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89% Off The Coding Interview Bootcamp: Algorithms + Data Structures Coupon

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This course, the bestseller in the “The Coding Interview Bootcamp: Algorithms + Data Structures” boot camp, will guide you to discover the talents and competencies that you may need to be successful in coding interview and finding work, and hone your data structure and algorithms techniques, so you can start doing a high-paying work that really matters to you. Whether you already have a job, are looking to start a career in coding, or are looking for moving forward, where you’re willing to change careers, whether you’re preparing for an interview, Whether you’re intending to ace coding challenges, whether you’re coming back into the world of data structure and algorithms after some time away – this The Coding Interview Bootcamp: Algorithms + Data Structures course will help serve as your guide. You will learn more clearly and see how to present your skills to defeat some nasty algorithm questions, and level up your communication abilities to an employer in an easy way that he or she can immediately recognize.

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Introduction to The Coding Interview Course

The Coding Interview Bootcamp: Algorithms + Data Structures course is a good boot camp if you are preparing for a JavaScript coding interview. In such fast-growing and high-demand world, recruiting technology has become increasingly sophisticated, and most big companies employers are constantly creating the way interviews are done. This course gives you the most effective strategies for acing coding interview by mastering data structures and algorithms so that you can communicate the professional knowledge, cutting-edge skills, and the abilities to solve challenging algorithms that employers demand, finally succeed in standing out from the crowds and getting a high paying job.

After completing this data structure course, you will be able to

  • Feel more effortless while interviews asking some tricky questions
  • Be more confident in defeating the most common interview questions
  • Master the tools you can use to succeed in your next whiteboard interview
  • Pick up the tricks to solve dozens of interview questions and be capable of performing in a real interview
  • Understand how to answer a question in a way that an employer can easily recognize
  • Be skilled in answering a huge collection of common algorithm question and the most complex algorithms questions
  • Acquire all things you need to know about the most important data structures
  • Track system design problems using more sensible strategies
  • Remember the tips on how to communicate correctly and answer what an employer really looking for
  • Know how to discover a great JavaScript job that can give you the greatest satisfaction
  • Apply an easy strategy for showing your competencies to an employer in an efficient and convincing way
  • Get a well preparation for your interview and grasp every single line of code
  • Become more confident in taking up interviews and applying for a high paying job
  • Become more qualified with the data structure techniques and algorithms
  • Know more about some of popular interview questions and be capable of solving coding challenges
  • … much more

Targets and who this coding interview course is for:

No matter who you are, programmers, engineers, experienced coders, or those ones who are preparing their first coding interview, this The Coding Interview Bootcamp: Algorithms + Data Structures course will be a good choice to help you get a good interview preparation. To get the most out of the course, learners should have the basic knowledge of JavaScript. So, if you are complete new to coding or JavaScript programming, we recommend you try other best JavaScript courses on Udemy at first.

What Each Lecture Will Teach Yyou:

Once enrolled in The Coding Interview Bootcamp: Algorithms + Data Structures course, you will get 13 hours of on-demand video, 4 articles, and 135 lectures. Each lecture is carefully designed for guiding learners to ace their next JavaScript coding interviews. During this complete learning process, learners also will get a better understanding of data structures and algorithms. Mastering data structures and algorithms will be very beneficial if you’ve been looking for changing careers and earning more money. Next, let’s see what you will get from each lecture.

  • 3 lectures help you get started with the best-selling coding interview course
  • 4 lectures give you a touch of setup, guide you to set up environment and link to Github Repo
  • 5 lectures teach string reversal solutions
  • 3 lectures teach you about the palindromes
  • 2 lectures teach you about integer reversal
  • 4 lectures teach you the solutions of Max Chars
  • 2 lectures teach FizzBuzz problem statement and how to solve FizzBuzz with style
  • 5 lectures teach some chunk solutions
  • 3 lectures teach what the anagram is and how to solve anagrams
  • 3 lectures teach how to understand capitalization and its solutions
  • 5 lectures teach some steps solutions and how to set up steps games
  • 3 lectures teach pyramids solutions
  • 3 lectures teach the ways to find vowels
  • 3 lectures teach the general matrix spirals
  • 3 lectures teach what runtime complexity is and how to determine complexity
  • 5 lectures give the practice of Fibonacci for further understand runtime complexity
  • 3 lectures are all about the queue
  • 2 lectures teach what a weave is and how to weave
  • 2 lectures teach stack data structure and how to implement a stack
  • 3 lectures are more on queue from stack
  • 31 lectures focus on the knowledge of linked lists. After completing this module, you will know linked lists thoroughly
  • 2 lectures tell the midpoint of a linked list
  • 2 lectures are about circular lists
  • 8 lectures teach how to build a tree
  • 2 lectures teach the tree width declaration and how to measure level width
  • 5 lectures teach what the binary search tree is and how to solve contains
  • 3 lectures teach more about validation and how to validate a binary search tree
  • 3 lectures will get you back to JavaScript, you will learn what an eventing system is
  • 1 lecture is a question on how to build Twitter
  • 3 lectures teach how to sort algorithm
  • 2 lectures help you understand how SelectionSort works and its solutions
  • The last 5 lectures teach more on MergeSort

Why Data Structure is So Crucial?

In my personal view, Data structure can be said is the most essential technique of programming. It is a kind of designated format used to organize and store data. Data structure is born to tackle data for any specific purposes so that it can be used to access and work with in some proper ways. If you’re looking to become an advanced coder and feel effortless while coding any projects, mastering data structure will be very crucial. Meanwhile, mastering data structure will be a very good advantage that can help you stand out from a coding interview. In this The Coding Interview Bootcamp: Algorithms + Data Structures course, you will learn all the basics of data structures to be able to perform in a real interview.

Why Should You Get A Good Prep For Coding Interview?

In a increasingly high-demand modern world, people interviewing for high paying jobs today often fail because they did not fully prepared. A good prep is very important if you are willing to be more confident in responding to the weaknesses question while communicate with your employers. In this course, you will learn more interviewing techniques for winning a high-paid coding job.

  • A good prep may help you clearly know what the hiring company is looking for and how to appropriately answer questions
  • A good prep will let you more confident in demonstrating your personal abilities, competencies, strengths, and maturity
  • A good prep will help you become a capable coder in a real-world interview
  • A good prep will help you know more advice and tips for succeeding while you are on the interviewing
  • A good prep will help you get better at solving any challenging coding problems
  • A good prep will help you be more effortless while negotiating the best code job offer for yourself.

Some Tips For Coding Interview

The Coding Interview Bootcamp: Algorithms + Data Structures course will not merely teach you the data structure and algorithms technologies, but also reveal more effective strategies to get a good prep for succeeding in coding interviews. If you’re looking for a code job and don’t know how to get prepared, then here is a good place to get started. Next, refer to some tips on how to prepare for your first coding interview, or applying to your next job that most matters to you.

  • Make a complete research on those companies of your choice
  • Get well prepared for the first 3-5 minutes of your coding interview
  • Carefully design the answers for the all important “tell me about yourself” question
  • Exactly know how to put yourself in a favorable negotiation position
  • Be good at using strategies for dealing with the salary questions
  • Know how to use a persuasive speech techniques to convince your employers for the position that really matters to you
  • Master some interview research techniques
  • Be able to showcase your strengths in a coding interview
  • Understand how to eliminate your nervousness before any coding job interviews
  • Master some effective interviewing skills that can help you land a dream job
  • Learn to test your personal communication style to make sure it works and enhances conversion
  • Rehearse your coding job interview carefully on a video
  • Fully understand your own situations and be able to deal with some common or trick questions
  • Be able to create a convincing and compelling self introduction

Please note: this is an coding interview course on how to succeed your next JavaScript coding interview through showcasing your data structures and algorithms skills. This The Coding Interview Bootcamp: Algorithms + Data Structures course is designed for people who are serious about leveling up their interviewing skills and are willing to get a coding job. To get the most out of the course requires students have the basic understanding of JavaScript, so complete beginners should learn some basics of JavaScript at first.

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The Coding Interview Bootcamp: Algorithms + Data Structures course mission is to up-skill yourself for succeeding in any coding job interviews. You will see the career advancement in fast-changing and high-demand data structure and algorithms technologies. This course is intended for teaching people how to build interview skillset and grow knowledge around programming by mastering data structures and algorithms. Therefore, enroll in the course on Udemy today, it is the real time to prepare for a job interview or career advancement.

In A Word

The incentive of hiring managers or employers is not just to hire people who extremely need a job. It’s to hire those ones who can be involved in the job position. In a coding interview, you need to demonstrate your skills and techniques that prove you’re the right candidate for the job. In this The Coding Interview Bootcamp: Algorithms + Data Structures course, the instructor will teach everything you need to succeed in a coding interview. You will sharp your data structure and algorithms technologies like an expert.

A key benefit of this The Coding Interview Bootcamp: Algorithms + Data Structures course is the dozens of different interview question’s practices you will have to improve your coding interview skills with the most well-paying companies, like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and more. You will gain new insight into what makes a coding job seeker successful and you will gain confidence in your data structure and algorithms skills.

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