at very affordable price which is another benefit you get. No other platform will provide you this course at such affordable rates.

Why to Learn Advanced Microsoft Excel Formula And functions on Udemy?

Easy to access- learning from institution is not what all can do because they lack budget or time. But here on Udemy you get to learn at very cheap price and there is no time restriction to complete the course as soon as possible. Thus, you can begin this course anytime and end at any time. You can access the course on mobile or PC.

Supplement– udemy provide you the entire necessary supplement to complete this course successfully. You get the six-hour video on demand, one article to read, full-ti access and many more study provided makes users to grab on topic more easily.

Best rated– this Microsoft Excel – Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions course on Udemy is rated high thus, you get guarantee that what you learn here will be worth and learning from this platform will help you achieve your objectives. Many people who had already enrolled in the course and have become successful and have rated this course.

Reviews– if you read the reviews of this course you will get to know how many people have been benefited by learning from here. Reviews of this course are all good and they inspire you to enroll in this course grab its benefits.

Bestseller– the reason why most students opt out for this course is because it is the best seller course and many people have liked this course. If you do not want to study or you have already studied this course, then you can gift this course to someone you know, who wish to learn Microsoft Excel.

Variety of courses– not only you can learn advanced formulas as well as function of Microsoft excel on Udemy but you can enroll in various other courses related to this course. For example ultimate excel programmer, beginning course in excel, data analysis with excel, excel training and so on.

If you want to learn Microsoft Excel from a complete beginner to the advanced, the Microsoft Excel – Excel from Beginner to Advanced course is also highly recommended.

Tips: How to redeem the Udemy Microsoft Excel – Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions coupon for saving up to 95% off? Look at the following easy video guide to get started easily.


If you are interested in learning Microsoft excel on Udemy then you can buy this Microsoft Excel – Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions course from its site. The site is offering many other courses too but this is bestseller course and useful too, so you can study it as well. Side by side you can learn interesting courses on Udemy. After completing this Microsoft Excel – Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions course you will surely be able to find and make career. Also, you can build your career on Udemy if you already have some knowledge as well as experience about this course.

You can teach and interact with students if you become instructor on Udemy. Hurry up and install the application of Udemy and buy as many courses as you wish to learn. These courses will be easy to understand and will be provided to you in language which you prefer. There is no restriction on language so if you speak, French, German, or any other language then don’t worry, you will be provided this Microsoft Excel – Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions course in language you prefer.

For more updates of this Microsoft Excel – Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions course and other courses available on Udemy you can follow it on various platforms like Facebook, twitter, etc. You can spend your free time learning new courses which is just so amazing! Hurry up and buy this course now!

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