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How to Access Twitter in China

Published on July 6, 2017

The very first thing that pops into our mind when we talk about China is the latest technologies that it has always come up with. Undoubtedly, the Chinese inventions have never failed to surprise us. But one more thing which makes China even more famous other than technological developments is the implementation of security on the internet of the country. The firewall of China, popularly known as the Great Firewall of China, keeps a strict track of the activity of the users on the Internet.

The Chinese government has banned a number of well-known social media platforms, that are elsewhere ruling with their connectivity capability. A number of applications and entertainment sites have been blocked as well so that the country does not have to compromise with the security. Basically, the Chinese Government has taken this extreme step to protect the country from terrorism and safeguard the citizens from hacking or anything that concerns cybercrime. There are a number of features that the social media has benefitted the people with. So, while the rest of the world gets the advantages of social media and are able to connect with people across the globe, the Chinese are under the strict scrutiny of the Great Firewall. Though China has social media platforms that are designed in the same manner as twitter or Facebook or Instagram, they are completely different from the others are.


Why was Twitter blocked in China?

Twitter, one of the most renowned social media platforms, a microblog, has been blocked in 2009 in China. But this really has not hindered the users from accessing the service. Twitter, since the very start, had been looking to the growth of the global user base. But since the time Twitter has been blocked in China, this goal of Twitter has been hampered. Twitter was basically blocked in China to prohibit people from spreading any kind of a message as it could come as a political threat to the country.

A twitter substitute that China has come up with is Sina Weibo, which have a lot of users as well (Estimated 400 million), but the instant posting of posts is a major issue because the government keeps track of the user generated content. However, China has a significant number of users in the country, who access Twitter on a daily basis, in spite of the censorship imposed by the Government. Previously, there was an estimate of around 35.5 million users from China, but the true figure could have been lesser than that. Later on, reports confirmed that there are around 10 million users in the country. The Sina Weibo started its work exactly like Twitter, but with time, all the posts started getting delayed depending upon the type of contents that the post had.

But there is real good news, as one can easily dodge the censorship imposed by the government on Twitter. Using a Virtual Private Network helps the users to bypass the restrictions imposed on not only Twitter but other websites as well. A trusted and reliable VPN helps protect a person from the government, and they are unable to keep track of what the user is accessing.

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What is a Virtual Private Network?

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network is a technology that helps in creating a secure connection with proper encryption technologies, over a network that is unsafe or not reliable. Virtual Private Network had come into play so that it could grant permission to the users for safety accessing the remote systems as well as other resources. Using a VPN means that the data travels through a tunnel that is encrypted, and only the receiver can decrypt it. VPNs require authenticated users. It ensures a high level of security to the systems connected to networks that are not reliable or secure. The data cannot be traced. There are a few important components required by the Virtual Private Network, as the server of the VPN, the encryption technology, and the protocol. This combination of security helps in confirming the reliability and the secrecy of the data that is transmitted from the user to the destination.

The Advantages of VPN

Given below are the main advantages of a Virtual Private Network.

● It helps in protecting the data through the encryption technologies.

● It helps in protecting the privacy of a user online.

● It grants easy access to websites that are restricted or have censorships imposed on them.

● It protects the users from the curious eyes of the Internet Service Providers by making the geographical location and the Internet Protocol address untraceable

Working of VPN

The Virtual Private Network helps in encrypting the internet connection in order to keep the data, communication, location and other private information while a person is online from China. The VPN services allow the users to select an Internet Protocol address from server locations from in and around the world so that the actual Internet Protocol address remains hidden. Virtual Private Networks make use of proper encryption technology so that, no matter what data the user sends over the internet or which websites he accesses, cannot be tracked at all. This in turn also means that they can escape the censorship on Twitter from the Great Firewall while he is using a Virtual Private Network. There is absolutely no need to worry at all about the hackers or the interceptions from the government or the privacy being violated.


Unblocking Twitter in China

1. One should start by downloading a VPN protocol.

A VPN code of behavior is the online examine service, which acts similar to a multitude of the VPN connection and it has to be downloaded and installed to run and work smoothly.

2. How to download and install a VPN connection.

At present, there is a lot of VPN service providers existing in the market. A customer simply can choose between these options which are easy to get to on the web. Once they establish their privileged VPN program’s link, they can download it. If by any prospect no links are accessible, or the links are not functioning, one can frequently download the VPN file from any of the torrent websites reachable.

3. Running the program of VPN and also how to choose a country.

Once introduced the VPN program, when the clients run the program they’ll be invited to favor theirs chose a nation. Their purchaser will be energized and requested that which nation lean toward, and one should choose a nation where the Netflix is not blocked and that framework the VPN will set up the processor with a reproduction IP delivery which will rise to be utilized from the fringe of China.

Video Guide Shows You How to Setup VPN

While a person is in China, it can be very difficult to catch up with what is going in and around the world. Sending tweets or joining conversations is not possible at all. VPNs make it easier to hide the location and the Internet Protocol address that will help users to access Twitter in China. Once a user connects to the Virtual Private Network, he can be assured of the fact that he is safe, and tracking his activities or which website he is surfing is practically impossible for the Chinese Government or the Internet Service Providers.

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  • Dominic Lewis

    Basically, China seems to have been providing its netizens with decent enough substitutes. Sina Weibo for Twitter, Youku for YouTube, Baidu for Google engine and now, they have plans for n alternate Wikipedia in the form of Chinese Encyclopedia. There’s still a question mark on why the government doesn’t let them get in touch with times, with the rest of the world. They are doing that via ivacy, tor and other vpns anyways and because in cases like fields like physics, medicine, technology and law, connecting with outside world is of utmost importance, something the authorities don’t realize yet.

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