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91% Off Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training Coupon

Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training Take This Course Now for 91% Off!

Did you discover the BIG thing in the world of JavaScript? Are you still the most proficient in JavaScript and all its new advanced technologies? Or did you know ECMAScript 6? Today, we’ll talk about the future of JavaScript – ES6, which is a very BIG change added to JavaScript. If you want, we can get a depth learning of the advanced ES6 JavaScript from the Udemy Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training course. If you have known JavaScript (ES5) and want to explore more with ES6, then you just came to the right place. You can acquire all the new features, concepts, and techniques that are introduced in ES6 JavaScript from the course today.

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Introduction to The Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Course

The next version of JavaScript is just the so-called ES6 JavaScript. In the Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training, the renowned instructor Maximilian Schwarzmüller will teach everything you need to scale your current level of JavaScript skills to the better. Once join the course, you will get 6 hours of on-demand video, 16 articles, 12 downloadable resources, and 114 lectures. Besides that, the instructor will be always here to answer all your questions. So, don’t worry about whether you are able to make the most out of the ES6 JavaScript course.

What you’ll learn from the ES6 JavaScript course:

  • You’ll learn all the new features added to ES6 JavaScript
  • You’ll learn all the new concepts introduced in ES6 JavaScript
  • You’ll learn how to get a comprehensive overview on the programming changes and additions
  • You’ll learn all the new features in web applications
  • You’ll learn the difference between ES6 and ES5
  • You’ll learn all the changes and additions about Syntax
  • You’ll learn more about Reflect API
  • You’ll learn more about Proxy API
  • You’ll learn more about extensions and built-in objects
  • … much more

Who are the EST JavaScript course targets?

The Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training course does requires learners have the knowledge of JavaScript. Besides that, some basic web development skills of HTML, CSS and JavaScript (ES5) are assumed.

If you’re not familiar with JavaScript, refer to these courses:

All About The ES6 (ECMAScript 6) JavaScript

ES6 JavaScript
Nowadays, all the major browsers are making use of Es6 as the standard form for JavaScript. It contains some features which has been partially supporting but with gradual upgradation it is going to become the optimum standard for JavaScript writing design for the browsers. One can utilize ES6 for creating several unique applications. ES6 is also known as the ES2015.

ECMA is the industry association which was founded in the year 1961 and it has been dedicated to the standardization of communication and information system. In order to know what ES6 stands for, you will have to know JavaScript. ES6 comes with effective and cool features like generators, templates things, promises, arrow functions, let keyword and other spread and rest parameters. The Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training can tell you all the ES6 new features in detail.

  • The web browser that you will be using may not be able to fully support the features, but you can easily use the new features which are incorporated in ES6. There is a project named babel that will enable you to easily rewrite the code in ES5 version. So you won’t have to wait for the browser to get updated with the latest technology.
  • JavaScript is popular because of its efficiency and for being incredibly fast.
  • It is incorporating several new features like template tags, classes and arrow functions that is going to make your task easier with this new version.
  • Many popular frameworks and JavaScript libraries like react JS or node JS is using this ES6.

This version is the significant update to this language and many browsers will not be able to support the features of ES6 but one can easily use the Babel which can easily convert the code. With every new upgrade, ES6 is making the life of the coders easier because it is using JavaScript. Many of you may find that the syntax of this ES6 is hard, but once you get acquainted with it you can easily include a lot of interesting features in your code.

ES6 vs ES5

In the industry of software development, one will come across two most important languages for scripting that is ES5 and ES6. They both are having some similarities in terms of nature, but you will also find several differences when it comes to features and other prospects. In the Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training course, you’ll get a detailed introduction to the difference between ES6 and ES5.

ECMA is the full form of ES and it is the scripting language which has been developed by the ECMA international. One can easily utilize it for doing scripting from the client side and the first edition was published in the year 1997 and then in 2015, the Second Edition was published.
es6 vs es5
Differences between ES5 and ES6

  • In ES6, the new version you can see that a lot of features with shorthand storage that has been implemented which makes the performance of ECMA much fluent than ES5. ES5 is the previous version of ES6 and which is why it will be lacking a few features and will not provide the same performance as ES6.
  • For ES6 you will be getting different types of community support, but in terms of ES 5, the community support will be much larger.
  • In ES 6 one can easily manipulate the object and the entire process will happen very smoothly. In ES 5 even if it is providing similar features it will be consuming a lot of time when compared to ES6.
  • If you are using ES 6 then there is no specific requirement for using the function keyword if you want to define any function and when it comes to fetching any computed value you can also avoid the return keyword as well. If you are using ES 5 then you will have to use keywords for both return and function when it comes to defining the function.

So whether you are using ES6 or ES5 both of them will be having its own advantages and disadvantages, so you need to analyze which scripting language will make it an efficient for you to work properly and get the desired goal. To get a further understanding about ES6, the Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training course is highly recommended.

New Features Introduced in ES6 JavaScript

The specification of ES6 is not new but many developers are not acquainted with this version because many web browsers are not being able to support it. Now it has been many years after the release of ES6 and which is why the modern web browsers are going to make you utilize it very fluently without much hindrance.

If the web browser that you are using is not of a recent version, then you can use transpilers which can easily transform the ES6 sources to the ES5 sources whenever you are building any application. Since this is the updated version, so let’s see the new features which have been introduced in ES6 JS.

Const & let keywords: The const keyword is used for defining the constant and let is used for defining the variables. It is very true that all these variables exist in JavaScript. So whenever you are using the variable with this let function, then it will indicate that you are using it before you are declaring it. So this constant and let variables are the block scope so you won’t be able to use it before any declaration.

Array: Array is the most helpful feature which has been introduced in ES 6 JS because this valuable function will easily help you to include impressive language features.

ForEach: Making an array with this function will allow you to easily execute each element present in it and then pass this array element as the argument.
ES6 JavaScript
Map: It will be creating the new array that will contain similar counts of elements, but the output element will be created by the function which is already provided. So it will be converting every element of the array into something else.

These new functions will allow you to easily include new features in the scripting language. If you want to be a master in working with all ES6 new features, the Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training course can teach you.

Why You Should Master ES6 JavaScript

An ES 6 is definitely the upgraded version of ES 5 and that is why it will include several features that we are missing from the earlier version. All the modern web browsers can work properly with ES6 JavaScript and the developer can easily utilize it for including a lot of features in their code without including a lot of hassle. So the functionalities will make anyone fall for this new version and it is the major reason why every developer must learn it. To master ES6, don’t miss out on the top-rated course of Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training on Udemy.

Variables and constants: Whenever you are defining any immutable number in the code, then it will stay there constantly and whenever you will try to assign something new as a replacement of that constant then it will pop an error. It is very valuable whenever you are using any known number which won’t be changing with time and the entire application will rely on it. In this new version, you will be getting the let function that will allow you to define the variables in a new way. So whenever you are defining the variable by using the let function, it will be scoped to that particular block and it will not be declared globally.

Arrow functions: The best feature of ES6 JavaScript is the arrow function which will only use => in place of traditional function. You might find it to be quite confusing in the first place, but when the code is going to get larger it is going to become very efficient. Arrow function will behave differently than any other function calling system.

Modules: JavaScript developers use modulus for a very long time and whenever you are doing some projects, for example, Webpack then it will utilize the benefits of modularization. This modularization is one of the major reasons why one should start mastering ES6 because it will help you to reduce the hassle when you are working with JavaScript.

Classes: With ES6 classes it will be encouraging the pattern of object-oriented prototype and it will bring the support for constructors, inheritance, static methods and many more.

There is no denying the fact that the functions and the code of ES6 JavaScript will look more complex than the previous version, but once you get acquainted with it, it will then become a cakewalk for any developer. Time to learn ES6 JavaScript? Dive into the Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training today.

Is It Worthy of Learning ES6 JavaScript?

Learn ES6 JavaScript
When will you feel the need of shifting to a new version of any scripting language? Well, most of the coders will definitely shift to the updated version if that version contains functionalities which the previous version is not being able to provide them. When a new version is getting published into the market, then the developers are ensuring that it does not contain the loopholes which the earlier versions had and that is why many people are learning ES6 JavaScript.

If it was a few years before then it would become tough for you to adapt to this new version because most of the web browsers were not technologically upgraded to work in a synchronized manner with this upgraded version, but nowadays you can easily use ES6 JavaScript on any web browser and at the same time you can use any program that can convert the ES 6 sources to the ES5 sources for your convenience.

So when it comes to analyzing whether it will be worthy of learning or not, then it is very important to list down your expectations from this ES6 version and what are your confusions related to it. SO, don’t miss out on the best time to learn and master ES6, and the Udemy Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training course always here awaits you.

Is it safe?

In the language of coders when they ask whether it is safe or not they are asking about the compatibility. ES 6 is completely safe and it is very compatible with all the web browsers. It is true that you might come across some features which will be partially supported or unsupported but there are high chances that you will never get a situation where you will have to use that function.

How to start with E S6?

You can use Babel for getting started with ES6. It will easily convert the code of es6 to es5 for people who are not well acquainted with this version. This sixth edition is like a boon to the scripting language field.

Till now, do you want to start learning ES6 JavaScript? Do you want to take your JavaScript skills to the most advanced? We have the great Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training course for you.

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