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80% Off Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Programming Coupon

Looking For Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Programming Coupon?

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About The Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Programming Course

This Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Programming course is taught with contents by Al Sweigart. He is a software developer and teaches programming to students of all age groups. He has written several books such as Scratch Programming Playground, Hacking Secret Ciphers with Python, Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python, and Making Games with Python & Pygame.

This Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Programming course is suitable for employed people, students or just interested folks. It will help them write programs which can automate tedious tasks. The content of this course is based on the book with a similar title “Automate the Boring Stuff with Python”. It was written for coders who want to write small programs to finish off tasks in the lowest time possible. This course has a more hands-on approach to resolving those issues, and automating many tasks. There is no need for knowing algorithms or object-oriented programming beforehand. This Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Programming course skips all theoretical and boring stuff and focuses on writing code that gets the work done. The lectures are given in lucid language and are easy to follow. This course will help beginners to learn to code and it covers the Python programming language.

Concepts that are taught in the Python Programming course are:

  • Python coding in different platforms
  • Web crawling
  • Parsing PDF files and Excel spreadsheets
  • Automating the keyboard and mouse work
  • Sending automated emails and texts
  • Debugging codes

This course increases the productivity of programmers, is fun to learn and can be added to a job resume. Users will have lifetime access to the course content and can post queries on the forum. The course can be accessed using Udemy app or website. The original fee of the course is the US $44 but is available for a discounted price of US $9 as a part of Black Friday sale.

Some features of the Python Programming course are:

  • 9.5 hours of comprehensive HD video content
  • Subtitles in English and Japanese
  • Step by step instructions available
  • Access to a forum for queries
  • Lifetime access
  • Access on smartphones and tablets using Udemy app
  • Certificate of completion after completing all modules

Python Programming Course – Target Audience

The prerequisites for this Python Programming course are:

  • No prior programming experience is required.
  • Students should download and install Python. The steps have been mentioned before.
  • Students should have basic computer skills. This includes familiarity with an OS, web browsers and files such as PDFs and Excel spreadsheet.

The target audience for this Python Programming course is:

  • People of any age group who wants to improve their productivity.
  • Software engineers who want to add Python skills to their resume.
  • Experienced Python software engineers who may find some parts of various modules helpful.
  • Developers and administrators who want to learn Python script.

Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Programming – Course Content

Python course
The Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Programming course has 16 modules which have 51 lectures and many exercises and quizzes to help students’ practice.

1.”Python basics” module has three videos and one quiz. The lectures deal with installing Python, basic terminologies and writing the first Python program using IDLE. In the first lecture, the instructor talks about how to search for a resolution of error messages using forums such as StackOverflow, GitHub, and Pastebin. The second video is on basic terminologies such as expressions, data types, and variables. Once the students start writing their code, they can check the results using an online visualization tool which shows step by step evaluation. The third video shows how to write a complete Python program. The quiz is very simple with straightforward questions about the course.

2.”Flow control” module has four lecture videos on flow charts and basic flow control, writing if-else statements, while loops and for loops. The instructor shows examples of a flow chart and talks about Boolean operators in the first lecture. In the second video, there is a discussion about 0 and 0.0 which are considered as false values. The third video talks about while loops, infinite loops and break statements. The fourth video talks about “for” loops, break, continue and range functions. There is no quiz in this module.

3.The “Functions” module deals with built-in functions of the Python, making custom functions and local and global scopes. The first video talks about built-in functions and third-party Python modules (like paperclip module) and how to install them. The second video shows examples of how custom functions can be created from scratch. The last video shows the global and local scope of variables in a program. There is no quiz in this module.

4.”Handling Errors with try/except” chapter has only one lecture video on “Try and Except Statements” and no quiz. The video shows how to validate inputs and write try block to show custom messages in case of errors.

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5.”Writing a Complete Program Guess the Number”module has one long lecture and no quiz. There is a step by step instruction about how to write the code for the basic game.

6.”Lists” module has four video tutorials on list data type, for loops with lists, multiple assignments, and augmented operators, list methods and similarities between lists and strings. The first video focuses on creating lists of different types, making a list of lists, slices and “in” and “not in” function. The second video shows how to use the range function with other functions and swapping variables rapidly. The third video shows how to use an index, append, insert, remove and sort functions. The last video is on similarities between lists and strings and how to manipulate them in Python. There is no quiz in this module.

7.”Dictionaries” module has lectures on dictionary data type and data structures. There is no quiz for this module.

8.”More About Strings” module has three video tutorials on “Advanced String Syntax”, “String Methods” and “String Formatting”. The first video deals with escape characters, use of quotes and multiline strings. The second video gives examples on upper, lower, isupper, islower, isaplha, isdeciman, isspace, istitle, startswith, endswith, join, rjust, ljust, center, strip, rstrip, lstrip, replace, copy and paste functions. The last video talks about string formatting and conversion specifiers. There is no quiz.

9.”Running Programs from the Command Line” chapter deals with running Python codes outside IDLE. There is only one comprehensive lecture, which talks about how to run from a Windows command prompt and set the system variables.

10.”Regular expressions” module has seven lectures on Regex. A lot of functionalities of regular expressions have been discussed with an example such as search and group methods in the first video. The second video deals with the use of pipe character. The third video shows how to find repeating and particular characters in an expression. The fourth video shows the usage of the findall function. The fifth video deals with wildcards. Sixth video deals with adding whitespaces using Verbose mode. The last video deals with creating a regex for phone numbers, email addresses and get the text from clipboard. There is no quiz.

11.”Files” module deals with video lectures on file names, file paths, moving, copying deleting files, etc. Writing output files are important for many processes in software development. The lectures deal with functions like abspath, isabs, relpath, makedirs, getsize and many more. There are five lectures and no quiz.

12.One of the most important modules is the “debugging” module. There are three lectures which deal with logging and debugging. People of all age groups and profession will find this module interesting as knowledge of this can make code run error free.

13.”Web scraping” module has four lectures on browser controls using Python coding. Basic knowledge of web browsers and a search engine is required for this module. There is no quiz.

14. This module is very interesting as it deals with most used file formats and automation of those i.e. Excel, Word, and PDF Documents. This is helpful for programmers as it reduces processing time for various files. There is no quiz for this module.

15.”Email module” has two video lectures on sending emails automatically and checking them periodically using Python coding. These automated tasks are great for email campaigns for digital marketing. It has no quiz.

16.”GUI Automation” module is the last one that deals with four videos on controlling the mouse and keyboard with Python coding, screenshots and image recognition and next steps after the course. The last video tells students what can be done after taking the course, such as getting certification or getting access to more resources related to Python.
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Python Programming Language – An Overview

Python is a general-purpose programming language and is fun to learn. It is an old language which was created by a Dutch programmer named Guido Van Rossum and released in 1991.
It has various applications like Web development, scientific and mathematical computing and creating desktop graphical user interfaces. The syntax is easy to master, and coding can be relatively short. In Python, the syntax is secondary and the solving the problem is much more important.

Some of the features of Python programming are given below:

  • It is easier to learn when compared to other languages like C++, Java, and C#. It is highly recommended for a new learner.
  • It is free and has a great open-source support. Coders can even make changes to the Python’s source code. The forums are available in many languages such as German and English. Dedicated forums on “game development”, “GUI”, “Web Development” are present with many active users. A lot of sample reusable code and functions are also available that can be incorporated in projects. Programmers all over the world participate in these forums to discuss common issues.
  • It is portable and programs written with Python can be migrated from one platform to another. It runs on almost all platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.
  • Pieces of Python code can be coupled with C/C++ or other languages.
  • Python gives your application performance and scripting capabilities.
  • It is a high-level language and tasks like memory management and garbage collection are done automatically. Python automatically converts your code to the language understandable by your computer.
  • It has a large standard library as the coder doesn’t have to write all the code themselves. The standard libraries are tested and won’t corrupt any application.
  • Python is object-oriented which helps in solving complex problems easily.

Some of the major applications of Python Programming are given below:

  • Development of websites and web-based applications
  • Scientific and Numeric Computing
  • Creating Prototypes and full software development like ERP solutions
  • Great Language to start learning to program

Python Programming Course – Final Verdict

Students will be able to learn many new things about programming from the Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Programming course. They will be able to do the following activities after completing all the modules:

  • Automate many tasks by writing Python programs
  • Code programs that can recognize text patterns using regular expressions
  • Parse and update Excel spreadsheets
  • Parse and update PDF, Excel and Word documents
  • Make websites crawlers and retrieve information from various websites
  • Write programs to send emails automatically
  • Use logging and debugging tools find and rectify bugs in the code
  • Control the mouse and keyboard to do automated tasks.

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This Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Programming course is highly recommended for people of all age groups and profession as it will help in developing coding skills and increase their technical know-how. The instructor clearly mentions that this course is not meant to get you a six-figure job, but help you to begin your journey towards it. It will help you develop an interest in coding. It is beneficial for coders who might have prior experience in coding but might learn new stuff that can be done easily with Python programming. There is a good demand for software professionals who have knowledge about Python script as it is used in web application and game development. Python itself is a great programming language which is flexible and easy to master within a short span of time.

Python programming is a fun way to solve issues and is recommended for everyone who is interested in computer technology. So, the best-selling Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Programming course on Udemy is highly recommended.

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