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95% Off The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications Coupon

The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications
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The Course titled, “The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications“, signifies every word of the title. The course is mega in structure. The course also teaches you how to build 10 Real World Applications. Python is one of the most sought-after programming languages these days. The initiative taken to teach all the concepts of this excellent language is indeed a great opportunity for those who have been longing to take up a course like this. This course is not like just another Python Course where coding exercises are provided, the real learning can be obtained from this course.


Python is a general-purpose programming language. It is very simple in nature and does not have complex statements. The language was deliberately made to have very simple statements as the developers of the language wanted this language to be easily grasped by all. Python is considered to be a universal language and is said to meet the demands of any programming requirement. Python has an excellent documentation and support team. This is one of the biggest reasons why this language is very successful.

While some of the programming languages were bought by top firms in the world, like C# by Microsoft, Java by Sun, likewise Python has been held by Google long time back since 2006. The easy to access nature, the reliable syntax is some of the reasons why Python is a big-time hit these days.

What is Covered in This Python Programmer Course?

The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications is one of the best courses that covers major concepts of Python clearly within a short span of time. The entire course is divided into 233 lecture videos, 23 sections and the total length of the videos last about 23 hours and 42 minutes.

Python Introduction

The first section is all about Introduction to Python. The skill level of the candidate is tested so that one could learn of where and how to proceed from. A video lecture is dedicated to writing the first program. One should get adapted to the kind of platform one is working on. So, there are certain instructions provided on how to use the command line interface effectively. How to write Python Code using the Python Shell is taught too.

Basics of Python

The second section covers all the basics of Python. Every expert was once a learner, so before you start learning of how to build applications using Python, you should master the basics of the language. The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications course satisfies that need of the candidate very well. These are the topics of Python that are covered under the Basics of Python section.

  • Variables – What are variables? And why are they used in a programming language is taught here.
  • Strings-Why Strings and its purpose in Python is covered.
  • Numbers and math Operators-Any programming language would require working on numbers, so numbers and their operations learning is a must.
  • Built-in Functions: To make programming easier, the use of built-in functions in Python comes handy.
  • Lists, Indexing, and slicing
  • Appending, Manipulating, Removing and Concatenating the lists
  • Tuples, Dictionaries, and Operations with Dictionaries
  • Conditionals: Any program can think only with the help of the conditionals. So, the concept of Conditionals is covered here.
  • Custom Functions, Return Vs Print Custom functions
  • Functions with Conditionals
  • For loops
  • Writing text to a file

In between all these topics, a few coding exercises are provided to test the skills of the candidate.

Beyond the Basics

The third section is named as Beyond the Basics. Since the first section covers all the basics of Python, the candidate would get well acquainted with the basics. Now, he has to learn certain concepts beyond the basics and it is very well covered in The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications course. These are the topics covered under Beyond the Basics section.

  • While Loop
  • Formatting the String
  • Libraries, Packages, and Modules

There are exercises that teach you on how to handle the files, merge the text files in this section.

Dealing with Programming errors

While programming it is not uncommon to see the errors popping up in a program, the video lectures on how to deal with the errors like Runtime errors, syntax errors are taught in this section.

Learning to build an Application:  Interactive Dictionary

Data can be fetched from external sources and how to build a digital dictionary is learned in this section. Since Python has good return function; this application would work very well for Python functionalities.

How to Analyze Data with Pandas?

Python is one of the prominent programming languages for Data Analytics. The process of working with a reliable data structure like Panda is learned in this course. Loading of data, working with data frames is covered in this section.

These are the other real-time applications that you learn from this course.

  • Creation of WebMaps using Python and Follium
  • The building of a Website Blocker
  • Building a Website using Python and Flask
  • The building of a Desktop Database Application
  • The building of a Webcam Motion Detector
  • The scrapping of Real Estate Data from the web
  • Building a web-based financial graph
  • Building an app that collects data using PostgreSQL and Flask
  • Building a Geocoder Web Service

One could see the variety of applications that one gets to learn by taking up The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications course. The importance of web scraping is also covered in this course.

How to visualize data using Python?

When a programming language can analyze data well, then it should also be capable of visualization of results obtained from the analysis. There are certain tools within Python that help you with the visualization of data, the usage of those tools is taught here.

GUI in Python

The Graphic User Interface is created for Python-based applications using Tkinter. While creating an application, the GUI plays a vital role. So, the knowledge of Tkinter is imparted to the candidate.

Interaction with database

A programming language’s quality can be checked by its interaction with the databases. The process of interaction with SQLite and PostgreSQL databases using Python is learned in this section.

Why Should You Take Up This Python Mega Course?

There are several reasons why you should take up The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications course. Few reasons are listed below.

  • Theoretical knowledge combined with practical knowledge

This course imparts all the theoretical concepts of Python language along with the practical examples like Application Development using Python Language. Any programming language can be mastered only if you practice the language. For the practice sessions and to impart practical training to the candidate, coding exercises are provided. The process of developing real-time applications is taught step by step. This helps the candidate to gain a stronghold in the programming language.

  • To bag high paying jobs

Python is a programming language that is used for all range of applications. Ranging from web development to application development to data analytics, the knowledge of Python is a must. It is a well-known fact that Python is the most effective language used for Data Analytics domain. Big data engineers and Data scientists are routed to be the top highest paying jobs in the industry in the 21st century. If you want to bag those jobs, then you should definitely take up this Python Course.

  • To ace interviews

In all the major universities of the world, Python has been included as one of the main subjects in Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. The students have imparted with the knowledge of Python apart from C and C++. This is the kind of importance the learning of Python has these days. For those who are not equipped with the right skills of Python can take up this course to gain more knowledge within a short span of time to ace the interviews with much ease.

  • For promotions and appraisals

This course not only caters to a limited range of audience, those who are interested in developing a career for themselves as a Python engineer after a brief stint working with other programming languages can take up this course. Python is one of the sophisticated technologies, so planning for a shift to Python will definitely promote you to the next level and you can also be eligible for promotions.

What are the Salient Features of This Python Programming Course?

These are the salient features of the Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications course

  • Awesome quality

23 hours of great quality video lectures. The voice and the video clarity of the lecture are too good that you can have uninterrupted learning. The UI/UX of the course offering website is excellent that the candidate taking up this course does not get perplexed about how to take up the course.

  • Value for price

The course is offered for much less price. There are very few courses online that provide such great quality content for a technology in much demand at such less prices. So, without a second thought, one can take up this course. Udemy coupon code can help you save much more money. And even you can learn a course at a low price just in $9.99.

  • Meticulous teaching

The course instructor already runs a famous Python Blog. In this blog, he records various articles about the Python language. The instructor is also well read and has mastered various concepts in Data Analytics. The instructor has the capability to reach out to a wide range of audience in the simplest manner possible. He is known to provide great quality teaching content. A good teacher is the one who is responsible to create a lot of interest in the subject. This course instructor aims to provide great quality teaching. He can also be reached easily by posting your doubts in the comments section. The doubts of every student are thus clarified.

  • Extra Materials and Coupons

The course provides the candidates with 66 articles and 48 Supplementary Courses that can be downloaded. Those who take up this course are also provided with coupons that enable the candidate to take up the other courses of Python.

  • Access for a lifetime and anywhere

The course can be accessed for a lifetime. The course does not ask the candidate to pay for another time once the candidate has already bought this course. The candidates who take up this course can access the course in any of the modern electronic devices and it can also be accessed in Television in one’s comfort.

  • Certificate of Completion

The certificate is provided to the candidates who complete this course. This certificate speaks volumes when the candidate is appearing for interviews as it is from a reputed organization. This Certificate will be provided only if the candidate has attended all the video lectures and taken up the tests.

Why should you Learn Python?

There are several reasons as to why you should learn Python. Few are listed below:

  • Python, the language of the corporates

Python is one of those programming languages used by some of the biggest corporates in the world. Companies like Google, Yahoo are constantly looking out for Python Developers are they are in much demand.

  • Python, the language of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is becoming the language of the 21st century and it is a well-known fact. Python is used extensively to code the products of Artificial Intelligence. Python is the language of Raspberry Pi, the microchip that is the brain behind some of the best robots and other fascinating scientific inventions. It can be rightly said that Python is the language of the next generation.

  • For Web Development

Though there is umpteen number of programming languages used for Web development, the functionality of Python is top notch. Ever since there was a shift in websites to web applications, the need to develop using Python has always been on the surge.

From the above reasons you can say that Python is one language that serves multiple purposes.

Tips: Refer to a simple video guide on how to use The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications coupon for 95% off.

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What are The Pre-Requisites of The Best-Selling Python Course?

Since Python is a programming language that can be learned even by those who are new to programming, does not require much of pre-requisites. The hunger to learn is the main criteria to take up this course. Possess a good electronic device and that is more than enough.

Thus, one can obtain a clearer view of what all is taught in this course. Now, these are some of the reasons why you should definitely take up the Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications course.

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