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What’s Astrill VPN?

Astrill is a privacy-focused VPN service provider based in Seychelles. Astrill VPN protects your online privacy and makes you enjoy amazing internet freedom. It uses strongest 256-bit encryption to encrypt and protect your internet traffic against any hackers and snoopers even your ISP. Astrill prevents your ISP from tracking and monitoring your online communications and browsing activities. They do not log data as they practice strict non-logging policy. Also, Astrill will not transfer or share any data to third parties as they have no laws or article about data retention from government to comply with. With Astrill VPN, your IP address is hidden from websites and Astrill then stop them from tracking you. Astrill creates a secure tunnel over the internet, which protects your data against eaves-dropping, tracking your browser activity or modification. All your data will be protected securely even though you are connecting with an unsecured free WiFi hotspot in café, coffee bar, airport and supermarket. Astrill VPN also can help circumvent censorship by schools, governments and workplaces to access the websites you want. Astrill has the powerful performance to unblock popular websites and streaming service that are restricted due to your IP location anywhere and anytime. Is Astrill VPN the best fit if you are travelling? With VPN service you can access the internet like you are at home – in your native language and without any restrictions. You can enjoy the ultimate freedom and relax on the internet with VPN while travelling outside.

Astrill is good but its price is high. So we recommend ExpressVPN, IPVanish or Zenmate VPN as they are more cheaper with lower pricing.

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