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95% Off Cryptocurrency ICO Investing Course 2018: Identify the Best! Coupon

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The course titled, “Cryptocurrency ICO Investing Course 2018: Identify the Best!” is the need of the hour course. If you are perplexed about the term ICO and the usage of cryptocurrency in ICO, then you should have a look at the review of this course.

ICO, The New Age Crowdfunding

The crowdfunding by the usage of cryptocurrencies is known as Initial Coin Offering. This particular course teaches you of how you need to choose the best initial coin offering. One asks a stockbroker for the advice of which stocks they need to invest to get better returns, but there are not too many resources available to ask of which company’s initial coin offering one needs to buy to reap better benefits.

Since it deals with cryptocurrency which is a relatively newer concept, except for the techies who have an idea about the working style of cryptocurrencies and which cryptocurrencies have value in the market and what the future value could be for cryptocurrencies, it is definitely a bigger task. So, this course is designed exclusively keeping in mind the demands of the investor side.

The method of using the cryptocurrencies to raise funds is known as Initial Coin Offerings. This is one of the simplest definitions of initial coin offering.  Artificial Intelligence, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Big Data are the buzzwords in the recent times. The same goes for initial coin offerings. Fundraising is the first and most important need of an aspiring entrepreneur.

Unless or until you belong to the San Francisco area, it is not that easy to find Fundraisers. The process of Fundraising is not an easy task. One needs to develop media connections, create networks, possess good communication skills, maintain a good PR team etc., the crowdfunding platforms came to the rescue of the aspiring entrepreneurs.

But these crowdfunding platforms did not actually do the needful, as they charged more than 5% of the fund as a service charge. This is not a great deal for the budding entrepreneurs whose firms are not too huge in size. There are other options like Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors to provide the required acceleration needed for your firm.

Since this is the age of digital currencies, the Initial Coin Offerings have taken the place of these crowdfunding platforms. One can also say that the Initial Coin Offerings are akin to the Initial Public Offerings. The Initial Coin Offerings and the Initial Public Offerings almost have the same to same working style. They are announced by the firm themselves who are looking out for funds.

Like how a company planning to raise funds using the Initial Public Offering has to submit a red draft herring prospectus that carries details like the annual financial statements, company overview etc., the initial coin offering has a concept called white paper. The company needs to produce statements of what they do with the company money, the processes of the company etc. to keep their buyers updated about the company situation.

What are The Features Of A Beneficial ICO?

The Initial Coin Offerings are targeted for long-term benefits. Since these days, the zones for long-term benefits are shrinking in size, the ICO is here to the rescue. If you are looking for options to save for your post-retirement stage, then you should be investing in an ICO that would reap good benefits in the future. The Cryptocurrency ICO Investing Course 2018: Identify the Best! course will teach everything you need to know to have a good start.

  • Stages and the processes of the project of the firm
  • Past history of the firm
  • Value of the cryptocurrency offered by the firm
  • Look for the PR and social presence to check for genuineness factor

What are The Topics Covered In This ICO Course?

These are the various topics that are covered in this course.

The entire course ‘Cryptocurrency ICO Investing Course 2018: Identify the Best!’ runs for about 2 hours and is divided into 5 sections. The first section mentions why you need to take up this course and a small introduction into the ICO for beginners. The course instructor also gives an introduction to himself.

The second section speaks about why one should invest in ICO and what is the major difference between ICO and IPO. Whether you should be investing in ICO and IPO is also discussed. The method used by the ICO to create millionaires is discussed here. The stories of how certain people made huge profits with the help of CIOs are also discussed here.

The third section speaks of the factors that help you to choose the best IPO in the year 2018. Apart from discussing the factors that decide the best ICO, it also helps you to stay away from the bogus ICOs’.

The fourth section speaks of the best ICO options available for the year 2018. The various factors like whether this ICO will deliver good value in the future and how is this ICO different from the rest are discussed.

The fifth section speaks of the various platforms where the instructor can be reached. The Cryptocurrency ICO Investing Course 2018: Identify the Best! course is also given a conclusion in this section.

Why Should You Take Up The Best-Selling ICO Course?

There are several reasons why you should be taking up this Cryptocurrency ICO Investing Course 2018: Identify the Best! course.

  • Even for those with zero knowledge

The ones who do not have any idea about ICO should take up this course. This is one of the best parts of this course. There are not too many courses that are available that imparts knowledge for those who do not have any basic knowledge of this course.

  • Best quality for the money

This is one of the best courses available for the money they charge. There are frequent offers provided to users on certain special days. The courses can be availed for fewer charges itself.

  • Best course on the latest tech trends

One can offer courses on C, C++, and other programming languages easily. There are in existence for a long time, so designing a course on those topics does not require very high efforts. It is not easy to design a course on the latest tech trends like ICO.

  • Less time but great content

The Cryptocurrency ICO Investing Course 2018: Identify the Best! course content runs only for 2 hours. But almost every important concept is covered in this course. After this course, you would be in a state to get the best of the ICOs in the market.

Difference Between Investment in ICO and IPO

This is a major doubt in one’s mind. Will the Cryptocurrencies take over the market and will the IPO diminish in the near future. Both these investments have their own pros and cons.

The IPO deals with stocks whereas the ICO deals with cryptocurrencies.

Anyone can offer ICO if they have the required cryptocurrencies, there need not be too many rules that one needs to abide by when it comes to IPO. So, one can say that the ICO is open to all whereas the IPO is exclusive in nature.

Legal documentation is required by the IPO whereas it is not required when it comes to ICO. This comes as a great deal of support to the small-time business owners as the documentation charges could be minimized to a great extent by the usage of ICO. In fact, there is no such legal documentation involved in ICO.

The process involved in an IPO crowdfunding is much larger than the process involved in ICO crowdfunding. The IPO crowdfunding takes minimum 4 to 5 months to get the approval whereas it is not the same case with ICO.

Anyone can invest in an ICO whereas only certain institutions can participate in an IPO. If an individual wish to buy the stocks of the firm, then he needs to enroll himself in an investment bank or mutual funds organization. The middlemen organization take some brokerage fee out of the stock price. This is not present in the case of ICO. The entire benefits can be reaped by the individual himself.

What are The Salient Features Of This Cryptocurrency ICO Investing Course?

These are the salient features of this Cryptocurrency ICO Investing Course 2018: Identify the Best! course.

Best teaching quality

There are many people with great expertise in the domain. But they do not possess the right teaching skills. Since the instructor possesses great knowledge in various areas of online advertising, social media marketing, and cryptocurrencies, he can assure you of the best zones for the investment of ICO since his knowledge is vast. Though he has a wide range of knowledge in this field, he does not make it very difficult to understand. He teaches things in simple straight language. When you can see other investment advisors who speak difficult terms, you can get the simplest of advice from this course.

Amazing lecture videos

You won’t feel like listening to a full-time video lecture. The video lectures are more or less like talking to a best friend of yours and getting the advice on which ICO you should be investing. The proper usage of graphics and other detailing that are imbibed in these video lectures are the USP of this course. These video lectures can be accessed on your phones and other electronic devices. One could also access these lecture videos on one’s television. There cannot be anything this product that can be done in the leisure time on your sofa.

Certificate of Completion

If you possess the tech knowledge needed for the cryptocurrencies but without the management aspect of it, then it becomes sheer waste. You need to know both the investment zones as well as the tech tools to make a great career for yourself in this domain. So, if you are appearing for job interviews for the ICO offering companies, then you can actually use this certificate of completion in your resume.

Video and Digital materials

The video lectures are provided and apart from that, the Telegram link to the main materials of this course and other supplementary materials are also provided. The Cryptocurrency ICO Investing Course 2018: Identify the Best! course also has lifetime access that means you need not pay again and again to access the course materials. Once you have bought, it stays in your account for lifetime.

Genuine guidance

The instructor can be reached easily and if you are willing to invest in a good ICO after taking up this course, then you can contact the instructor for getting some genuine suggestion.

Who is the target audience for this course?

These are the bunch of people who are the target audience for this Cryptocurrency ICO Investing Course 2018: Identify the Best! course.

  • Anyone who is interested in knowing about Cryptocurrencies and ICO investments
  • Anyone who is interested in knowing about the current best ICO in the market
  • Anyone who is interested in knowing of which ICO would deliver the proper returns.
  • Anyone who is interested in knowing about Cryptocurrencies.
  • Anyone who is interested in knowing about the best cryptocurrency companies in the market.
  • Anyone who wishes to know how they should invest in ICOs.

Why should you invest in ICOs?

These are the top reasons of why you should be investing in ICOs.

  • You can reduce your dependency

The access to money is being curtailed. This is the method by which you can take full control of your own money. There is no need to give a certain amount to the organization which serves as the middleman.

  • It is being regulated

Plans are on the board to regulate the laws to make cryptocurrencies legal. The people are afraid of the fact that it is not legal that at the same time, one should also keep in mind the ones who have made millions using these ICO deals.

  • Blockchain taking over the government too

Even some of the governments in the developing countries aim to use the blockchain technology in most of their financial areas. The techs that arose out of cryptocurrencies are making waves on the government side too.

  • Get major returns

This is the topmost reason why you should invest in ICO. The best ICO makes your investment value 10-fold.

Now, one could see that possessing an idea about the emergent technology is indeed a great deal. Moreover, getting a course at this price is yet another big deal. It is very easy to access this course. Just an account creation will help.

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